17 Million Signatures
The Challenge: get 17.4m signatures on the Revoke Article 50 petition by 1 April. It can happen. . #17millionsignatures #RevokeArticle50
Want to Revoke Article 50? Get behind this new initiative If each one of us that has signed the Revoke A 50 petition gets 3 friends/family/work mates to sign it We CAN do this! Details here #RevokeArticle50 #StopBrexit #FBPE
I don’t expect everyone to agree with this, but if you do, please read and share. Thank you > #RevokeArticle50Petition
It seems like a big ask but we are nearly 1/3rd of the way there. Surely we can each get three more signatures? Surely? I want those MPs feel very nervous about ignoring us this week so don’t hang about. Here are some ideas. More ideas welcome.
Have you signed the petition to revoke A50 yet? Have you told your family/friends/colleagues? If you'd like Andrea Leadsom to have egg all over her face, then read this & do it! We're already almost 1/3 of the way there in just 5 days!
Getting a #peoplesvote will be good, but to win it decisively, the work to promote #Remain as a positive, highly desirable outcome, that makes ppl feel they'd be losing something of value if UK leaves, has to go beyond our social media bubble
Who wants to tell the Government to stop holding on to that "will of the people" line? It was only a certain number at a certain time and that argument has sailed - now what? Get on this and pass it on 👇 #RevokeArticle50
UK voters: Resist apathy, take action. Let's remain.
For any of you on here who haven’t seen this and who are reminders, do take a look at this. It’s worth a shot.
Campaign to get 17.4 million signatures on the #RevokeArticle50Petition - sign if you haven't already!
UK citizens/residents (inc. EU citizens living in UK): if you haven’t signed the 2nd referendum petition, consider doing so now: If you HAVE signed, your work is not done! Check out , get the message out, and gather more signatories!
Sounds simple, everyone just needs to find 3 more people who haven't signed it and get them to... you've all signed it right?
Supporting the Petition to Revoke Article 50 #brexit 🐘[email protected] #17millionsignatures
Dear friends and followers who are UK residents or British citizens: let's get to at least 17M signatures on this petition to #RevokeArticle50. Share this with family, friends and colleagues who voted to stay within the EU or who became #RemainerNow.