"I'm not making any predictions but I think they've got their eye on somebody who is currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate. She's the favorite of the Russians," Hillary Clinton to
So in this one interview, Clinton: 1) Suggested Putin has kompromat on Trump 2) Wagered that Russians will back Tulsi Gabbard third-party 3) Said Jill Stein is a "Russian asset"
I went on 's podcast to talk about rising Islamophobia across the world & why it matters - for 90 minutes! We covered everything from Uighurs in China, to Rohingyas in Myanmar; to Modi's India & Kashmir; to the New Atheists; to Trump & Brexit
Introducing Deep Breath In, The BMJ's new podcast for GPs. In our first episode, we talk the highs and lows of teleconsulting with and . Is this the future? Listen on major apps
'SKETCHES OF THE ABSURD' is out! Ep. 3 of the Comedy Unleashed Podcast includes exclusive sketches from Will Franken & he talks about how he develops his characters. Apple Podcast Spotify Google Podcast
This podcast with & should be listened to by EVERY development and humanitarian worker. It's that good. Clearest discussion of all our sector's wickedest problems (esp in realm of refugees) I've listened to so far.
The is back with & counting down top 10 human genetics/evo stories of the 2010s! Subscribe! Apple: Spotify: Stitcher: Google:
Could depression be caused by inflammation? Cambridge psychiatrist makes the case for his radical new theory. Listen... Apple: Google: Spotify: #Psychiatry #depression #TheInflamedMind
Very clear explanations of promising vaccines and monoclonal antibody approaches by on
In our latest #FirstRounders podcast, co-founder of Sherlock Biosciences & co-author of Outbreak Culture talks about her family fleeing the Iranian revolution, 's role in the Ebola outbreak of 2014 and her near-fatal ATV accident
Ep 37 - Why Do Scientists Lie? (feat. Liam Bright) Sean speaks to about how capitalism and social ideology can distort science's quest for truth. Spotify - Google Podcasts - Podbean -
NEW PODCAST w/ What is the connection between our biology and our societies? Is the era of indiscriminate connection over? Who will strategically disconnect and how? What role do boundaries and borders play in keeping us safe? and more!
100 episodes of the #podcast. Interviews with survivors, activists, advocates, peer-specialists, scientists, psychologists and critical thinkers. Subscribe free on: Apple - Google - Spotify -
Now that you have seen the data, hear from the presenting authors for several #ASCO20 GU abstracts. On Apple , Spotify znc Google podcasts
University of California, Irvine epidemiologist joins today’s #FOXNewsRundown to discuss some states reopening their economy and weighs in on other countries looser restrictions when handling Covid-19. Listen on
The Chinese panopticon in Xinjiang is evil. Western scientists and tech companies must boycott the regime. Listen to this podcast for more on this.
Hope you enjoy listening to my conversation w/ as much as I enjoyed having it. We dive deep, uncomfortably so at times, into our food system, how farmed animals are treated, my new book Grilled,and our political dealings w/ one another.
Hey everyone! My interview with of was released last night! Stop by and give it a listen when you can. If you like what you heard, please support the show by dropping a few sats. My addresses are in the show notes.
🎤co-founder of , , "Sia today is a fast, efficient, cost-effect solution where you can store your data" 🎧 Full episode: iTunes: SoundCloud: GooglePod: Spotify:
New  podcast out! - How do the rich dodge taxes? - How to make them pay? - What's anti-tax rhetoric got to do with slavery?? We chat to star economist  who's taking the world by storm with his ideas to tax billionaires Listen 👉🏾
Excellent. Glad to see Saul's ideas on energy and #climate get more play. They are so important. Thanks, !
Where to listen to EQUALS the podcast? Google: Apple: Spotify: (Or if you're not sure: ) Please subscribe, share and comment!
Aaaand we're on Google Podcasts now! Check it out
I talked with on the Urbane Cowboys podcast about Polish politics and the US and European right.
There is also a podcast from from featuring walking them through the Canada Child Benefit, how it works, and what the impact has been. Cc
To I unload my soul: journalism, diarrhoea, Tibet correspondent of Sheffield Telegraph, Scientology, helping free 3 cot death mums, war, my dead friends - Paul Jenks, James Miller, Kurt Schork - PTSD, my love for BBC and my leaving of it.
I make the case for the Job Guarantee while explains why the old Keynesian full employment model failed. Thank you for having me and on the #JobGuarantee
FOX’s weighs in on #WhistleblowerComplaint on today’s #FOXNewsRundown: “There’s 2 potential crimes here. One is: soliciting campaign aid from a foreign government; and the other is: bribery.” Listen on
Hillary Clinton says Trump is "Vladimir Putin's dream": "I don't know what Putin has on him -- whether it's both personal and financial. I assume it is."
Today I’m on the podcast talking everything Hávamál, especially how this poem came together, how to approach the text as a first-time reader, and what you’ll get in my new dual-language edition The Wanderer’s Hávamál.
Take an hour to listen to on it will be time well spent. #RemainAlliance
Very interesting episode of the daily with on why the US is short on critical medical supplies. Turns out the reasons stem from government policies as far back as the 1970s.
If makes time to do Daf HaYomi, using the All HaDaf, nothing should be stopping the rest of us. Of course, he says it faster than the rest of us, but that's not the point 😂 Listen at 47:17. Congrats #SiyumHashas
My buddy is on the newest episode of podcast from Slate!
I think I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating— on ’s podcast (Oct 2015) explains a lot about her character, her savvy, her intelligence, her moral compass and her love of America and The Constitution.
"What do we do with BILLIONAIRES?" That's what we asked the brilliant in our new episode of the EQUALS Podcast. Listen now! On all your fave podcast apps. - Google - Apple #FightInequality #wef20 ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼
NEW EPISODE She's known as "the union boss of union bosses union bosses". She's winning change with workers worldwide. She's , leading the We talk to her on EQUALS about making change happen. From Qatar to taking on Samsung Tune in!
GLOBALIZATION WAS NON CONSENSUAL The elites tricked us, hid information from us, and called us barbarians as they connected your our families' living room to wet markets in China in search of profits. We cover the whole story here
And we're now (finally) live on Google Podcasts!
Today's #Podcast With Is Ghost Coin The Next Privacy Crypto To 100X? #Bitcoin To Zero Prediction Explained!#BTC Watch & Listen Here 👇👇 ✔ YouTube - ✔ Apple iTunes - ✔ Google Podcasts -
New EQUALS podcast episode out now! We talk to - the 33-year-old economist who’s taking the world by storm on his plans to tax the rich. He’s "changing how you think about wealth, whether you know it or not"😉 On podcast apps now!
How are governments making decisions about #covid19? And how will these decisions affect us beyond the next few weeks? Epidemiologist Prof James Wood & Mathematician Prof Julia Gog tackle these questions and more on a new #podcast from
Episode 4 of #ontheward podcast is out now. Featuring patients on a secure mental health hospital. Hoping that lots of people can hear the patients story. This episode is all about moving on. Listen and share if you can. #mentalhealth #movingon Link:
Awesome interview with "Why We Need Bitcoin". Articulate as always.
Listen to share why subacromial decompression is no better than placebo on this classic podcast 🎙️ #PODC2019
Wonderful long chat between and about the YIMBY movement, housing politics, and all the work of incredible YIMBY activists. Lot's of talk about how accessible local politics can be! Be inspired to dive in!
Interesting podcast from featuring . His inspirational and positive outlook on all things #NHS are really welcomed listening. 👉 #Diabetes 👉 #leadership 👉 NHS pay 👉 Superheroes!
ICYMI: Debriefing after trauma. Dr. Robert Anderson, Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education and Health Sciences Programs, creates supportive practices to avoid burnout. Listen to his podcast by #MEDTalks #wellness
How do entrepreneurs look at Africa's market size? Featuring Browser: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google Podcasts:
Radicalized: The Future of Power, with Cory Doctorow(). Listen to the full episode at or: Google Podcast: Apple Podcast: Support us on Patreon:
Podcast Ep.4 is out! 'Interested in Everything' Subscribe here: Apple Podcast Spotify Google Podcast YouTube Website
NEW EPISODE: Bitcoin, The Environment, & Exaltation...w/ Further Discussion ep: iTunes: Spotify: Google: Overcast: Anchor: #Bitcoin 👇😂
Episode 43 - Fantasmo On crises, the politics of civility and the political viability of hypnosis. Spotify - Podbean - Google Podcasts - Support us on
This interview with is the smartest conversation I've listened to this year and I listen to ~10 a week. "Creating legitimate systems that we can point on and trust" is essential "for a functional society." Yes! #makelawbetter
. tells #FOXNewsRundown how he thinks people need to look more closely at ’ policies before jumping to conclusions. Listen on:
Another very thought provoking podcast from on the catastrophic impact across the world of the #GreatCoronaVirusShutdown.
In this week's episode of #WITHPod, Beth Macy and discuss drug addiction in America and the nations' insufficient response to the opioid epidemic. Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google Podcasts:
New with is live.💯 We discuss: Austrian economics, Hard & Sound money, How the world will look like in Hard Money Standard, Credit & Savings in Hard money Economy.. Google: iTunes: Listen, share:)
The most recent episode of 's Catch and Kill podcast is a delightfully nerdy under-the-hood look at how magazine journalism works, from the pitch through lawyering and 's legendary fact checking.
Here is Matt talking on the latest episode of The Podcast about his experience on psychedelics He took psilocybin🍄as part of the medical trial on #depression Full episode:
Thanks to for hosting the interview at #bh2019, to for his time and to YOU for listening! Subscribe to the podcast: iPhone , Android:
Catch up on the latest episodes of #WITHPod! Listen wherever you get your podcasts. #inners Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google Podcasts:
The podcast is, hands down, one of the most fun and insightful shows about the startup spiral. Latest episode with reached a new level of transparency 💯
Just finished listening to this #withpod and boy is it right on time.
Truly a delightful hour with novelist historian reading-aloud guru joining to talk about women's writing during quarantine
Covid in Central Asia: on the next I join to discuss ways in which Turkmenistan & Tajikistan are treating the pandemic. Meanwhile pls subscribe on #ITunes / #GooglePodcasts
Our #DefiDownload podcast with and is going live tomorrow, midday UK time! Tune in to hear more about #BTC, halving and the next price cycle! 🎉 Apple podcast: Spotify: Google:
Just finished listening to Episode 2 of with & . It is excellent. By the end of it you will just realise how bad it got & the tough dilemmas people in the PLP faced. Definately better than episode 1! (Soz Jonny & Adam)
To all my wildlife conservation friends and followers, this interview of Dr. Jane Goodall by is a must listen. Fascinating and illuminating! Have a listen...
A highlight of my week. For Podcast of Ideas, looked at latest on #COVID__19 crisis in Europe with (Brussels) (Veneto) and 's Sabine Beppler-Spahl (Berlin) Give it a listen
Ep. 8 ‘sell Blood, burn Car, ride Bus ... ? ... profit’ is LIVE Sean & Jack talk commodification, get you to abandon your car and chat to from Apple: Spotify: Google:
#Remainernow podcast episode 18 is out now. A really interesting chat between and . They cover the #PutItToThePeople march and the positive reaction they both got but also Leon's journey & 's role in his shift.
A really great episode with and on Your First Million podcast. Take a listen!
Possibly my favourite podcast interview ever so far - thank you
How did I miss this! Science of Reading the podcast has been going since October and has interviews with amazing people like and ! I feel like I just found an unopened Christmas present!
Another ridiculously brutal episode from and on the #Pivot #Podcast.
Here's that whole segment if you can't wait for the YouTube version 🥤 #AnnCoulter #KABCradio #JohnnysNewShow Monday 1/6/2020
Ep. 5 ‘Belly Button’ is LIVE. Sean and Jack delve into the great taboos: belly buttons, the Peasants' Revolt of 1381 and the philosophy of not having kids. Apple: Spotify: Google:
New episode of the best podcast on Earth, you guys are still killing it!
Listened to the Delingpod and . Sensible people disagreeing without yelling at eachother. More of this please.
#Covid19UK "Testing & isolation as advised by WHO is at the heart of every public health response." "The ramping up of testing, provision of PPE in hospitals to protect HCWs, should have happened earlier" ~ Director from 24'
2 of 2/ Have a listen to our BRAND NEW EPISODE #88: "Trump-Mexico Trade War Cheat Sheet" on... ...Apple Podcasts 🎧 ...Google Podcasts 🎙️ ...Spotify 🎤 ....and more. END/
Bitcoin fixes this!!! Nieuwe episode is live! praten over climate PR, gesloten bankrekeningen, scaling Bitcoin 2019, BAKKT en de +50% segwit adoptie.
A new-this-week resource that I found helpful was the #withpod interview with about his new book "Anti-social," to be released in a couple of weeks //
📻‘s spoke to ’s on the need for multilateralism to fight COVID-19: I hope governments will take this opportunity to complete building the global architecture we need to manage disease threats.
I loved the podcast that did with . Awesome job guys!!! You rock! Bitcoin for self defense!
Amazing! ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩! 👍⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ So need to listen and read about the history of tax, the need for tax reform 🙏 Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast - Delingpod 48: Dominic Frisby
Human rights laws protect the freedoms of individuals, including the right to manifest one's beliefs. Listen to discuss cases studies around human rights, religion, and belief with & on the new .
So I learnt about the roots of anti-tax rhetoric in 19th century southern slaveowners in America 😲 "They feared wealth taxation" #awks Mind-bogglingly interesting podcast chat w/the game-changing for . We talk tax.
We’re delighted to share #MotivePartners' #podcast w/ Kairat Kelimbetov, AIFC Governor. He talks about our vision, market potential of #CentralAsia, what do we have to offer during dynamic changes in the world. ⠀ 🎧 Apple Android
Another fascinating podcast from Can't recommend these enough - and do think about the patreon, well deserved.
Episode 23: 'The virus is spreading' is live! , and get worked up about another round of horrendous mainstream FUD that appeared in some news papers this week.
Very good, detailed answer about #bitcoin #energy #consumption from with in this #podcast
Rui Gomes (@8bitgomes) joins me to talk the new era of BTC payment processors, lightning payments, and iTunes: Spotify: Google: Overcast: Anchor:
In this podcast I talked about anger--anger with people we are close to, anger on social media, and anger as a humanizing force. I found myself saying a lot of things I didn't previously know I [email protected] was a great interviewer!
And here’s my first story: , the former senior director of the National Security Council's dissolved pandemic unit, said that the Trump administration made two major missteps in its Covid-19 response.
Have you heard him on Charlie Sykes's Bulwark Podcast? For a couple of cranky conservatives, they're entertaining!
Really interesting on how embracing irrationality in medicine could change how we improve health behaviour
We have now published 98 episodes. We are REALLY excited about our line-up for Fall 2019. If you haven't yet. SUBSCRIBE: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google Podcasts: 8/
#Covid19UK In emerging infections: "The key is you've got to move faster than the pace of the epidemic.. Not just pretend that you're going quicker than you usually do." "You cannot be complacent." ~ Director from 24'
Today we posted a series of Pro Rata Podcasts, all just 5 minutes long, on how #Coronavirus is impacting politics, economy, China, cities, and healthcare. Apple: Spotify: Google Play:
Tell your new smart device you want to "listen to the #FoxNewsRundown ..." Fox News' , & join today's special podcast! #MerryChristmas Or subscribe! - -
Another great #HearTheBern podcast! They are all good but if you missed the #BernieRally or the #DemDebate the highlights are here. #Bernie2020 #BernieYellsForUs #YOLOBernie #M4A
Book week kicks off with on Recode Decode! thanks Kara for digging into this story with me!
Happy Pride! I am enjoying this podcast about Polari and laughing helplessly to the Julian and Sandy clips 🌈
I'm on Recode Media with this week! A lifelong dream. Talking ViacomCBS and NFL rights. Hope you enjoy
In the latest Pod Save, ⁦⁩ says Bloomberg should drop out
Listen to a special live episode of #TheLibrarianIsIn this week: Gwen and Frank talk to , sociologist about libraries and social infrastructure. Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google Podcasts:
#FirstRounders podcast: Samantha Du, founder, CEO and chairman of Zai Lab $ZLAB, discusses the US-China trade war, what makes Zai Lab a success, and her family's experience during the Cultural Revolution
Just checked out our . Podcasts video and wondering what to listen to? One of my favorites is Pivot with . and . (also known as the Big Dog and Jungle Cat), a podcast that breaks down the latest in tech and business.
Ep. 9 - it’s just a Prank, bro Are pranks good praxis? Are comedians willing to work for ISIS? What is ‘poseidoning’ and how can it solve the housing crisis? Answers within. Apple: Spotify: Google:
I say it every week but this #hearthebern is the best! It's lonely sometimes as a supporter surrounded by moderates but #textingforBernie and listening to this helps! #Bernie2020 #BernieYellsForUs #YOLOBernie #BernieBeatsTrump
💰Data Monetization means Value Generation through a mindset change. 🎙Ep. 13 is LIVE! 👀 🎧 SHOW: Apple: Google: Soundcloud: Spotify:
Our vision is no developer should ever be bottlenecked on their data infrastructure. On this #dataengineering podcast, CEO and I talk about indexing everything & the world's fastest way to build data products. Full podcast here
Hey everyone, another great #podcast for your morning commute: Futuremakers (by the University of #Oxford)! Hosted by philosopher Peter Millican at , this podcast unpicks lofty topics like #AI and #climatechange Tune in here
Our new podcast is now live on Google Podcasts! Episode 1 in discussion with
Two people who I always learn the most from - with 🤯 conversations.
“#Network stability this week was stunning in the face of all this #price #volatility huge increase in volume, every 10 minutes the #Bitcoin #blockchain added a new block. It’s not #price stable but it’s #systemically stable." 👈🏼
Such a good episode from on deflation and it's misconceptions. Everyone should be listening to things like this.
. #withpod is on a roll. Great talk with ESPN's about intersections of race, sports, wealth, hierarchies, politics, and culture. Definitely reading "Full Dissidence."
This podcast w/ was so fun. I got to share White House ghost stories (one of the many things I've learned in my work ), give a nod to the excellent public history program, & proclaim my love for
podcast with brings you up to speed on Julian Assange and the last decade of drama, the embassy saga, the secret family he built while in hiding and my failed mission to track down his cat...
Really enjoyed listening to chatting with — The Man Who Does Everything
Enjoyed listening to this Odd Lots podcast today. Especially when asked if folks who came of age in markets during the '08 Crisis would be more focused on employment over inflation 1/2
Always enjoying hearing point-of-view, especially in these times. Great conversation with #ChamathTheResilient
Inspirational podcast this morning. 2 academics talk about taking breaks from work versus working 60h per week. Made me feel better about work life balance and the constant feeling of guilt.
🔥🎙 Ep. 7 Europe races ahead in the #RegTech debate 2 year into #GDPR. Is Self Sovereignty next big thing to shape #Fintech? #Spotify: #Apple: #Soundcloud: #Google:
When does the research you know you'll get an extra long deep dive into the tether research/fud... Learn Dutch, tune in and listen to the btc boys from Amsterdam... CC
T-minus 5 days until the first episode of #Tradeoffs lands in your ears. Are you subscribed? If not, we’ve got you covered ⬇️ : : : :
Really high quality discussion of the reasons why there are no credible concerns that the virus was man made here
Episode 30: QEVID-19 due to the coronavirus we're forced to record this episode remotely. But no worries, there is so much to talk about....
Had to share this great podcast w climate scientist who urges constructive conversation + collective action- “Yes, there is hope” but it depends on our collective action. Info you can use today.
Another great episode from . Learn a lot every time I listen. Thanks for all that you do for the community.
Who in their right mind takes a 10,000 mile trip with a spouse with #dementia? Tune in to today's episode to find out. Apple: Google: Spotify: YouTube:
I took over Recode Decode today (thanks 🙌) for a special look at the Silicon Valley trend of biohacking and intermittent fasting... (1/3)
Such a great episode. interviewing
Mindblowing podcast with #foresight #smartgreengrowth #fullglobaldevelopment 🙏to
Is the halving priced in? We take this discussion one step further following s great article about Efficient Market Hypothesis/Model With And
Our partners and recently sat down with , exploring many topics from the early days of the internet, to what's 'hot' in tech today, and the disruption of the VC model.
How does a nerdy science geek end up with a popular podcast all about porn?! talks her porncast, speed dating, & internet censorship on an all-new #ManwhorePodcast! iPhone: Android: Spotify:
Alex mentions that LA has a very formal culture (contrary to popular opinion), and that has allowed for vibrant subcultures to develop. In fact, that is a *necessary* condition for vibrant subcultures. Freedom doesn't breed creativity, constraint does.
This month in ’s Medlife With Dr. Horton, I talk to the brilliant and riveting Dr. Victoria Sweet, author of God’s Hotel and Slow Medicine - books we need now more than ever. Listen to our conversation here.
. is my new favorite person to listen to on podcasts. here he talks ab the future of the US, EU, and global economies as well as the future of SV w/
From our caribou herds to southern resident killer whale pods, Canada is struggling to protect nature. Hear 's , & as they outline the recent science and pinpoint conservation approaches that work. #podcast
The Tim Ferriss Show - #373: Jerry Colonna — The Coach With the Spider Tattoo ⁦⁩ ⁦thanks for this one! ⁦⁩ your 3 questions keep me up at night...in a good way. Thanks!
One of the most powerful interviews I listened to EVER #JaneGoodall
University if Michigan’s Jenna Bednar talking about Federalism in NPRs Marketplace today! States cannot do this alone ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
Episode 12 - Get Gone is LIVE! Sean and Jack navigate the aftermath of a hypothetical complete social collapse event and Sean explores the murky world of political violence. Apple - Spotify - Google -
Really good episode of the Weeds all about how air pollution is worse than you thought.
Avoiding Loserthink! Valuable wisdom from the creator of #dilbert And #podcasts
The ongoing issue with #BigData , #BigTech, and Big Investigations. Carole Cadwalladr talks about her research and the legal attempts made to shut down her reporting. We should all be worried.
Subscribe to our podcast so you don't miss it & Listen on your way to work. PLEASE Rate, Review and SHARE THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE. #BlackLivesMatter
NEW and EXCLUSIVE: 'Secret Trump Voters' Speak Out! They say they have a, "target" on their back.They’re willing to vote for but are afraid to speak up. They tell their stories on my latest podcast here:
Currently listening to podcast. The discussion: "Where Do Atheists Get Their Meaning From?"
"Fear, Loathing, Geniuses and Bird Calls in COVID Madness" New Podcast Out Everywhere. "What's a 'Sacrifice?'" "Fox News calls YouTube 'Censorship?" More.
I felt my spirit expand as I heard Dr Goodall speak. Thanks for asking such amazing questions that made me feel like I was almost touching this legend in person.
Dear : Just run for president already. Great interview here with
Well believe it or not The has a book “Where is God In A #Coronavirus world?” speaks with him on it on his podcast. Great convo of course. Listen to it with the link below or anywhere you listen to your podcasts
🎙 PLATFORM MINDSET & OPEN BANKING REALITY What keeps OB below potential? learn why platforms are 🌸 daisies and incumbents🌵cactuses! 🙈😁 Google: Apple: Spotify: Soundcloud:
Wondering about Hydroxychloroquine? Give this a listen.
Episode 33: the ascendind spiral is live! talk you through this week's Bitcoin news. Ready? Go!
Truly awesome podcast by with . Such a thoughtful response. An act of leadership. #covid19
SUPER useful beta from Esther Perel on #pivotpodcast on how to manage your relationships in these moments. Jump to 32:15 for the goodness. Thank you
Lung Cancer Considered - COVID-19 Facts and Impacts for the Lung Cancer Community (podcast) discussed among lung cancer experts.
New podcast episode out now. We take stock of the virus that menaces us all, and that preys on the vulnerable. We talk about how #coronavirus is exploiting the extreme inequality that defines our world. And how we can overcome it. Tune in👇🏾
I think he forgot to mention this on Recode but he also has his own podcast now too (recently launched)
It’s ⁦⁩ the Resilient! Recode Decode - Chamath Palihapitiya: "The investing landscape is done,” taxes will go up, and a two-week lockdown is inevitable
We did a podcast with who talks in part about how the lessons of SARS put us in a better position to fight COVID-19.
Här är senaste avsnittet av #dekonstruktivkritik btw
"People are going to start asking potential roommates things normally reserved for sexual partners. Who have you been with? How many?..." -
in this time of social distancing & possible more stringent measures to come, I'd like to direct you to one of my favourite podcasts. Discussing how micro changes can effect macro difficulties we face. Presented by & production of .
Listened to & godless spellchecker podcast. Powerful stories & spot on analysis. This should be broadcast far & wide
Missing our Fergusson exhibition? Don't forget you can still catch our #CPKfergusson #podcasts with Amy and David discussing all things Fergusson & much more! 🎧iTunes - 🎧Spotify - 🎧Google Podcasts -
"They're vampires -- they look in the mirror and see nothing." Guess that big tech company and other hot takes in this great episode of Recode Decode with and .
ISO content? I was invited back to my high school to do a podcast. I trace the through line between my earliest piece of scholarly work -- a cultural analysis of Mexican dirty jokes -- and #SexualCitizens, my new coauthored book w .
One of the best tech and business podcasts around. The jungle cat and the big dog are my go-to morning commute
Thank you to and for an amazing episode of the #TheJoyOfX and for helping bring down the dude wall. As an new PhD student in maths and #WomenInSTEM this is the kind of thing we need to hear!
START YOUR WEEK WITH #BBE. 🎧▶️☕️ Join at your favorite podcast platforms: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: Spotify: Soundcloud: Podbean:
Great podcast, well worth checking
Really enjoyed s podcast about the financial situation in Lebanon. does a great job explaining the central bank dollar ponzi scheme. Highly recommended!
This Week in Cardiology - Jan 17, 2020 This Week in Cardiology Podcast - #justnoticing #femalespeakers #firststep 👏⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
Had the same joy hearing talk about childlike thrill of figuring out something as when I read Lovely 1st ep hosted by Seduction of curiosity and how far it will take you.
The incredible story of how a man went from selling drugs and serving time to total redemption. speaks with Roy Castro about his #Strive for success. Listen on today's #FOXNewsRundown
Ep8 is on powering the #European #underbanked and all the intricacies from this process. We called 3 #challenger voices and gave them 1 hour to tell us what are the obstacles and opportunities within the #SME financial services. Join #BBE:
Starting off the weekend right with and on the history of economic analyses of slavery.
Come for Kara's expert moderating skills on a tough crowd, stay for words of wisdom!
Cause Tommye Blount gave me his approval,...
It really helps that and did an entire episode of Constitutionally Speaking on the political role of impeachment.
Preparing for our Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday with Ana Tur-Prats (assistant prof. Economics) by listening to her interview with . A discussion of her work on family types and intimate partner violence.
@20for20pod LOTS of ways to listen/subscribe: 👉 On Ricochet (thanks to ) 👉Google Podcasts 👉On Spotify
Strongly recommend you listen to this great podcast from and on all things regulatory – dual class, proxy advisors, IPO, private capital markets.
Just finished listening to guest hosting at show
Must listen interview imo. Especially the last half on behavior and economic policy cycles. Well done , can't say it enough. #Bitcoin #Grin
Man, is crushing it with his podcast America Dissected! Give it a listen, he's informative and smart. Diving deep into some tough topics!
A joy to wake up to and debating which "Valley of the Dolls" character Alyssa Milano is (she's a Helen)
Ep 10 - A Good Threat is LIVE! We speak to comedian about accessibility in the arts, the founding of and the political landscape of contemporary comedy Apple: Spotify: Google:
✔️2/5 did a couple of podcasts on #SmartContracts this week with from Base Layer and with ▶️Base Layer: ▶️Chorus One:
"The nuclear weapons, arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation podcast. Companion to the popular Arms Control Wonk blog. Hosted by Jeffrey Lewis & Aaron Stein."
Did today's episode of 's Today Explained feel inspiring to anybody else? , just, wow.
Ótimo podcast para quem quer aprender sobre como a #neurociência orienta as práticas de #ensino de leitura e escrita. Spoiler: consciência fonológica é essencial para criar as primeiras conexões neurais no processo de #alfabetização.
Interesting interview of by . Some very honest comments about media bias.
From quantum mechanics and string theory to monkey brains and electrophysiology mapping, Surya’s take on AI may surprise you. Can we guide AI so it’s good for the world? Hear how this researcher is taking his cues from biology
Let take you back to story time....this pod is amazing. The Paper Menagerie is such a moving story.
Check out this great episode of #outspokenoncology with and very entertaining and scintillatingly witty. #urology
One of the best conversations in 's Podcast with . 👏 Thank you for sharing.
Females pay a higher price for addiction! Listen to a podcast by at or read the full article or a research highlight #cocaine #DRUGABUSE #Psychiatry #SABV #WomensHealth
Really interesting discussion with on the myriad visions of populist/reform conservatism for the post-Trump era.
Oh god, not suggesting it's something dogs should eat but in this podcast describes how these 'energy treats" likely played a significant role in their domestication. First 10 mins of this are great, this segment starts around 5:10 in.
If you're a capitalist, this is about as 'into my veins' as it gets.
. : "There are many stops on the line between Bad and Hitler station"
So grateful to share that I started as an audio intern this week! I’ll be there for the next six months producing coverage of politics and policy via Google Podcasts. You can find the stories here
The Google podcast link will work in the browser, desktop or mobile.
3/ Episodic memory and replay are closely inspired by mechanisms in the brain. For more on their connection to neuroscience, check out: - podcast, Ep 1: - blog post:
This is brilliant! Richard Koo is now added to my list of favorite economists I've heard him talk before but I understood him a LOT better with this podcast, no doubt because the conversation was led so well by and .
Awesome dicussion between and on quant investing in general and the (required!) economic and behavioral backbones of quant strategies. I espeially liked the ideas about beta. , you have a new follower!
Monkeypuzzle! A prisoner is released on condition that she becomes a clown forever. However, a tiny mouse who lives in her mouth has far grander plans. Apple - Spotify - Google - #AudioDrama #clown #Circus
My talk with on the psychology of Antifa is now up on my podcast, Other Life. Listen now: Subscribe on Apple: Subscribe on Google:
Words Matter - The Trump Doctrine with Max Boot ⁦⁩ Excellent interview. Brilliant analysis. Listening to Mr. Boot makes me think I am more conservative than I knew - and that it’s not a bad thing.
I enjoyed in the first two episodes of 's "G" series despite the casual miss-representation of . Regardless, you may find his interview with on the subject of #intelligence useful and interesting.
Introducing the Living Wisdom with Patrick Lee Miller hosted by . A philosophy podcast organized around the Netflix series . Subscribe here: Apple Spotify Google
This was a very informative and understandable podcast about #covid testing. Much appreciated
I recommend this long form podcast with Tyler Cowen, especially the bits about meta-rationality and how he works.
Jason Schnittker and Duy Do's article, "Pharmaceutical Side Effects and Mental Health Paradoxes among Racial-Ethnic Minorities." Listen to the podcast
Somehow ask him about the nature of personal psychology and childhood as it relates to eventual adult activism and extremism. His references to the psychology of "SJW" as a religion, and his comments @ 21:20 imply some deep insight here
The war on Muslims: Understanding the scope and scale of the war on Muslims is central to understanding the world we live in, the Orwellian nature of the Islamophobic narrative, and the resentments and traumas we’re inflicting on the future. 
Good discussion on energy transitions on Odd Lots with (And if you don't subscribe to Gregor's letter on the topic, you're making a mistake )
just finished listening to this! should do a long form wide-breath interview like this every 6 months!
Never would have thought docu-pods would be a thing that would work but this'un on Amazon by is friggin great so far. Great concept, too - nice job, man.
You are awesome . Thank you! In the meantime, kids may enjoy this informative podcast from about covid-19. Mine found it helpful and they like the other But Why podcasts too.
AA meetings have been cancelled across the country. My brother David is one of my heroes and protectors throughout my childhood. He can help you now. Please listen to the podcast interview I did with him about his battle with addiction.
This election night, instead of hitting refresh 1000 times on your go-to website, why don't you go to your favorite place for podcasts, and download -- science-based information about #coronavirus. (Hosted by Dr. & me)
In jail, music was the one thing that couldn’t be taken away from civil rights activists. Listen for free and subscribe to the podcast for more: Apple: Spotify: Google: Stitcher:
Here’s my #WITHPod conversation with about trans rights, the social meaning of gender and the powers and the limits of the law as a tool of liberation
A new episode of "Cape Up" and #VoicesoftheMovement is coming this morning. Be sure to subscribe! Apple: Spotify: Google: Spotify: Stitcher:
"David Cameron, who gets us into this mess, resigns and walks back into Downing Street whistling a merry tune. Theresa May, who tries to clear it up, resigns and walks back in tears"
Thoroughly recommended: podcast on Mental health, universities and Covid-19.
Some folks have asked about the supposed “expansion” of use of the term “racist”. Beyond notes I’ve made before about how some were super jazzed to call some presidents racist just a few years ago, I’ll reiterate what I said here
On Dan Snow's History Hit podcast talking about Small Men on the Wrong Side of History
The series on the history of ideas is well worth your time. David Runciman is proper teacher. You can feel him working to make you grasp the urgency of his subject.
I spilled my thoughts on the podcast about my favorite new social apps, TikTok vs YouTube, 3 big ways to fix Twitter. 1. Recommend who to unfollow (hopefully not me)... Spotify: Apple: Google:
Beautiful new episode of #TheTEDInterview featuring yesterday's corona-related conversation with the extraordinary . If you're feeling anxiety, anger, grief or hope... Liz is so worth listening to. Her letter at the end is incredible.
A new podcast for the new year, start with Predictably Irrational
Also audio version of latest up on , , , Google podcasts and more! Just search "The Full Release!"
Vill ni veta mer om detta kan jag rekommendera den här podden jag lyssnar på.
Leading based on first principles is important in normal times but crucial in a crisis - great podcast w/ & recounting the decisions the founders had to take when COVID hit
Hey it is me and ⁦⁩ talking about her new book! Recode Decode - Sarah Frier: The inside story of Instagram and how it has changed since the founders left
SEC vs. Kik: The case to decide crypto. Pro Rata Podcast with , current VC and former DOJ prosecutor on Mt Gox hack and Silk Road corruption. Axios Apple Spotify Google
Great conversation on networks and contagion with for her Recode Decode podcast: #COVID19 and
My co-author David Strauss and me on the Brian Lehrer Show this morning to discuss our new book on the Warren Court
Loving the podcasting app progress on pixel3 -- no as good as or yet --- bu solid!
6/ Of course, there were many more people involved and many second and higher order effects that resulted in what Bill Gurley called a "rewarding life." Some of my recent podcast with Howard Lindzon is me talking about playing my life "forward and back."
What if Bernie wins tonight? In conversation with John R MacArthur, president of Harper’s magazine.
Excellent new podcast about Pandemics by
Heads up SF Bay Area people: "Cell phones and laptops are being stolen from BART passengers at a higher rate than ever" 📻 and 📰
This week's Pro Rata Podcasts 📱YouTube under fire 🔒Bailing on cash bail 🙈Facial recognition face-off Apple: Spotify: Google:
1/ I very rarely listen to podcasts (I far prefer reading). For those of you who can understand spoken German, this podcast with Christian Drosten, virologist, and drector of Charité Virology, is very interesting.
If you like homebrew podcasts about fiction and role-playing games, the latest episode of "Fictoplasm" is great
Really enjoyed this candid conversation. The part about doing business in the francophone market should be a podcast on its own. The Flip - A Conversation with Rebecca Enonchong ⁦⁩ #Cameroon #Senegal #africa
Good podcast talking about systemic change in psychiatry towards patient centred methodologies. "Patient" => "Service User". Normalising citizen use of psych-services throughout life.
As oil/gas field workers get laid off as their industry collapses, why not use stimulus $$ to put them to work creating a major public geothermal building heating/cooling capacity in the US. Make sure the jobs pay well, & speed the clean energy transition.
nice to see podcasts doing such a nice job indexing epiosdes
I loved listening to this podcast episode from 99% Invisible on the history of face masks and how wearing them became normalized in the east
Great podcast on the state of #data-based use cases in the healthcare industry. #DigitalHealth #InsurTech #FinTech 🎧
How Covid-19 entrenches inequality. Episode 2 of Pandemic Economics is out: who can work from home? Give it a listen.
Wunderbar, das Interview gibt es in voller Länge online zum Nachhören
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar joins Tyler Cowen for a conversation on segregation, Islam, Harlem vs. LA, Earl Manigault, jazz, fighting Bruce Lee, and conservatism.
Det här samtalet i Ezra Kleins podcast belyser den kulturella dynamiken som varit föremål för den hätska debatt som uppstått efter "Jimmie moments" krönikan.
Ian Kershaw on postwar Europe
Lucky (my mom) does not like her closeup on Recode Decode podcast. But you will:
good chaser: now listening to talk with on #MacroMusings prodcast: his meta theme Federal Reserve CHANGES ... booyah .... his claim: 1935 was bigger year in Fed than 1913
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There's an endearing moment in this podcast when Ezra sighs dejectedly about being a white man and Cory Booker laughs at his white man embarassment, quoting Ghandi that we should all "honor our incarnation." But I can't find the actual quote. Any leads?
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Listen to on the first of six podcast on climate change+, focus on Australia climate records and fire. Knowledgeable, balanced, and insightful. "Please Explain" or iTunes
Rekommenderas! "A podcast dedicated to the history of Persia, beginning with the Achaemenid Empire of Cyrus the Great and the foundation of an imperial legacy that directly impacted ancient civilizations from Rome to China, and everywhere in between."
Mom, I'm on a podcast! 😁 Had a blast talking about the Mr Burns test, the broken state of VC, my personal mistakes, and many other things with the Sunday Times' on his excellent pod Danny In The Valley. Take a listen!
This is an enjoyable, candid, and humanizing conversation about academic writing. Loved it! I just shared this with my students because it is valuable for them to hear that writing is hard work. But you can do it. #academicwriting #WritingCommunity
Väldigt bra intervju med Esther Duflo.
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Podcasts can be remarkably immersive. doing a marvellous job. Made by fellow Norfolkkers too. Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts
RT : Great #podcast about #physiotherapy trial SARAH from Mireille Gillings Prof Sallie Lamb. Talking about #arthritis and #physio #treatment options with benefits lasting up to 3 years!
Podcast for energy transition enthusiasts, set to a Halloween theme. Better than it sounds: Blockchain? What really has to happen by 2030? Candy for embracing the circular economy. Free flowing methane and more.
Happy to talk with About #protest and the #AmericanResistance🇺🇸. Check it out 👇👂🎧
Super discussion on hypothesis testing and philosophy of science. Worth listening to twice. Good job, .
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Here is the link for the episode 👉🏽 Highly recommend this conversation if you're interested in: ✅newsletters ✅content monetization ✅indie makers
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Here's a better link. Please listen and have compassion.
So let's go to the source: 's Oct. 17 Campaign HQ Podcast. Plouffe's q starts 34:19
Here, with context needed starting a little after 34 minutes.
i know it sucks to adapt to online instruction right now. and universities should shoulder the biggest burden in resourcing such a shift (and i doubt they are). hopefully some of these ideas are actionable. and h/t to for inspiring this thread!
Yesterday we posted a series of Pro Rata Podcasts, each just 5 minutes long, on how #Coronavirus is impacting politics, economy, China, cities, and healthcare. Apple: Spotify: Google Play:
"Science is hard. Deal."
Interestingly 's episode is just two weeks old, and his podcast, The Business of Podcasting, has only 5 episodes (!) Yet already, it's ranking quite well. The episode description is very extensive and well done, though. Check it out➡️
Podcast for SW US weather weenies: A deep (!) dive into the 2919 SW Monsoon. One of the driest ever north, no as bad south. The “conservation of misery” ordained it after a beautiful spring.
Episode 158 of the Reply-All podcast is an absolute triumph.
Or, if you are not an economist subscriber, you can hear it on their podcast: 4/4
Just heard myself fall into a gendered trope 🤦🏻‍♀️Ting Wu is a brilliant biologist & geneticist, full prof , creative thinker, role model, happens to be married to a good human. A reminder we can always be more vigilant
Two things I rarely do: (1) run; (2) listen to podcasts. Can’t get to the gym, so I’m running. Listening to ⁦⁩’s podcast class on jurisprudence makes the running tolerable.
Right, but wouldn't you want to link to the specific episode? (OMG these URLS are horrific!) /cc
Jack Murphy Live Podcast now available on Google Podcasts.
Nice HBR Podcast: "How to be Less Distracted at Work" Great quote: "Time management is pain management."
On Google Podcasts 👇
Behind the Bastards, with the tagline "The podcast where we tell u all the things u don't know about the *very worst* ppl in ALL of history"...did an episode on Andy Ngo lmao.
Strongly recommend this high quality stats podcast: dissect the headlines with interviews of experts in stats, epidemiology...
You can listen to it on: 1. 2. Apple Podcasts 3. Google Podcasts plus a sundry of locations including Deezer. ()
Thanks for a great chat. I didn’t realize the red chair came with a sauna 😜: ‘Index Ventures' Mike Volpi and Danny Rimer on global innovation and founder power'
Many people in tech are obsessed w/ "biohacking" - interesting Recode Decode podcast on the mainstreaming of biohacking & the science behind intermittent fasting
Toby Ord on existential risk and thinking in probabilities
Really interesting to listen to the content but also the delivery whilst considering what we've experienced in the last few weeks and how our practice may change in the future. Thank you
"Can science Save us?" From 2014. Ths was a really good listen. Highly recommend it. With Lucie Green Tony Ryan & on .
I had a great time talking about basically everything with today
Sophy Ridge on Sunday
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Retiring this thread and posting new episodes with stand-alone tweets. Links to the major podcast apps: - Apple - YouTube - Spotify - Overcast - Google