Everyone will survive, but how it hurts to breathe, to move, to be. Released from the clinic with the skilled young doctoras, but also the clinic with no ice, toilet paper, pain meds, I hope soon to be able to close my eyes without reliving the terror.
2/, who also reached out in the midst-of (go read her harrowing essay about being clobbered by a wave off Galapagos and almost dying), most people scram pretty fast from this stuff, but others run toward you. Yay! Run into the fire, babies.
“I have often said to my students: Nature is not out to get you. In fact, the truth is worse. Nature is not out to get you. It is indifferent to you.” My rendering of a boat accident in Galápagos, three years later
Many of the stories in this #TwoforTea podcast will go nicely with The Boat Accident, in which I tell of big wave drama while in Galápagos with my students
Heather's post is here
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