HAMMER: Israel Must Destroy Hamas Once And For All
As promised, my latest. Israel Must Destroy Hamas Once And For All
"Israel Must Destroy Hamas Once And For All"
Do it! For the sake of the people of ⁦⁩ who do not deserve to be under constant attack. ⁦⁩ : Israel Must Destroy Hamas Once And For All | Daily Wire
What you would expect your government to do if rockets were raining down on your homes, your schools, your hospitals? Check out this excellent piece from . We wouldn’t accept a terrorist group attacking us. Neither should #Israel.
It is ridiculous how long this has gone on. The status quo is unsustainable—for *all* parties. Stop being satisfied with merely “mowing the lawn.” Hamas is a genocidal Sunni sharia supremacist death cult that needs to be permanently destroyed.
Einstein (allegedly): "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Heed Einstein's advice. Stop this insanity. ...Keep calm, muster courage, and go in guns fully blazing to send Hamas straight to Hell.
Agreed, . This ends one way, and until that happens it won't end. I know that doesn't sound very deep, but I'm not worried about being deep. It's true.
It’s a good day to re-up this piece.
Greenblatt writes, "the future of Gaza cannot be addressed and the people of Gaza cannot be helped in any meaningful way until Hamas is no longer in the picture or makes the necessary choices for stability and, eventually, peace.” Here is my answer