Elsevier knows the future of publishing isn’t publishing. It’s tools built on data. It’s essential libraries get that, or we’ll be locked into Elsevier for the next 20 years [email protected] at #alamw20 For more on this point, check out our landscape analysis
A must-read to understand what's happening with commercial publishers trying to buy critical infrastructure on campuses.
Shifts in the academic publishing industry have serious implications for #highered institutions and their control of data about students, faculty, research outputs, and beyond. Read our Landscape Analysis to learn more. #OpenData #OER #OpenAccess
We are at a critical juncture in making thoughtful decisions about who ultimately controls the research and education process on our campuses. Get up to speed with our free resource.
You need to read SPARC's Landscape Analysis of the publishing arena - such a great resource for everyone working (or wanting to work) in Libraries via
Yep. Let's talk about the data. #OATIP2019
If you haven’t yet read it, the landscape analysis of the big publishing infrastructure providers is exceptionally good
The & merger raises critical questions #HigherEd needs to face over control of teaching and learning infrastructure. Our landscape analysis lays out some of the key issues.
Want to understand what commercial publishers are trying to do with data on your campus?
Wondering about what's happening with commercial acquisition of critical infrastructure in our institutions? We commissioned a report with input from key stakeholders and market experts to help you navigate the changes on your campus.
references the landscape analysis by Claudio Aspesi - highly recommended for an overview of key developments in academic publishing #OASPA2019
REPORT - SPARC Landscape Analysis: The Changing Academic Publishing Industry –Implications for Academic Institutions by
The Landscape Analysis is a tremendous resource for any library worker/student trying to get a handle on the market forces at work in the research lifecycle. via
Interesting HiEd Landscape Analysis covering course materials: via
Academic colleagues: If your university is looking to adopt inclusive access, please look at some important considerations in this blog post and read this landscape analysis (w/ overview of Pub & chapter on IA)
“We shouldn’t reject these systems but we need to accept them on our own terms.” Yes! Yes! Yes! on data analytics and the need for open infrastructure. Some background from here
SPARC Landscape Analysis via #scholarlypublishing #openaccess #academicpublishing
Everyone who's talking about big deals & schol publishing should read this (thanks )!
Very powerful Landscape Analysis from SPARC outlining the key strategies and drivers for big commercial players in the scholarly comms field. Controlling access to content is going to be chicken feed compared to what they have planned…
lots of interesting stuff in my feed today. check it out: EUA OA survey results SPARK Landscape analysis
The landscape analysis The Changing Academic Publishing Industry – Implications for Academic Institutions (well worth a read) reports that Elsevier had in 2017 the lowest per-article revenue of three major commercial publishers.
If you’re in the session on ’s infrastructure work at #cni19s (or if you couldn’t make it), make sure to check out the public version of our landscape analysis
If you are interested in details of the Landscape Analysis, I’ll be talking about it Monday at #cni19s...come join the conversation!
Another #MustRead for #OA #Plan_S #ScholComms #publishing - the 2019 Landscape Analysis "commissioned in response to the growing trend of commercial acquisition of critical infrastructure in our institutions"
HOLY CRAP HERE’S ASPESI! He’s analyzing for SPARC! Oh, this should be fun. Pass the popcorn.
Nice to see that SPARC has made a version of this landscape analysis available publicly: The Changing Academic Publishing Industry – Implications for Academic Institutions via
"We are at a critical juncture where there is a pressing need for the academic community – individually and collectively – to make thoughtful and deliberate decisions about what and whom to support—and under what terms and conditions." - #OA
Essential reading: SPARC Landscape Analysis - SPARC
SPARC Landscape Analysis [It's good to see the expertise of Claudio Aspesi being deployed in this report]
High quality #OER open textbooks coming from, e.g. . Despite the progress, #openaccess #oa and #OER are not yet capturing #HE leadership. But sees things changing with some visible impact: #OASPA2019
Q from audience at #DIS2019 about what to do about Elsevier’s evolution to focus more on full research lifecycle + data analytics. shares those concerns & points to ’s Landscape Analysis. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here
SPARC has released a landscape analysis "intended to provide a comprehensive look at the current players in this arena, their strategies and potential actions, and the implications of these on the operations of our libraries and home institutions.
Ive just added “ SPARC Landscape Analysis - SPARC” (via ) to my instapapper account. Hopefully ill read it soon.
READ: The 2019 Landscape Analysis "report was commissioned in response to the growing trend of commercial acquisition of critical infrastructure in our institutions"
Goes both ways. As per the SPARC landscape analysis
An excellent report from on the publishing landscape. The textbook section matches our research here in the UK and the drivers for our new approach to textbooks
READ: the SPARC Landscape Analysis #openscience #openinfrastructure
SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) Landscape Analysis /
ANALYSIS: of the changing academic publishing industry and implications for academic institutions by SPARC #hliconf2019