Male violence toward women is less about sexism and gender inequality than it is mental illness, substance abuse, and unemployment. Interventions that recognize this are more likely to be effective – but the idea is anathema to activists. HT
Teaching children so-called 21st- century soft skills, such as how to think creatively and solve global problems, should take precedence over specific subject areas such as English, mathematics and science, according to top universities.
Fire weather worsening: more heat, less rainfall I was invited to write an oped for TA on bush fires and climate change. I was surprised. Here it is. Hope it's the beginning of a more honest discussion on climate change.
When I applied for Medical School, I needed to bring ‘Proof of Aboriginality’. (No probs, was an identified place). When my Primary School Principal, called me ‘Boong’ or ‘Coon’, no proof was required. Our identity is only questioned when we succeed.
Science lecturers have been warned off making the familiar statement in class that “Aboriginal people have been in Australia for 40,000 years” since this clashes with “the beliefs of many Indigenous Australians that they have always been in Australia"
Six things in response to Minister Taylor's oped. 1) Breathtaking to put this out on a day of a national bush fire emergency. Not a word about the fires, Australia’s interest in a strong global response, or the need to adapt to climate change. 1/6
The Rise & Whys of Grievance Studies, edited text of lecture by in Sydney tonight, explaining how "woke" higher education has cut itself adrift from the glory of reason, science & individual freedom. #FreeSpeech
The unsustainable is a financial bubble. A survey of 39 fund managers managing $10.2 trillion finds 24% think "oil companies should shut themselves down because soon they will become impossible to invest in as the world switches to renewable energy."
"Australia’s cancer doctors have rejected Scott Morrison’s claims they will charge patients higher fees under Labor’s plan for cancer specialists to bulk-bill for some services." By #ausvotes
Bureau of Meteorology ‘cooling the past to declare record heat’
‘More than 180 alleged arsonists have been arrested since the start of the bushfire season, with 29 blazes deliberately lit in the Shoalhaven region of southeast NSW in just three months.’
No idea. suggests allowing more land clearing - a key source of our carbon emissions - is the answer. This will merely add fuel to the fire.
We need to challenge the ever-more rampant talk about “catastrophic” climate change. Rhetoric has become unpinned from science.
Ok enough of politicians, commentators and ideologues opining on the causes of these fires. Let’s listen to the experts and get on with the response
Jonathan Haidt, one of America's calmest and soberest intellectuals: “I am now very pessimistic... I think there is a very good chance American democracy will fail, that in the next 30 years we will have a catastrophic failure of our democracy.”
Graham Richardson sets all those scientists straight: 'Bushfires have been around forever so it is ridiculous to claim they are a consequence of global warming.’
"The delusion is to believe that liberal, secular, multicultural democracy is a natural condition for human nature."
Once the thought and speech police are unleashed, there is no telling who they will go after next: "Indigenous arrival ‘has no date’"
For those who are caught off guard or do not know what Dawkins is talking about, check out this brief article by H. Puckrose that discusses some of the ideas
If a penis is female, does it have human rights? Thanks to Canadian trans woman Jessica Yaniv, this is now a serious issue
Angus Taylor, Energy Minister, chooses the moment when fires are burning across 4 states, people shelter on beaches as towns burn, tourists fleeing for lives, over 3m hectares burnt, 700 houses destroyed, at least 9 people killed, to write this rubbish:
The Problem with Grievance Studies. Great piece by "How is it socially just to ascribe collective blame to a whole sex or race? What has happened to the idea that the way to beat bad ideas is with better ones?"
A great take on the fires by ⁦⁩ Sensible, fair-minded & brimming with scientific evidence. Do yourself a favour and read it.
‘This is a woke form of blacking-up, where middle-class people self-identity as oppressed to improve their social standing in PC circles and give themselves the right to lecture the rest of us, especially white men, about how dumb and prejudiced we are.’
Sunday penalty rate cuts have not created one new job or prompted business to give workers any extra hours, admits small business lobby. This was the business rationale for the cuts. Now says whole debate has been a “waste of time”. #AusVotes19
Paul Henselin, One Nation’s candidate in the seat of Fairfax in Queensland, has been caught sharing fake news that claims the Notre Dame cathedral fire is linked to jihadi terrorism and that, if elected, Labor will introduce Islamic law.
Is the ACL going to crowd-fund this one? Josiah Folau let go from job at a Catholic school because of his utterances that Catholicism is akin to devil worship.
There are four major income fault lines in the world. On the rich sides population grows slowly (it even shrinks in Europe) while the poor sides grow rapidly. Migration pressures might well increase over the next decades. My full column:
#EXCLUSIVE | China has told Pacific nations it recognises the “legitimate demands” of small island states for tackling climate change, and called on developed countries to “earnestly carry out their obligations” under the Paris agreement.
Peter Dutton refers matter of Bruce Pascoe identity to the Australian Federal Police for an investigation of alleged “dishonesty offences”.
This headline deserves an award
Is it just me ? Abdel-Magied gets $20k and a Paris stint
More than 180 alleged arsonists have been arrested since the start of the bushfire season, with 29 blazes deliberately lit in the Shoalhaven region of southeast NSW in just three months.
‘Children as young as 10 are being put on puberty blocker drugs to halt growth of “distressing” sex characteristics such as breasts, followed by cross-sex hormones, with Dr Telfer pushing for a start to double mastectomies at RCH for under-17s.’
More people died from shutting off nuclear power in Japan than the Fukushima disaster itself.
"Sceptical clinicians say the affirmation model too readily puts children on a path to medical intervention when evidence suggests the vast majority of those with early “gender dysphoria” will grow out of it, many emerging as gay or bisexual."
BREAKING: Scott Morrison flags naming and shaming states that fail to meet recommended hazard reduction burn targets, suggesting his government could introduce “national standards” to reduce fuel loads #auspol
Australian businesses have warned Treasury that bans on plastic bags are contributing to the weakening economy as shoppers are unable to carry large amounts of groceries to their car or home, confidential briefings reveal
More than 180 alleged arsonists have been arrested since the start of the bushfire season, with 29 blazes deliberately lit in the Shoalhaven region of southeast NSW in just three months.
Australia finds itself in the middle of a climate emergency — one that threatens to get even worse for our children and grandchild­ren. It’s beyond time for an honest debate and some real action. My oped in today's
World-renowned psychiatrist Christopher Gillberg says unproven treatment of trans-identifying children is “possibly one of the greatest scandal­s in medical history”. UPDATED with Swedish public TV doco The Trans Train #ChildWelfare #Health
I‘m stoked to be the new editor of BuzzFeed News Australia. I love this newsroom & am excited about what we can do.
The level of harmful Particulate Matter 2.5 was 22 times the guideline safe level in parts of Sydney yesterday, and the environment department says it's the worst air quality readings ever recorded. Likely to go on for 'many days and weeks'
A major study finds little evidence that eating red meat is linked with cancer, diabetes or heart disease.
Singer Tex Perkins has upset some ABC viewers after his obscene gesture directed at the PM during his Sydney New Year's Eve performance
‘Sudanese-born people are 67 times more likely to be charged with aggravated robbery and 55 times more likely to be charged with riot and affray in Victoria than those born elsewhere’ Cue the hysteria & cries of racism from the statistic-deniers.
#EXCLUSIVE | The Australian Workers’ Union will call on Australia to drop restrictions on nuclear power in a significant break from the Labor Party and other unions.
Cut the applause: Stokes was out #ashes2019
The naivete of Petraeus & Co on China is why no one should ever trust these people again - they are herd following muppets, even when history and the obvious stares them right in the face.
"Ms Birbalsingh believes students in Australia, as well as Scotland and Finland, have suffered declining standards because of teacher training in progressive learning with an emphasis on child-initiated learning."
"Only a small fraction of the southeast forests remain unburnt."
COMMENT | We are not living in a period of catastrophic climate change. The past tells us it’s business as usual, writes Ian Plimer.
ANU vice-chancellor, , says universities play a big role in climate action. “We know the problems of climate change are tractable, but we do need to act: act consistently, act coherently & act quickly. It will not fix itself.”
Yesterday: 3.700 people died, 40.000-80.000 severely injured. Not #Coronovirus, just daily traffic. Today again, tomorrow again, and the day after.... This just one of many stories:
Column: Why Folau’s sacking should disturb all workers, but have pleased Karl Marx
The JY case opened up a whole new level of media scrutiny on gender issues in Australia. Where's the Canadian media on this ??? The sex talk we need to have
Talking up the risk of suicide to push the identity politics agenda for self-identified trans status looks reckless, especially for troubled "trans kids" | Includes TV documentary The Trans Train | #TransDebate #ChildWelfare
Would-be terrorist Ali Khalif Shire wanted to kill Ayaan Hirsi Ali
“How are we allowing millions upon millions upon millions of people to go through some sort of education to end up not bothered about public policy, not thinking about the great ethical issues?” ⁦⁩ on the case for Philosophy in education
NT police say four people have been killed and others injured after a mass shooting in Darwin’s CBD
The Victorian government has ruled out new dams, saying climate change means not enough water would flow into them to make them worthwhile. Predictably, The Australian is incensed.
Minister Cormann, doing Australia proud at Davos: “Not every coal mine is a bad thing for the environment. When you have better quality coal compared to the alternative options, you actually might be able to help the transition” #notallcoalmines
The nation’s media companies have united in a campaign calling for greater freedom following a sustained attack on the rights of journalists. #righttoknow #auspol
Here's Helen Pluckrose's speech from her lecture tonight at the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation in Sydney #GrievanceStudies
It’s hard to be mad at someone saying they’ve never heard of you when they go on to sing the praises of your work so comprehensively. Anyway here’s Mark Dapin in the Oz saying a bunch of very, very nice things about my forthcoming book
The latest PISA data is out and Australia has tanked in the global education rankings
Telling it how it is. Fire weather worsening: more heat, less rainfall
"The unprecedented intervention by Buckingham Palace to deny Australians access to their own historical documents, written by Australians. . ." #Outrageous. .
Researchers in Australian universities are the best in the world according to new data published in The 2019 Research magazine. Congratulations to for being top of his field in Psychiatry #USydBMC. The full list can be viewed
I was interviewed for a piece on the . Mentioned alongside great thinkers such as and . How about that headline?
Article | The Australian Terry Snow commits to long term funding for medical research. #SnowMedical
Climate scientist Jennifer Marohasy? I think not. A flake and a fake climate scientist by the look of it. BoM ‘cooling past to declare records’
Wow! Citing "limited progress so far" on containing #AMR, Australian health ­professionals told that government intervention is now likely — and may extend to the fields of agriculture and environment. #AntibioticResistance
Why are university lecturers being "warned off" stating that “Aboriginal people have been in Australia for 40,000 years” ( Should scientific statements be silenced so as to be "inclusive" to indigenous beliefs? #diversityisexclusion #neotribalrentierism
As Australia burns, its emissions minister says he's 'proud' of the country's efforts on #climate. Given Canberra was accused of dodging responsibilities + undermining talks at the 2019 UN #COP25 climate summit this is - well - extraordinary
How academic activism got unhinged and why it matters in your kids' classroom and your workplace explains why she, and staged the "grievance studies" hoax, in her lecture at the
Acknowledging current policies are failing, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists has formed a suicide prevention taskforce to ensure psychiatrists play a more active role in efforts to reduce suicide
Great coverage of Australian members and . Australian professors and grad students, please do join! I'll organize a meetup in Melbourne and Sydney in July...
Reforming oversight, funding & transparency in #mentalhealth is a great start, but let’s make sure we put people in the centre of these reforms
There is a realistic and credible response to global warming - and it won't cost the trillions we're wasting now, writes
#GreatBarrierReef: This is how Rupert reports on the Commonwealth’s 2019 assessment that the outlook of the Reef has declined from “poor” to “very poor”, based on 100s of rigorous studies. It’s propaganda, not journalism.
Court rules professor’s sacking over reef science criticism 'unlawful'
It’s called a reality distortion field: a superpower possessed by those rare individuals who come along once in a generation. Boris Johnson is one of those people, writes Toby Young.
“Surgeons face sanction for imposing severe financial pain”
Zharkova's #climate claims violate the laws of physics but they still get an uncritical run with in today's . Very on brand.
Truly Disgusting that people would do this! God Bless Australia. More than 180 alleged arsonists have been arrested since the start of the bushfire season, with 29 blazes deliberately lit in the Shoalhaven region of southeast NSW in just three months.
Australia’s women’s & men’s national soccer teams will earn the same pay as part of a history-making new pay structure. And all commercial revenues associated w/both teams will be split evenly. #EqualPay is possible! Looking forward to following the story.
Let me introduce David Elliott to readers....a state minister who should resign. My column today: #auspol
This Murdochracy headline is either abject incompetence or a deliberate lie.
#Insiders panellist Niki Savva says 's refusal to answer questions about Hillsong founder Brian Houston and the White House dinner is unedifying and unacceptable #InsidersReading #auspol
I wonder if these freak hail storms were caused by: A) Arsonists B) the Greens C) incompetent Bureaucrats refusing to hold controlled storms in Spring I need to know soon so know who to be angry at rather than worry about #ClimateChange #AustraliaBurning
Horrifying from every angle, including the human one. Professional Australian shooters will soon take to the air in choppers to kill up to 10,000 wild camels -- a government-approved cull to stem drought in remote communities where the camels drink a lot
This ABC bashing piece in The OZ should have disclosed that John Simpson is a long-time Liberal mover and shaker in Melbourne who did nearly 20 years as a spindoctor for Shell, one of the world's biggest carbon emitters
⚠️WOW. suspends ALL direct flights from London to #China (#Beijing and #Shanghai) *until March* due to the #CoronavirusOutbreak. Don’t be surprised when other airlines follow suit. #coronoavirus #2019_nCov #2019nCoV h/t @911CORLEBRA777
If Harry and Meghan can ditch the royal family, surely we can as well. My column today: #auspol
Wow! Looks like the higher-ups at Qantas drank the Klimate Kool-Aid. Perhaps legit to say the weather changed, even the weather person disagreed it was climate change. “Zero emissions by 2050”? Are they going out of business?
Govt sends Dick Smith a $500,000 dividend imputation cheque he doesn’t want, and nursing home residents get $7 meals. Something’s wrong
Why is it ok for conservatives to blame environmentalists for bushfires but it’s ‘inappropriate’ to blame climate change? The science says fossil fuels cause climate change and makes bushfires ’s not complicated #auspol
Finally some common sense. Scott Morrison to push for an overhaul of the management of fuel loads in national parks as well as rules around land and native vegetation clearing close to properties.
With a salary of over 3k a week Steggall says she can't afford an EV yet expects everyone else, most of who earn a lot less, to get one? Do as I say and not as I do? Steggall: I still can’t afford electric car
Have always wondered why Matt Canavan is such a vociferous advocate for the coal industry. Turns out his brother John is a big investor/exec in the coal industry. This should be disclosed on his Parly register. See OZ ($)
A breakdown of rental income deductions by postcode, released by Treasury under freedom of ­information laws, reveals the largest average negative gearing losses are in the nation’s highest income postcodes
COMMENT | Using his family as a shield in the wake of his holiday blunder made Scott Morrison’s bad call worse, writes . #auspol
Please. Just. Stop. Talking. 🤦‍♀️ Attacking the gays isn’t enough, this guy is now intent on insulting everyone suffering the bushfires and living in drought-stricken Australia.
HUGE: Australian Employment Minister ⁦⁩ has threatened to suspend welfare payments of activists who spend their time protesting instead of looking for jobs. Well done, this is exactly what should happen. USA and UK should follow suit.
“The townsfolk and farmers of the high country of Northern NSW, the ones that voted back Barnaby Joyce, are witnessing first hand, the effects of climate change Firstly, help thy self..........FFS.
#BREAKING Labor widens its lead in election-eve Newspoll #Newspoll #ausvotes
Wind farms require large parcels of land. These sites require access and also transmission to where demand is. This process will require the removal of trees.
‘Paul Keating has urged the ­⁦⁩ Govt to loosen fiscal policy to stimulate the ­economy through an ambitious productivity-enhancing infrastructure investment program and turbocharging vocational education & training.’
The intense, sustained attack on in Warringah is probably unprecedented and has done serious damage to his re-election prospects, writes Maurice Newman #auspol #ausvotes
The UN wants an overhaul of the world’s financial order to ­tackle climate change.
Wyatt rejects call for national register of Aboriginality
#BREAKING: An exclusive #Newspoll shows the race to next Saturday’s poll remains tightly contested #ausvotes
“Increasingly frequent natural disasters due to climate change could hurt the credit ratings of both the federal government and Australia’s state governments, influential ratings agency Moody’s Investors Service has warned.”
' says she would “appreciate” if the government made EVs cheaper.' Now there's a national spending priority - Subsidising cars for the well-heeled burghers of Manly and Mosman. Upper middle class welfare, if you will.
COMMENT | Neither men doing more housework or being able to cry would have restrained a crazed man who was threatening more violent carnage in Sydney’s CBD, writes Janet Albrechtsen.
🚨exclusive🚨 CSIRO warned a confidential meeting of top govt bureaucrats that negative emissions technologies would be needed to cap global warming at a safe 1.5C limit due to a “high probability” the globe would “exceed the carbon budget”, FOI docs show
#BREAKING | Israel Folau has launched legal proceedings with the Fair Work Commission against Rugby Australia and the NSW Waratahs for unlawfully terminating his contract on the basis of religion
Hmm, bosses in Victoria could face court if they don't achieve gender equality targets -such as reducing the wage gap. Now all they need to do is persuade women to work longer hours, not have babies, and make different career choices. Easy peasy.
A Federal Court judge has ruled that James Cook University acted unlawfully when it sacked climate sceptic Peter Ridd
Climate deniers never give up! We have a Trumpian PM. Oz needs a broad coalition to defeat the vested interests & climate change deniers who back him in # auspol
. has struck an agreement with British Prime Minister to move quickly to a post-Brexit trade deal. “It was a very warm meeting, we will be at the starting line as soon as that moment arrives.” 🇬🇧🇦🇺 #CANZUK
This is extraordinary, like blaming a doctor for a cancer diagnosis. Green activists killing reef tourism
“In somewhere between 15 and 25 years all the coal is going to be done it’s going to be worth zero. It’s a $70bn dollar industry for Australia. If I was running Australia as a business I’d think … I’d better do something about that”
#EXCLUSIVE | The University of Queensland has launched an investigation into one of its professors who formed an artificial intelligence company — allegedly used by Beijing to surveil minority ­Uighurs.
The Matildas will share the same pay with the Socceroos for the first time under a groundbreaking deal to treat the two national teams equally
The suicide of drag queen protester Wilson Gavin just hours after he ­attracted a storm of online abuse has supercharged debate over the use of social media as a weapon to ­attack political opponents
#AustralianBushfires have poisoned our summer & are the canary in the coal mine when it comes to #climatechange, Prof Brian Schmidt writes in .
Shorten wants to turn our schools into power stations. Last time Labor built things in our schools it didn’t go so well. And he still won’t tell us the cost of his plans. If you don’t understand the costs, you can’t afford Shorten #auspol
Habibie - Indonesia’s accidental father of democracy. “At a time when liberal democracy is under threat, his legacy matters even more and I think history will be extremely generous to him”: Tim Lindsey.
The number of landlords who had six or more properties and a taxable income of below $18,200 has more than doubled from 1246 to 3008 over the last 15 years. Over the same period, the proportion of investors 60 or older increased from about 15% to 23.5%
“”Castrating children” is the phrase used by pediatrics professor John Whitehall to describe unscientific experimentation on youth in the name of transgenderism. “
Former Wallaby Israel Folau claims Australia’s devastating bushfire crisis and record-breaking drought are God’s punishment for legalising same-sex marriage and abortion | WATCH
A “hothouse” Earth caused by the domino-style collapse of natural systems due to climate change could already be under way, according to a new editorial published in Nature. One of the authors is Climate Councillor Professor Will Steffen.
Old-growth trees cut down for wind farm transmission lines. First 10km of up to 170km transmission lines required for wind farms. All in high fire risk zones! If you believe in VRE, expect this RE transmission zig zagging the country side.
🚨 Warning: The Oz just pointed out that renewables are cheaper than coal. Warning: The Oz just pointed out that renewables are cheaper than coal 🚨 #ausecon ping
"We were confident they would not comply with a child’s demands for testosterone and breast removal without exploring what happened to suddenly change her — we were wrong" | World-first book extract from Inventing Transgender Children #ethics
“Energy Minister Angus Taylor said large-scale renewables projects would not receive any further Govt support. “The clean energy industry has assured us that the cost of renewables is now competitive with alternatives,...”
Bushfires: ‘Ecological disaster’ as mass fish kill stretches 70km.
Bushfires: ‘Ecological disaster’ as mass fish kill stretches 70km
Interesting that The OZ has changed its headline on the lead website story about Newspoll to something more positive for - have they realised it is time to back a winner rather than go down with sinking Coalition ship? See ($)
Track record for deaf ears rebuffs As Treasurer he rebuffed calls for banking royal commission as “populist whinge” This is wrong footed too & callous as an Australian citizen may die in prison & he will be responsible
My piece today in the . If the Coalition blows the budget to help with the bushfires it will want more understanding than it gave Labor when it did the same during the GFC: #auspol
Coal is a dub investment says the world's largest fund manager. BlackRock will ditch its thermal coal investments because awareness of climate change is "rapidly changing and .. we are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance.
Downer staring at defeat
Latham’s ‘religious’ act
Labor, could you please stop siding w. Libs? This isn’t some freelancing from a backbencher: Libs now have Fed Labor’s official support - from ALP Resources spokesperson - to remove hard-won Vic fracking ban. #Greens will fight Libs’ plan to frack Vic.
Tracy Westerman: Our people are not killing themselves because they are poor but because of racism, trauma, most likely co-morbid with depression, alcohol & drug use, isolation & lack of access to culturally competent clinicians & evidence-based programs.
#BREAKING: Anthony Albanese and the ALP National Executive have shelved their plans to expel union leader John Setka from the Labor Party
A really disturbing story if true. Did Australian taxpayers unwittingly fund research to produce technology commercialised specifically to suppress human rights in Xinjiang?
"The bushfires in NSW and QLD this month may be just a taste of an expected horror nationwide fire season, as experts and former fire chiefs warn agencies risk being “overwhelmed.” Longer hotter fire seasons fueled by massive Aus coal and gas exports
Andrews is quick enough to tar every other male in Australia for the domestic violence of the few. Union mates get immunity.
'Dozens of signatories including Mickey Mouse & Harry Potter headmaster Albus Dumbledore from Hogwarts have been ­removed from an Alliance of World Scientists declaration of a “climate emergency”. Access to the 11,000 name-petition was blocked on Thursday'
Labor has recorded its worst Senate result since 1949 in the battleground state of Queensland, securing just one seat #auspol
Arson arrests toll hits183 WHY ARE WE NOT HEARING THIS IN OUR MSM These people are truly despicable and the human, wildlife and habitat death toll is unimaginable!
Fifteen seats overrepresented with millennials are held by the Coalition. Of these, five are held on a margin of less than 5 per cent and vulnerable to a rise in millennial antagonism to policies seen to be aimed at protecting the interests of baby boomers
It took Australian security agencies less than a week to conclude Wang Liqiang was not the highly trained intelligence operative he claimed.
“The clean energy industry has assured us that the cost of renewables is now competitive with alternatives so we would expect investment to continue in the ­absence of subsidies,” Investment in solar, wind drying up
"The truth is, Australians all over want our leaders to deal with climate change as the enormity of its impact on Australia demands."
The ABC will investigate whether a Q&A program in which panellists appeared to advocate violence breached its editorial standards.
Ableism is not going to save you in Dickson Get in the bin. #Auspol #AusVotes
The people who complain about the ‘PC police’ and the people who prosecute culture war with the actual police are the same.
This is not how you empower Chinese Australians. By endorsing united front groups we are normalising the CCP as the representative of Chinese people.
EXCLUSIVE | Embattled Westpac boss Brian Hartzer told his executives behind closed doors that the bank’s pedophile money scandal was 'not an Enron or Lehman Brothers', and mainstream Australia was not overly concerned so 'we don’t need to overcook this'
Psychiatrists raise ethical and scientific concerns about Australia’s first treatment study of transgender-identifying kids. Plus, new data with 2600% spike in girls at clinic. | Also, Sweden's doco Trans Tran part 2 #ChildWelfare
"The average Australian’s carbon footprint has shrunk by 31% since 2005. The average Canadian’s has fallen by just 14% Yet it is Morrison, not Trudeau, who is accused of dragging his heels." Because only Trudeau is a pathological liar helped by media.
#BREAKING | The Greens candidate for the Melbourne seat of Lalor, Jay Dessi, has been forced to quit after numerous offensive social media posts emerged #auspol #ausvotes
As the skies darken over Sydney from mega bushfires the country's largest broadsheet newspaper runs this mind-boggling idiotic opinion piece:
Xi Jinping has dispatched a platoon of 300 propagandists to coronavirus epicentre Wuhan to “strengthen public opinion guidance”
Nationals leader Michael McCormack says “lower travel speeds can ­result in lower emissions from ­vehicles”, and the Morrison government supports slowing down cars in areas with “high volumes” of pedestrians, ­cyclists and aged or frail people. #auspol
Prime Minister Scott Morrison believes it is crucial to see more women in parliament based on merit.
Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has lashed the “disgraceful, disgusting” behaviour of “raving inner-city lunatics” for linking climate change to the ferocious bushfires burning across Queensland and NSW. #auspol
"Recasting the fact of biological sex as a changeable social construct is “ideological, scientifically inaccurate and socially irresponsible”, according to a new international petition in ­defence of human biology at a time of identity politics."
Words have real-world consequences, says the paper that hounded a woman from our shores, amplified anti-science sentiment, and championed S18C culture wars.
Jacinda Ardern: "We have seen cases where there is almost no connection of an individual to New Zealand who had been deported." No connection apart from their being a New Zealand citizen.
Red letter day! Our Education Minister Dan Tehan will tell TEQSA, the university regulator, that universities need to stop adjudicating rape on campuses when he speaks today at the TEQSA annual conference in Melbourne. Bad news for feminist activists.
CBA paid the biggest fine in corporate history, $700m, for a paltry 50,000 breaches of the law. Westpac here is alleged to have made 23 million breaches of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws. 😬
Correction to Maurice Newman’s column in the : The ABC’s @4Corners does not have a journalist “embedded” with Zali Steggall’s campaign team. The program has filmed with both Steggall and Tony Abbott.
"The violence at the University of Queensland is an important reminder that universities need to get their internal affairs in line to protect free expression on ­campus."
Monday’s front page of the News Corp newspaper reads: ‘President Trump, America is scared and we need bold action. It’s time to...BAN WEAPONS OF WAR”. PS. Hey, NewsCorp - a slew of pro-gun NRA Americans are descending on Australia this weekend for CPAC...
Exclusive: This is Boris Johnson as you've never seen him, photographed at Geelong Grammar during his 1983 gap year.
Apparently this is not satire
BREAKING: A freedom of information request by has revealed that it was Labor Shadow AG Mark Dreyfus who steered bureaucrats to investigate his political opponents Tony Abbott, #AndrewCooper and speakers under the guise of foreign interference
If you’re having a tough Monday, spare a thought for leaders reviewing their campaign this morning... Steggall to support Coalition
Scott Morrison dismisses ’s call for the Australian government to take more action on climate change. #auspol
Poet Les Murray dies
It doesn’t surprise me that the poor Gladstone Ports worker was sacked for tripping up . This is the Labor I know. Unions will be out of control if Bill wins on Saturday. #auspol
“Denying biological sex and supplanting it with ‘gender identity’ is not merely an eccentric academic theory. It raises serious human rights concerns for vulnerable groups including women, homosexuals and children.”
.: 'how crazy is it that we say that a member of parliament can only be a citizen of #AUS because we want to have that singular allegiance to this country... yet our head of state’s first allegiance, is overwhelmingly to the UK.' #auspol
Big story breaking in 🇦🇺: ”A University of NSW computer science professor co-authored researc­h with Chinese generals linked to Beijing’s nuclear weapons program and supervised at least nine PhD students from China’s top military academy”
Scott Morrison has lashed out out ‘faceless’ activists who are manipulating children’s fears about climate change.
My column on the zealots lecturing us all re Israel Folau: #auspol
Australia tanks in global education rankings despite $20bn boost. This is shocking. And pathetic some still insist on more money or smaller classes - either stupid or self-interested.
#BREAKING Bill Shorten is set to return Labor to power tomorrow, with an election-eve Newspoll showing a 1.9 per cent swing against the Coalition #auspol
As the Morrison government lobbies hard behind the scenes to keep any reference to coal out of the final Pacific Island Forum communique, the NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared every nation needed to “do its bit” to fight #climatechange.
Great to see Angela Shanahan writing in the Weekend Australian about the huge waste of money on fruitless domestic violence campaigns - promoted by feminist ideologues - which fail to address the real causes of family violence.
Is it really a job for a man? most disappointing so called piece of "journalism" ill informed opinion / lazy observation. 30+ years as a GP and thousands of mothers / women nothing but equal praise & admiration for their male or female O&G #womenshealth
There's global debate about risk of medical harm to trans-identifying kids. A big, under-reported story. Response of -- joins the pronoun police, backs the activist taboo on terms like "biologically female". #FreeSpeech
' is everything that is wrong with the ABC, squeezed into 15 insufferable minutes.' Even by the ABC's standards, 's hatchet job on #PeterRidd earlier this week was breathtakingly hypocritical. My op-ed in today's
A second fundraising campaign for has already amassed more than $550,000 in donations, less than 24 hours after it was launched by the Australian Christian Lobby
3/ this 11,000 scientists 4 page political propaganda report touted as serious expert report by us nowa joke in foreign media— will retract-apologize? great work
Worrying that the leadership of the same uni where Feng Chongyi works and where Yang Hengjun studied would apparently be so blind to the issues with sending personal details to China's Ministry of Education. Good on staff for standing up for privacy
There's been a legal opinion to the effect that it's possible that directors who fail to consider #climate change risks now could be found liable for breaching their duty of care and diligence in the future: 's John Price. via
My new bestie, . Excerpt from his new book, On Eating Meat, nails #vegan virtue-signalling to the cross in all its naked glory. An evidence-based soupçon he dishes up: 'The number of animals that die to produce vegan food is astonishing.'
Great piece by about censorship on my art in Sydney gallery. another note is posted to the wall“Please be advised that the expressed views & opinions of the HongKong protests & movement are not necessarily the shared views of m2 Gallery.”
Since 2015, storage-battery prices have dropped nearly 40% and now the world is experiencing a wave of investment in batteries with high capacity. For example, a new Tesla battery can store enough energy to power every home in San Francisco for 6 hours.
So bloody good. - you should be hosting Media Watch!
Scott Morrison has cemented his position as preferred PM following his US visit and state dinner with US President Donald Trump, with a two-point lift to 50 per cent #auspol #Newspoll
Crusader Brown turns against wind farm. The number of times it has been Green-splained to me that nuclear technologies are simply unpopular so we have to commit to... From about 10 angles, this strikes me as a very awkward day for Australian
Labor MP Anne Aly has claimed the Australian economy has gone into recession before admitting 'perhaps, recession is a big thing to say'' in a car-crash TV interview #auspol
WANTED: iconoclasts.
Thrilled to be featured in following my Max Crawford Medal award from . I’m challenging the notion that #Science & #Culture should be studied or applied separately. When combined, they can be a powerful force for social change
Reality check for Angus Taylor: Summer blackout risk is bc the largest Vic COAL power station (Loy Yang A) & largest Vic GAS power station (Mortlake) are both experiencing SIX-MONTH LONG BREAKDOWNS. Renewables are doing just fine #auspol #gasandcoalwatch
“We are also presented with a once in a generation opportunity for regional Australia to lead the way in the development of renewable energy and to prosper from new economic opportunities” said in her maiden speech in the lower house #auspol
Sydney restaurant owner Jonathan Yee has confessed in today’s ICAC inquiry that he and former NSW Labor MP Ernest Wong were the “masterminds” behind a fake donor scheme to hide the source of cash donations to the ALP.
There will be a national inquiry into the treatment of transgender and gender diverse youth in Australia.
'The only safe way to release Douglas Murray’s new book, The Madness of Crowds, is to redact the contents and issue instead a 257-page trigger warning.' An interview in The Australian
“Even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems…” – Dr Tim Flannery, 2007
Our political narrative around startups needs a reset. The burning platform doesn't resonate. Australian venture-backed startups have created >12.5k jobs-of-the-future in just 5 years. That's >8 Adani coal mines! My op-ed today. #startupaus
"I suspect we’re going to keep being presented with new cases for a long time and it might be that this virus becomes endemic” -to be clear, that doesn't mean we won't see the multi country epidemic peak, just that I believe we'll be left with this virus
EXCLUSIVE: It’s on: PM to call poll tomorrow #auspol
Plotters who smuggled auto titan Carlos Ghosn out of Japan in a box had identified a crucial gap in airport security.
‘A zero-emissions economy will not only address climate change but also will lead to Australia being more prosperous and abundant than today.’ ⁦⁩ ⁦
COMMENT | Scott Morrison has mirrored Donald Trump’s tough stand with G20 leaders in his negotiations with the Pacific Island Forum over climate change and coal — and emerged stronger as a result, writes Graham Lloyd.
#Insiders panellist says those within Labor's ranks remain stunned at the election loss and it is starting to dawn on some MPs that things are likely to get worse before they better #InsidersReading #auspol
News Corp Australia will dedicate a day’s worth of metropolitan paper sales and advertising revenue to fire relief appeals.
#BREAKING: The final #Newspoll of the year shows the Coalition on an improved two-party-preferred vote of 52-48, leaving the government in a strengthened position leading into Christmas
James Cook University is appealing a decision ordering it pay sacked academic Peter Ridd $1.2 million
“They’re sending animals that do call this place home extinct. For every dead horse we’re going to see this summer through starvation, that horse has already eaten the resources that our native animals rely upon.” Richard Swain, ISC ambassador.
"British taxpayers can’t be expected to pay for this mob much longer, and our Australian Constitution should not be tied to a monarchy in moral decline." #auspol #ausrepublic
If this is what climate change looks like, the future is grim.
Trans activism has trumped ethics and obscured the weak evidence for this radical treatment, with the “affirmation model” pushing children down a path that can leave them infertile and incapable of orgasm Thank you
Utterly shameless. Chinese ambassador to Australia branded Uighurs' detention as fake news and claimed credit for Australian government's budget surplus.
#EXCLUSIVE | Employment Minister Michaelia Cash has threatened to suspend the welfare payments of activists who spend their time protesting instead of looking for jobs.
An ⁦⁩ exclusive - green activists warning about climate change effects are killing tourism on the #GreatBarrierReef
A giant Australian dollar coin is erected in #Manhattan... and who is featured most prominently? An Australian? Nope. The British Queen. #ausrepublic
I’m confused. Victoria has created over 20,000 manufacturing jobs over the last few years. Whilst the ban has been in place. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Liberal turncoat Julia Banks takes extraordinary shot at former party as political career ends #auspol
THIS by : "No one should ever be forced to move but if a pensioners’ total assets (housing and financial) exceed some high bar, say $2m, then surely any age pension payments should be deducted from the ultimate inheritance." #auspol
DreamWorks’ animated movie #Abominable won’t be released in Malaysia after its producers refused to cut a scene showing China’s “nine-dash line” in the South China Sea.
The Prime Minister talks about ‘negative globalism’, and now his government is signing an international declaration on - of all things - speed limits (which is a state issue anyway), partly to address climate change. What a disgrace.
Meanwhile, the UK bans fracking indefinitely due to its risks
A significant day and an important step, as we work towards zero suicides in Australia.
Opportunities for groundbreaking reforms that bring lasting change to our society are singularly rare, but this week we have glimpsed the possibility of generational transformation in the way we think about mental health, writes
Latham’s stunning attack on Premier
Why the hell is the Morrison govt signing up to this? “Australia is preparing to sign an international road safety declaration in Sweden that endorses a 30km/h limit on suburban roads in response to “traffic injuries, air quality and climate change”.
ABC election guru Antony Green has recently knocked back at least two offers from commercial media to poach him.
📰MUST READ📰 's Dr Bella D'Abrera in today's , exposing the race peddlers using our universities to perpetuate the myth of Australia as an irredeemably racist nation - all to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars
She’s gone, finally. Theresa May, arguably the worst prime minister in the UK’s modern history, has emotionally announced her resignation. Her leadership will go down in the record books as lamentable, writes
‘Footage of Greens candidate for the inner-west Sydney seat of Barton, Connor Parissis, has emerged showing the “left wing” and “mental health” activist trying to shout down Christians giving out free food at Sydney University.’
“Hate speech is a specific thing; inciting violence or genocide against a group of people—I’ve never done that. It seems a lot of people just don’t value free speech. In progressive circles they seem to think they can determine which speech is acceptable’’
Back in the 1960s The Australian was a crucial backer of the campaign to save the reef from oil drillers. What is it now...betraying itself
Greta Thunberg gave Donald Trump the evil eye at the UN Climate Summit after she berated world leaders for 'stealing my dreams and my childhood with your empty words' on climate action
Delay in bringing Vic's biggest gas power stn Mortlake back online following 6 month outage due to explosion. Unavailable when needed most with climate change heatwave and fire threat + 6 month breakdown at Loy Yang A coal plant #auspol #gasandcoalwatch
. on point. The increasingly deranged attacks on News Corp are mostly political, fanned by jealous competitors angling for $$ by whipping up woke pile-ons by hysterical dummies, plus “back in my day” wankery from attention-seeking has-beens 🤦🏻‍♂️
A must read piece by Chris Mitchell in the . ABC journalists get sucked into thinking that Twitter is some kind of barometer of public opinion when it's the exact opposite. No wonder they got the election so wrong.
One of the most important articles of our time. Relevant with regards to the current social justice movements including Aboriginal social justice through the lease of the grievance industry. Our children shouldn’t have to live in constant fear!
Whatever your views, this is a really interesting lecture by Helen Pluckrose. ($) The problem with grievance studies
If these kids were white the nation would shut down until this was addressed. This nation is watching 12 year olds, teens and young adults commit suicide as though this was just another day of bad news. This country is soaking in Indigenous blood.
As coverage of #Taiwan's upcoming election starts to emerge, I highly recommend this piece by and in the . This encompassing piece not only examines the current political climate on the island...
#China is apparently getting the message that its lending practices in developing countries may need to change. #Beijing is reportedly turning to the UK for assistance & establishing a new "technical expertise center" that will work w/ 8 intl dev banks.
6 month breakdowns at Loy Yang A Vic's biggest COAL power station and Mortlake, Vic's biggest GAS power station, plus climate change driving extreme heat and demand. And Angus Taylor (as predicted) blames...renewables!?!? #auspol #springst #gasandcoalwatch
#EXCLUSIVE: Senior ABC employees are planning to form an "ABC-Staff climate crisis advisory group" in a bid to report on climate change using "solutions journalism" in a move that could breach current ABC editorial guidelines.
Conservatives in Australia have rejected warnings about long-term ­climate trends. The Greens ­invent direct causal ­relationships between individual politicians and unusual weather events. Both approaches are wrong, writes
#BREAKING | Liberal Lyons candidate Jessica Whelan is set to be dumped after more claims of anti-Muslim facebook posts were revealed this morning #ausvotes #auspol
Former High Court Chief Justice backs indigenous voice & dismantles arguments against a constitutionally enshrined “voice to parliament,” arguing it could work effectively without eroding the power of the nation’s legislators. #ulurustatement #indigenous
Because if there's a gap in ABC coverage, it's climate change.
Smashing up the orthodoxy. “Katharine Birbalsingh, a teacher in Britain, defied her critics and withstood protests and personal attacks to set up the Michaela Community School.”
"It’s a strange kind of liberation to promote trans boy status for teenage girls who don’t fit the feminine norm, who feel pressured by expectations online and may take time to accept they are lesbian." @4th_WaveNow
EXCLUSIVE - The AWU calls on Australia to drop nuclear restrictions
[Former Senator] John Black: 'How Labor lost ts heartland': "It was also a rejection of shrill hectoring from goat-cheese-circle bullies who are incapable of understanding how an economy actually works in the real world." 🔥
“Successive NSW Nationals water ministers endorsed a “sharing plan” for the Darling River that gave irrigators upstream too much water, bringing on a drought three years before it would ordinarily have happened in the far west of the state”.
A massive #CruiseShip crashes into a wharf and tourist boat in #Venice, injuring four people, including Australians. #MSCOpera
It's ARC announcement season, and you know what that means! Time to roll out the vitriolic commentators with the mystical ability to assess grant applications based on titles alone. Imagine the time we'd save if we assessed all apps that way!
Conservatives like ⁦⁩ are labelled “far-right” to disparage, whereas those who are actually “far-left” are never labelled as such.
Electric vehicles in Australia’s eastern states are responsible for more carbon dioxide emissions than regular petrol vehicles, according to an expert report.
“No one with real power has the guts to admit it, but a few years ago the rest of the world gave up caring about the evils perpetrated by the government of China.” For those unwilling to pay, is giving away my piece about Hong Kong here.
Hong Kong has just moved into the next stage of its fateful, fearsome drama. What looms is a tragedy for the seven million incredibly brave people of that magnificent city, writes Greg Sheridan
My favourite, long-running prosecution run by is that Scott Morrison is a footy team traitor which, in Greg's world, is worse than treason.
I'd take the concerns of people who say Trump is trying to undermine democracy a lot more seriously if they actually cared when a nation (like, say, China) was actually undermining democracy.
"In this collection Sakr reveals himself to be that rare beast: a poet with something to say and the means to say it. This is a book of ­poetry that surges and whispers and shouts and demands to be read in a sitting."
EXCLUSIVE | A man accused of rape will be forced to defend himself in court without being allowed to tell the jury about the alleged victim’s history of making false allegations to police, in a situation the judge has labelled an 'affront to justice'
Brilliant, well-informed piece from , who is the kind of education journalist we need. Life skills ‘not easily taught’
Very sound comments by on the "New Fitz" 's attacks on Israel Folau. If only these former Wallabies had shown such determination on the field as they have shown going after Israel Folau.
Christchurch mass killer Brenton Tarrant emerges as far right extremist ‘hero’
“A key risk for declining dairy profitability is the incidence of consecutive days of significant heat stress,” CBA said. “After five such days in a row, dairy cows can stop lactating, ceasing production.”
New record for the most NSW sentence in history: "The transport department has notified ICAC after a senior official left his wife for a woman who owns the contracting company that won a tender to build the Parramatta Light Rail"
This is one of the most important economic opportunities in Australian history #GreenHydrogen: how to export sunshine #RenewableEnergy #auspol @350Australia
“Surely a girl 13 to 16 years old cannot be considered able to ­become a wife to a man aged 40 or 50... Is it not a human rights violation to spear a girl of 13 to 16 through the leg should she be found guilty of breaking traditional cultural law”
More damning indictments on how our increasingly monocultural and authoritarian universities are letting down the taxpayers who hand over billions to them each year
Behind the smile is an implied threat, that Oz behaves or we will pay an economic price. I have a lengthy article on trade entanglement/dependence issue in out on October 14.
One Nation Senator will spend her New Year’s Eve taking calls from those around the country who are feeling lonely.
In the UK, (Katharine Birbalsingh) has been at the forefront of what is becoming a pedagogical revolution. Surely Australian educators and academics, given the extraordinary results of students under Birbalsingh's system, are taking note?
A transgender lobby group is responsible for more than half of all complaints lodged against the nation's major media outlets
Jones’ last laugh over FitzSimons
We need to turn research eyes toward home - this is exciting. A new special initiative of $12mill to fund Australian-focussed HASS research!
Haidt: “The last thing we should be doing when trying to create a tolerant diverse society is to teach young people to judge others by visible characteristics and to incite moral praise or blame based on these visible characteristics.”
To put this in context, the ARC allocated $67m to Discovery projects in humanities, social sciences, and business in 2020. "Setting aside" $12m just for Australian studies, rather than putting in new funds, could have a major impact on this budget.
Billions to be saved if we put our minds to it. Peer Support is the cornerstone of mental health reform . Let’s invest in people.
What he said 👇 “The Liberal Party has just proved itself incapable of dealing with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in any sort of systematic way.”- Malcolm Turnbull
ACFID has called for greater transparency on new $442m loan to PNG. “This is a departure from business as usual for the Australian Government and it remains unclear how it will manage the heightened risk which comes with it” (1/2)
I’m astounded at how tone deaf & dangerous some journalists can be when talking about a topic as complex as masculinity. Damning men for crying or caregiving like it’s the 50s is archaic. Masculinity comes in all shapes and sizes, we need them all.
More on the joint ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ election statement on open scholarship in ⁦⁩ higher section
COMMENT | The Australian Energy Market Operator has told only part of the story and has held back the shocking details of the Victorian power scandal — commercial scandal that ranks with the banks, writes
The ABC, Channel 9’s Today Show plus other media have falsely outed James Faulkner as gay after an Instagram post in which the Australian cricketer jokingly described his business partner as his 'boyfriend'
“Like Australia, Britain’s interests are threatened by China. Unlike Australia, we do not yet have a politician who is prepared to so openly call a spade a spade – and stop kowtowing to China.” on why Australia is lucky to have Andrew Hastie.
China overtakes US as no 1 in diplomatic posts
The Bushfire and Natural Hazards Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) is running out of money. Its funding ends next year. I was happy to support it's work when in Government. It was granted $47 million for eight years in 2013.
Renewables targets ‘to fall short’ in much of Australia. Jt: damn, what a shocker.
"The vast majority of new diagnoses of gender dysphoria in Sweden were teenage girls who, unlike more familiar early-onset cases involving males, did not show any trans tendencies before the age of 10 years”.
“Why should nuclear power be required to prove it is economic when it is used so extensively in advanced economies similar to Australia, such as the US and France?” 🤔🤔🤔
"A NSW District Court judge ruled in August that the man, known as RB, could not introduce evidence of 12 incidents in which his alleged victim had made previous false claims about sexual abuse..." A travesty.
Where can washed up coal lobbyists find work in these times of turmoil and decline?
The woman behind the ‘grievance studies’ sting warns corrupt activist scholarship in identity fields is training our teachers and executives
Study the Family Tree before Nominating for a Seat (paywall)
Doctors and medical students should be free to participate in Friday’s global climate strike if they have the permission of their employers or supervisors and if there is no disruption to the provision of health services and the care for their patients
I missed the announcement that University of Queensland is appealing the Supreme Court decision that it is illegal for universities to adjudicate rape. Great job, administrators. Wasting more public money trying to defend biased, unjust kangaroo courts.
After years of boosting the security state, Greg Sheridan is very concerned that the security state has been boosted.
Scams & doctored images are sadly everywhere. Check, check, check & check again.
The brother of Bourke Street terrorist Hassan Khalif Shire Ali told undercover police officers he himself wanted to commit a terrorist act by killing people with a machine gun at Federation Square during the New Year’s Eve countdown, a court has heard.
Moves are underway for a new classical education institute to open in Melbourne, driven by a group of teachers disillusioned with progressive education
This excellent column on our time of empty platitudes and ‘aspirational statements’ by ⁦⁩ should be read by everyone & ⁦⁩ should unlock its paywall.
My letter on the dodgy #climate claims of Valentina Zharkova being given an uncritical run in by Graham Lloyd. The Sun-Earth distance hasn't been rapidly changing in recent centuries, nor will it during the coming millennium.
Dr Marianne Jauncey - "As a mother I want what all parents, carers, and extended families want: for our children to grow into happy, healthy adults. We want them to be alive, more than anything. Those words are crucial: More. Than. Anything." #pilltesting
Iran lied, of course, and remains a nuclear threat
Important piece by on how freedom of speech is being gagged at Australian universities by Chinese influence
With exquisite timing as NSW and QLD burns whilst it snows at Mt Hotham in November, tone deaf Terry McCrann has trotted out yet another climate change denying piece of rot in The Weekend OZ. When will finally sack this embarrassment?
Harvey Norman shareholders, and respected, experienced directors will be sacrificed to score a win for a one-size-fits-all corporate governance rules that encompass gender, diversity, and any other issue that takes their fancy, writes
An overwhelming majority of Australians value free and transparent democracy but only a third believe we live in such a society. #righttoknow #auspol
#EXCLUSIVE | The nation’s peak Islamic body has warned Australians of faith could be targeted over expressions of belief deemed ‘malicious’, especially in a climate of 'increase intolerance' towards Muslims.
“A prominent Sydney cancer specialist has questioned the “really disturbing” trend of people fundraising tens of thousands of dollars to pay controversial brain surgeon Charlie Teo to attempt to save a life”
And the esteemed Paul Monk corrects the historical record.
. has released its latest advertisement featuring a father showing his transgender son how to shave for the first time
Many doctors and medical students are passionate about #ClimateChange and want governments around the world to take action for the sake of human health #auspol #ClimateStrike #medtwitter
Was social media a big mistake?
Malcolm Turnbull is entirely correct here~"it was “absurd’’ that neither the US or its close “five-eyes’’ allies including Australia were not more actively developing their own safe 5G alternatives to those offered by market leaders such as China’s Huawei"
It just gets worse; so indoctrinated with Islamist ideals that you can kill your own kids & those sent to protect. It's time...
"Journalists have to start applying critical scrutiny to the transgender push" plus, video from MD on the evidence and risks with "medical transition" #AusPol #FreeSpeech #health
Dog-humping theory, scholars happy to disagree & other reasons to be cheerful at a time of "woke" activism. Updated with links to make you laugh & think. #freedom
Barnaby Joyce says the policies of the Greens have increased the bushfire threat, as he claims a lack of hazard reduction burning has helped fuel fires in regional NSW and Queensland. #auspol #NSWfires #QLDFires
EXCLUSIVE | 's new legal team has lodged an 8-page claim with the Federal Circuit Court in Melbourne arguing he was unlawfully dismissed. He is seeking an apology from Rugby Australia, financial compensation and the right to ­resume his career
Rugby Australia’s attempts to mock 's faith might work in some sections of the media but dismissing a man’s deep and genuinely held faith should get short shrift in a courtroom, writes
COMMENT | Logic has little or no role to play in our nation’s debate on climate and energy, as there are too many vested interests at play, writes .
"What our “grievance studies” sting shows is that something has changed in the way we think about knowledge, in the way we think about language and in the way we think about identity."
Shell boss presses PM for carbon action. Good to see corporate leadership being taken on this issue. We need more of this.
How much do we need? We want to be healthy, but how much exercise is actually required? The answer may surprise you. via
This is the sickening footage that fueled enmity over alcohol in the Pilbara
Our CEO, Darren Kindleysides, in The : Whales need our help #whaling
.: 'Beijing muscles on campus' A reminder that nine Confucius Institutes operating under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party appear to be more acceptable in the groves of academe than the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation.
"He was asked [as an election candidate] to give a “guarantee” to PRC's Sydney Consulate that he would cease writing pro-democracy articles *OR* he would be banned from visiting his critically ill mother back in China." 'Non-interference' screening/shaping
Last week’s police raid on the ABC led to a mass outcry among the intelligentsia. Aunty had been violated. But where was the outrage in 2011? asks
Excellent op-ed from CEO : Whales need our help
Guaranteed way to (1) raise costs of seeing a doctor (2) increase OOP costs (3) widen health inequalities - unless a complete change of focus & role for PHI eg as done in France
#BREAKING: Australia has won the first Test of the Ashes series, Nathan Lyon and Pat Cummins ripping through the fragile English batsmen. Live blog: #Ashes2019
Rugby Australia is in damage control tonight following Israel Folau’s fresh homophobic comments on social media
Literacy experts call in unis to lift their game on pre-teacher literacy education
Appalling decision by Federal Labor to rule out new forest reserves in Tasmania. It's time to end logging our native forests all across Australia NOW!
♫♫♫ You've been ... THUNBERG STRUCK!! ♫♫♫ #GretaThunberg #Greta #ClimateActionSummit
Article in the Oz today about ⁦⁩ and MultiLit.
Just a reminder, as low paid workers are about to cop another #PenaltyRates cut.....‘Not one new job was created’ #MaintainTheRage #auspol
How is this not a job for a man?
Australia: Flimsy veil of "China Matters is a China think-tank" now torn away as it shows itself to be simply a front for businesses pushing enthusiastic Belt and Road engagement #auspol
Virginia Trioli has wrongly declared herself the first woman to be appointed as the presenter of ABC Radio’s Melbourne Morning program on her first episode as host.
The flip side of Western society’s growing depreciation of adulthood is its adulation of the supposed wisdom of children. What deep trouble we are in.
President Xi has urged Chinese living overseas to support the nation’s goal of ‘national rejuvenation’.
The #YouCanTalk campaign by groups including , , and encourages family, friends or colleagues to take the difficult first step to talk to someone they are concerned about.
Excellent article in the Australian Magazine about men's violence by the Richard Guilliatt. Ignore the editor's stupid headline. This revealing article nails Rosie Batty's hypocrisy and feminist lies about DV, and reveals the true complexity.
EXCLUSIVE: The Morrison government is urging the banks to lend more, planning to lift spending on drought relief and accelerated infrastructure spending.
How cruel 🐨. Before the dead or injured animals can even be accounted for, logging lobby demand to log national parks, why? Their wood’s gone. #crisisopportunism #AustraliaisBurning Forestry%20call%20to%20take%20the%20fight%20to%20bushfires
Google should compensate all internet users to the tune of $1000 over privacy breaches, says Oracle by #ausbiz #Oracle #bigtech
Trio guilty of mosque terror
"At present, the death toll is at least 157, with 35 foreigners among the dead."
Blue Sky Alternative Investments has fallen into receivership after breaching its debt covenants, following a horror year which saw its share price smashed by Ben Butler #ausbiz #shortsellers $BLA
While we can never fully proof our manager landscapes from fires, addressing the causes of human-induced climate change will stabilise the climate and prevent further impacts on our economy and natural endowment, writes
Taiwan’s Trump gets support in China
Minister moves towards mental health hospital in the home
The perfect example of how the left deal with even well organised events of ppl whose views they don’t like, comes from the People’s Republic of Victoria and their treatment of and Bill the victim!
What nerve of to attack other media outlets for publishing a diversity of views yet it will only ever allow one singular view on a political-democratic debate. Yet the publishes pro-climate pieces like this
I think it needs to be said that Bruce Pascoe's Dark Emu stands or falls on its merits, not the race of its author. The bonkers belief that one has to have certain immutable characteristics to write about particular issues is fatuous, writes
Bureaucrats put on notice
Of course the world is failing to meet climate change targets. Someone forgot to ask the engineers before they were set. You can tax carbon as much as you like but without an alternative it is just a tax not an emissions reduction strategy.
Pressure for the federal government to be seen to act on climate change is starting to play out, as predicted. But will it mainly be marketing to "change perceptions", or real and significant change in policy?
Nikki Gemmell: Why do male gynaecologists and obstetricians choose their profession?
Very worrying - and accurate - analysis by of PNG's economic crisis and the certain consequences of more loans from China. An example of the abject failure of Aust diplomacy, aid and policy for the past 10 years.
More red tape won’t cure health insurance woes
The outstanding partnership between and continues to flourish. As and Stuart Croft explain, the relationship is boosting global #research and student experience. #CHANGEIT
Boys’ plight in a misandrist world
: 'the alarming affair at the University of Queensland raises serious questions about how Australian universities’ dependence on Chinese international students compromises free intellectual inquiry.' ...
As long as Is led by a terrorist-sympathizing, America-hating, Vladimir Putin-defending anti-Semite in , should disassociate from its British comrades. . should lead the way. Latest me in
Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt has been urged to make sure an inquiry into medical treatment for children and adolescents looks at the role of social media in a surge of teenage girls coming out as transgender.
Penny Wong had an official DFAT e-mail address set up on election eve which listed her as “Minister”. #auspol
The increasing problem in Australian healthcare: those with greatest need get least. 70+% of people in regional areas are overweight or obese, less than 1 in 10 eat recommended serves of vegetables / day, one-quarter have high bp or mental health problems.
Certainly what I discovered here at the southern tip of Africa #LoreofNutrition. Cleary a global plague: "Because inclusive environments do not include ideas that differ from mob orthodoxy"
As you mentioned earlier today & so pleased to hear this news! #ChangeIsComing Matildas, Socceroos in 50-50 pay deal 👏👏
Usually I think 's diagnoses are dead right and his prognoses are too optimistic. So take note...
⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁦⁩ A very good critique of the Pell case.
As in law, the medical bodies now want to be political animals, and it will end about as well as it has for other professions that tried to be "woke"