A strong is great for California. And journalism. And the world, generally.
Quite a contrast to the hedge funds gutting newsrooms across the country to reap huge profits: the new LA Times owner increased the newsroom from 440 to 535 journalists in a year, taking a $50M loss to invest in a product worth paying for
Pretty good look inside the blood, sweat and tears of the new L.A. Times, which (news!) has extended Norm Pearlstine's contract as our executive editor, and which is expected to take a $50 million loss this year as the new ownership invests.
Patrick Soon-Shiong spent $50 million in his first year owning the LA Times. Headcount is up 25%. Digital subscriptions have roughly doubled in the past two years. The turnaround is "nothing less than remarkable," writes
Our is taking a deep dive into the remarkable changes happening at the this week — here's the first story of three (others running Thu/Fri)
Amazing: The LA Times went from 440 to 535 newsroom employees in the less than a year
Why the is joining Apple News: It "wants to do everything it can to get “discovered” by new readers, and it has much less to fear from the cannibalization of existing direct digital subscribers."
Lots of details about the new and improving here, including this bit: since its sale in June to , our newsroom has grown by nearly 100 staffers
Inside the new L.A. Times, a 100-year vision that bets on tech and top-notch journalism via