A Note From Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook's Chief Product Officer Chris Cox and VP of WhatsApp Chris Daniels are leaving the company (Facebook)
1/ Some thoughts on FB pivot and what it feels like to go through something like it. It is not a pivot in the ordinary sense. While existential in nature (like a startup pivot) the existing world also continues. Culture change is crazy difficult, for all.
Wow: Chris Cox, the head of product at Facebook, is leaving. This is a huge departure, as he has been so instrumental in building Facebook. Chris Daniels, the recent head of WhatsApp, is also out.
Holy shit, Chris Cox is out at Facebook: Many employees over the years have told me that Cox would be their pick to run the company if Zuckerberg ever stepped down
Chris Cox leaving Facebook. He’s one of Zuckerberg’s closest allies, and had a huge role in shaping Facebook’s company culture and basic products like NewsFeed. Curious what this means as Facebook pivots in a new direction...
Two longtime Facebook execs are leaving, product chief Chris Cox and Chris Daniels, who was made head of WhatsApp after Jan Koum left
Chris Cox is leaving Facebook. This is huge.
Mark Zuckerberg chalks up Chris Cox's departure to Zuck's new push towards a more private Facebook. (h/t )