"A third work by has now been published (in English as 'Who Killed my Father?'), and the issue of novelistic versus journalistic imagination is at the fore," writes
Do novelists need us to write them a job description? responds to 's latest release
. writes about the politicisation in 's latest novel, 'Who Killed my Father?'
"It is always interesting when people who are writers veer into the business more commonly practised by hacks," writes
"When they start giving their views on the day’s news, or laying out the pros and cons of a particular administration, the writer rarely receives a reputational boost. Often, the opposite," writes
This is the stuff of a terrible opinion piece. on the new book by
. on "the failure of literature to keep itself above the hyper-politicisation of absolutely everything, which has become the tone of our times,"
"Literature should at least aspire to escape from such simplistic narratives – to engage on a different plane," writes
When did novelists start writing like hacks? asks
How do you affect the moral tenor of the times? on the problem with punditry.