Data really is the new sex: everyone wants it, most isn’t very good, most people think they understand it better than they do, think they are better at doing things with it than they really are, are are unwilling to ask for help with it. 😉 #DataScience
The new editor of Cosmo, , can spout off data sets as easily as Helen Gurley Brown would sex tips.
Jessica Pels, Cosmopolitan’s new editor in chief, is representative of a new paradigm. At 32, she is at least 10 years younger than any of her recent predecessors. But she has more digital media experience than most of them combined.
This has been bothering me all week. ‘Data ARE the New Sex’ surely?
The voice Ms. Pels wants, she said, is “your texts with your girlfriends on your funniest day.”
I'm sure 's fab feature has inspired a huge swath of Gen-Z to aspire be [just like] Jessica Pels. In fact, I bet they're booking hair appts en masse for the Jessica Pels #GirlBob: a mashup of #GirlBoss + Bob