Tiffany Huang , PhD Candidate in , worked w profs on "Revisiting the Asian second-generation advantage." Her research examines identity in the college application process. Read more:
#FreeAccess and of revisit the notion of Asian American second-generation advantage
“Revisiting the Asian second-generation advantage” from is currently #FreeAccess to celebrate its recent mentions in &
edu level tends to correlate w mobility/affluence. > 1/4 of adults (≥ 25YO) who live in one of nyc's majority-Asian neighborhoods have a bach degree or higher. &as shows in recent study, there's great variation in mobility rates across AA pop 4/x
#FREEaccess Looking at outcomes vs. inter-generational mobility changes how we think about Asian American advantage, argue and of in a new article
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2/ The only group of #AsianAmericans to retain their advantage are #ChineseAmericans. They are 1 1/2 times more likely than Whites to be in professional or managerial positions, after controlling for age, gender & education. For limited time, FREE ACCESS
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