"Some people have argued that intersectionality with all its many different systems of oppression, especially those related to race, gender, and sexuality, shift the focus away from class...This is true, but probably only for the short term."
~ predicts that wealthy individuals & corporations who champion social progressivism in conjunction w/ free markets are in for a rude shock when Gen Z decides that the next system to 'dismantle' is not the Patriarchy or whiteness, but capitalism
Prediction: in the lead up to the Dem primaries, moderates are going to be blindsided by the level of hatred meted out to those who openly support markets. Centrists will have to bend the knee to economic populism to get through. Hope I'm wrong.
"Ultimately, there’s a good argument that corporations and wealthy individuals who engage in modern social progressivism with its basis in critical theory are sawing the branch they’re sitting on."
The Sudden Unpopularity of Neoliberal Centrists |