My lenghty feature for the latest print issue of National Review. I provide an overview of the medical harms of gender ideology for children. Not a happy read; not at all. The ‘Trans’ Child as Experimental Guinea Pig
"These young women are infinitely grateful their parents put the brakes on gender affirmation..One went on [testosterone] but regrets it..'it’s messed up' that young ppl w/ 'glaringly obvious' underlying reasons for disliking their bodies are being harmed"
Truly disturbing stories in this excellent account from The ‘Trans’ Child as Experimental Guinea Pig
By : "What will future generations make of all this?" A long and troubling read. If society has got this wrong (and I'm becoming more concerned the more I learn) then pediatric transition will be viewed a scandal of monumental proportions.
This article by is one of the best I’ve read on the chaos of gender identity ideology. Read it. But I’ll also post some excerpts from it in this thread.
We are fortunate at NR that covers with real diligence and knowledge the transgenderism issue. And it is an issue. A huge one. Her latest essay for the magazine is must reading.
Read this well-reported and disturbing piece by about the trans evangelists who have become advocates for what can only be called psychological, medical, and physical child abuse
thank you for taking an interest in the child sex-change movement. At I have been warning about this abuse for some time. Life-long Dems frequently tell me they have left the party over this issue. Please see here