Does the cradle of Jewish civilization belong to Israel? My latest, on the City of David dig and how the contest over Jerusalem's past is part of the war over its future
In Opinion Bari Weiss writes, "In Jerusalem, the contest over the city’s past is part of the war over its future"
In Jerusalem how people die for History and of History. Excellent piece by ⁦ via ⁦
Phenomenal article Well captures the problem when both sides believe that God/history granted them a deed to the same real estate. Can archaeology settle it?
"Perhaps King David himself is the shared territory — a flawed shepherd who once united a nation and is claimed by everyone who wakes and sleeps in Zion." Powerful piece from about the most important archeological dig in the world
A visually stunning piece, along w/impt points on how archaelogical developments show the absurdity of denying a Jewish heritage in Jerusalem, from
The fascinating discoveries and painful politics of Jerusalem's City of David dig, by
Whatever you think about Jerusalem, the City of David and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this ⁦⁩ piece should make you think a little deeper. Read the whole thing. via
Extremely thoughtful article by on the deep complexities of the City of David in Jerusalem: the history, the archaeology, the politics, the impact on Arab and Jewish residents of the area and on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in general.
Read this lovely and deeply reported story by about Jerusalem and how its past haunts its present - with helping to deliver a hell of a kicker - via ⁦
“Mr. Barkay, the archaeologist, who survived the Budapest ghetto, even thinks that ‘Temple denial is more serious than Holocaust denial.’ Perhaps that is because what is at stake is the Jewish indigenous claim to the land of Israel.”
It's so difficult to accurately capture the incredibly fraught politics of this fractured city, especially the cold war going on in East Jerusalem right now, but manages to trace one of the narrative threads with admirable economy and clarity.
King David as shared territory except right now - with a rich story on some facts on the ground.
If any archaeological dig in this part of the world is bound to hit on ethnic, national and religious fault lines, the City of David is the Middle Eastern equivalent of the San Andreas. My latest
Beautifully done, , and kudos to your incredible graphics team! via
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