Congratulations to all those appointed to the NHS Assembly today, including a GP, a neonatal intensive care nurse & an emergency responder...
The #NHSAssembly will cover all aspects of the #NHSLongTermPlan, and the membership reflects this. From clinical leaders to frontline clinicians to voluntary, we're delighted to announce membership of the NHS Assembly today:
We're delighted to announce our president has been appointed to the new #NHSAssembly, which will help to deliver the Long Term Plan. Find out more:
Absolutely delighted to be part of new #NHSAssembly. I'll do all I can to ensure the voices of our most vulnerable families & individuals within society are reflected in policy discussions. Thank you to & for this opportunity.
Pleased to see the #NHSAssembly members announced by today include a large number of people who won’t waste time on discussions that go nowhere. But especially pleased to see is going to be joined in the Assembly by .
Really pleased to be included in #NHSAssembly team. Intriguing opportunity for learning - both from, and for Greater Manchester and Oldham. Very much looking forward to meeting & working with other Assembly members
Just got round to looking at the membership of the new NHS assembly. I can’t find anyone who is a clinician practising in mental health. That’s disappointing. Please correct me if I’m wrong.