. vice chair of will be live on around 6:45pm. He'll be discussing @10DowningStreet announcement that new teachers will be trained in spotting mental health issues in their pupils. Catch all the action via this link
Quite extraordinary interview on Sky news. had to explain to that the backstop *is* a compromise as he... said now was the time for the UK to play hard and force the EU to compromise. Worth rewinding about 10 mins
. will be on at 8.15 talking about 'Making the Grade', in partnership with . #drugs #education Watch -->
Dr Aubrey Cunnington spoke live on this evening on why the recent #measles outbreak is a concern and the challenges of tackling anti-vaccine messages online
Great to chat with again this time on #Facebook and #libracoin for this evening. Will be around 7:30 PM (UK Time). You can catch on YouTube #crypto #bitcoin
There should be updates on sky news live on YouTube in about 30min they said
I was on about 5-10min ago Watch Sky News live via
Watch Sky News live via YouTube Jeremy C-hunt is on.
My segment was about 20min ago, about 3h40m into the broadcast: Watch Sky News live via