‘The groans of the Britons’. ... splendid from ⁦⁩ on Britain's first Brexit (5th century CE)....
This great point by reminds me that you only have to contrast the Roman British mosaics that survive with those in the museums in Gaziantep or at Shahba at the other end of the empire to realise just how redneck Roman Britain was.
Entertaining, beautifull written and educational. The Groans of Britain - historic Roman parallels to our current Brexit woes. By my friend the historian for
I find this hilarious, reassuring and terrifying in equal measure Britain's first Brexit was the hardest
We've always been too close to continental Europe to separate ourselves from it, but too peripheral ever to be at its heart," writes
Britain's first Brexit was the hardest, says
"Bad though things may seem now, they have been infinitely worse in the past," writes
"The Brexit of the fifth century AD was a hard Brexit indeed," writes
Nearly 2,000 years ago, the UK crashed out of the Roman Empire; there are plenty of parallels with our current predicament, writes
"Look into the mirror of the first Brexit, and a sombre parody can be found there of the country’s current agony," writes
If you think this one's bad, consider the first instance when Britain tried to cut ties with Europe
"Europe had not always been joined in a single union," writes
Brexit - it's been worse...
What can we learn from the UK's first attempt to cut ties with mainland Europe? asks
"Nowhere else in the Roman world was there collapse on quite this scale," writes