Always a good day to remember that scholarly publishing is very diverse. "Some are independent publishers — an increasingly hard game to play." 👋🏼 yes, this is us at so-very-non-profit . Great post on strategies fr
When said that society publishers will have to "bite the bullet and go OA," is this what he had in mind? Strategic and Non-strategic Society Publishing by via
"To put this another way, for a professional society, publishing starts out as a strategic activity, but it can evolve into a non-strategic asset."
Strategic and Non-strategic Society Publishing, by Joseph Esposito /
"Plan S [has] changed the way societies think…some are beginning to think the unthinkable: selling their publishing operations”
FIRE SALE? In "Strategic and Non-strategic Society Publishing" Joe Esposito notes: 'some professional societies are beginning to think the unthinkable: selling off their publishing operations to the highest bidder.'