How could a constructive & democratic way out of the #Brexit impasse be achieved? Philosophers & thinkers and offer solutions
Ten thinkers on Brexit (including me on trust/worthiness)
“[W]hen applied in concrete cases, referenda go beyond being tricky -- they present a problem for democracy.” ⁦⁩ on Brexit and the democratic problems with referenda
“In a representative democracy, respecting the outcome of the referendum means acknowledging the result but also the narrowness of the margin.” Check out and others in this important article on #brexit by
I’m one of “ten thinkers on brexit” featured in this piece.... please take a look!
I agree: "The Brexit referendum occurred in the wake of a massive persuasion campaign that served to confuse, distort, and misdirect the public [...] The proper democratic response now is to put the proposal up for another vote."
Our own weighs in on democracy’s best response to the Brexit crisis, as part of a “Ten Thinkers On Brexit” piece from .
Sensible thoughts here from Quentin Skinner, Anthony Grayling, Rea Langton, Robert Talisse, Kimberley Brownlee, Zofia Stemplowska, and Christian List