New from : #FossilFueledFoolery report highlights TOP 10 ways in which fossil fuel companies fools the public. 🃏 #EnvironmentalJustice #CommunityRxMoms ⬇
Critical new report today from highlighting ten common manipulation tactics of the fossil fuel industry. This is no #AprilFools joke – it's a coordinated attack on the lives & livelihoods of the most vulnerable people in the U.S. Read more
"One of the industry's most duplicitous strategies is manipulating messaging to feign concern for low-income & communities of color's welfare. This is a self-serving effort to maintain its wealth,” says Kathy Egland of . Read the full report
A crucial new report by shows why we must uplift marginalized communities – & get the fossil fuel industry OUT of our politics – to address environmental issues equitably. READ: Here are the Top 10 tactics the industry uses to manipulate: