The full extraordinary "Murder on the Orient Express" showdown between Theresa May and her whips office:
💥NEW: Cabinet plots to oust Theresa May next week 💥In the last 48 hours cabinet ministers have discussed jointly telling her she has to resign 💥One cabinet minister warned the PM has “days” left in No10 💥Other ministers threaten mass walkout
Sunday papers all playing catch up tonight with ’s story from this morning that revealed the cabinet plot to force May out
🚨FAILED WHIP COUP ALERT🚨 reports how Theresa May’s emotionally-wrecked team of whips confronted her, demanding she resign. But in PEAK MAY she just ignored what was happening and pushed on.
Warring No10 deeply split on what to do 💣One close adviser says May will go for no-deal (that is being treated with extreme suspicion) 💣Other May allies threatening an election 💣Top No10 aide claims they can delay Brexit again without passing an SI
Today’s lead online story repeatedly attributes the Theresa May coup story to “Sunday newspapers” but no mention that broke it for BuzzFeed at *10am* on Saturday. Here’s the original scoop...please credit original journalism 🙃
You're utterly screwed when even your own whips are briefing against you.
“I think things are slipping away from us” <- as Lenin said, there are weeks when years happen