San Francisco (average rent: $3,600) blocks housing project that included affordable units because of shadow concerns at a nearby park. On the longest day of the year, if sunny, the housing would add shade to 18% of 1 park for an extra 100 minutes
You cannot claim to be pro-housing and then reject projects like this one. Low- and middle-income folks continue to be pushed out of our city. Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is ~$3,600. We. Need. More. Housing.
hahahahahaha just end SF, just end the whole thing now.
let me save us all some time and recap how the discourse goes A: wait, it has 25% affordable housing B: [in bad faith] affordable for whomst? A: [cites income bracket higher than person B's platonic ideal of poverty, but lower than median] B: gentrifiers!
The SF board of supervisors just unanimously blocked 63 new apartments that were already approved by the planning commission and parks department. Crazy! This is why we don't have affordable housing in SF.
Smart move. I am in SF right now and the shadows are a huge problem. The last thing this city needs is more shadows.