From gravity to HIV treatments, calculus helps us understand our universe.
Only on #SciFriLive do you hear talk about how calculus relates to... Shrek 🙃
Steven Strogatz On The ‘Infinite Powers’ Of Calculus. 23 min on NPR --- great listen.
1) Remove turntable 2) Spread cheese evenly on plate 3) Microwave 30 sec, or until rings of burned cheese form 4) Double distance between rings to calculate wavelength of m. waves 5) Multiply wavelength by freqency of microwave From
Feel like learning something new today? We recommend listening to on discussing his new book INFINITE POWERS, the power of calculus and how it has changed the world with . (we're all feeling smarter now because of it)
If you missed it live, here’s my segment on today: Steven Strogatz on the ‘Infinite Powers’ of Calculus.
ICYMI: my conversation with on about what calculus is and how it changed the world