Twitter thread coming on what and I think is the BEST approach to pt care. This is ... The Case for Being a Medical Conservative. Thanks to the for publishing this.
Conmpelling Case For Medical Conservatism: "BMJ reviewed 3000 treatments & found that 1/2 were of unknown effectiveness & only 11% were clearly beneficial." Great manifesto with common sense advice from
#medtwitter #meded #EBM My kind of conservative - missed this succinct little gem H/T Andrew Foy Keeping bias/hubris in check
Great manifesto . I very much agree, though I wonder, why shouldn’t that curve have a decending limb? At some point NNT<NNH, if not for mortality then surely for self perceived health and quality of life?
"When money is at stake, the risk of hype increases. Not only does hype propagate low-value care, but it also erodes the public’s trust in medical science. Medical conservatives vigorously oppose hype in all its forms."
Hey #acc19 As you review the exciting science and explore the largesse of the expo, remember the tenets of the #MedicalConservative - Take a look at our manifesto. Consider joining our ranks. cc #meded
Dear EZS The term #medicalconservative describes an approach to the practice of medicine. It has nothing to do w gov’t. I’d be honored if you read our medical essay. It’s open-access. Let us know what you think.
In case you missed it "The Case for Being a Medical Conservative" is worth a look in American Journal of Medicine
El caso a favor del conservadurismo médico. Paper de
“médicos conservadores entienden y aceptan el poco efecto que el clínico tiene en los resultados. Si bien muchos pueden llamar a este marco de referencia nihilista, el clínico conservador lo ve como protector contra nuestro mayor enemigo: la arrogancia”
Absolutely brilliant: The Case for Being a Medical Conservative, by #medicalconservative
Finally came across this and it sums up exactly how I feel right now. Thanks!
Brilliant paper on medical conservatism by
ICYMI Great piece by and in on the necessity of critical appraisal by those outside of the field when evaluating new (and costly) therapies.
The medical conservative embraces high value care. We are not nihilists. We tried to make this clear Cc
Link for JM, , , great article on medical conservatism. Read and decide for yourself where you land on the spectrum
The Case for Being a Medical Conservative, by
The Case for Being a Medical Conservative
Jeremy — This is true. Indeed, how little we control outcomes could be thought of as nihilistic. Yet, I think I read somewhere that it is protection against our greatest foe—hubris. Wait I found it….
The case for being a medical conservative via & & & . All UK clinicians & Med Royal Colleges should read this, IMO
The case for being a medical conservative via & & & . U might be interested Aoife
Obviously, this is another example showing the best approach to medical practice is to be a #medicalconservative "The medical conservative adopts new therapies when the benefit is clear and the evidence strong and unbiased."