Science lecturers have been warned off making the familiar statement in class that “Aboriginal people have been in Australia for 40,000 years” since this clashes with “the beliefs of many Indigenous Australians that they have always been in Australia"
The Rise & Whys of Grievance Studies, edited text of lecture by in Sydney tonight, explaining how "woke" higher education has cut itself adrift from the glory of reason, science & individual freedom. #FreeSpeech
The unsustainable is a financial bubble. A survey of 39 fund managers managing $10.2 trillion finds 24% think "oil companies should shut themselves down because soon they will become impossible to invest in as the world switches to renewable energy."
"Australia’s cancer doctors have rejected Scott Morrison’s claims they will charge patients higher fees under Labor’s plan for cancer specialists to bulk-bill for some services." By #ausvotes
Once the thought and speech police are unleashed, there is no telling who they will go after next: "Indigenous arrival ‘has no date’"
The Problem with Grievance Studies. Great piece by "How is it socially just to ascribe collective blame to a whole sex or race? What has happened to the idea that the way to beat bad ideas is with better ones?"
Sunday penalty rate cuts have not created one new job or prompted business to give workers any extra hours, admits small business lobby. This was the business rationale for the cuts. Now says whole debate has been a “waste of time”. #AusVotes19
Paul Henselin, One Nation’s candidate in the seat of Fairfax in Queensland, has been caught sharing fake news that claims the Notre Dame cathedral fire is linked to jihadi terrorism and that, if elected, Labor will introduce Islamic law.
There are four major income fault lines in the world. On the rich sides population grows slowly (it even shrinks in Europe) while the poor sides grow rapidly. Migration pressures might well increase over the next decades. My full column:
Australian businesses have warned Treasury that bans on plastic bags are contributing to the weakening economy as shoppers are unable to carry large amounts of groceries to their car or home, confidential briefings reveal
‘Sudanese-born people are 67 times more likely to be charged with aggravated robbery and 55 times more likely to be charged with riot and affray in Victoria than those born elsewhere’ Cue the hysteria & cries of racism from the statistic-deniers.
Column: Why Folau’s sacking should disturb all workers, but have pleased Karl Marx
NT police say four people have been killed and others injured after a mass shooting in Darwin’s CBD
Here's Helen Pluckrose's speech from her lecture tonight at the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation in Sydney #GrievanceStudies
I was interviewed for a piece on the . Mentioned alongside great thinkers such as and . How about that headline?
Wow! Citing "limited progress so far" on containing #AMR, Australian health ­professionals told that government intervention is now likely — and may extend to the fields of agriculture and environment. #AntibioticResistance
Why are university lecturers being "warned off" stating that “Aboriginal people have been in Australia for 40,000 years” ( Should scientific statements be silenced so as to be "inclusive" to indigenous beliefs? #diversityisexclusion #neotribalrentierism
How academic activism got unhinged and why it matters in your kids' classroom and your workplace explains why she, and staged the "grievance studies" hoax, in her lecture at the
Great coverage of Australian members and . Australian professors and grad students, please do join! I'll organize a meetup in Melbourne and Sydney in July...
Court rules professor’s sacking over reef science criticism 'unlawful'
Zharkova's #climate claims violate the laws of physics but they still get an uncritical run with in today's . Very on brand.
“Surgeons face sanction for imposing severe financial pain”
A breakdown of rental income deductions by postcode, released by Treasury under freedom of ­information laws, reveals the largest average negative gearing losses are in the nation’s highest income postcodes
“The townsfolk and farmers of the high country of Northern NSW, the ones that voted back Barnaby Joyce, are witnessing first hand, the effects of climate change Firstly, help thy self..........FFS.
#BREAKING Labor widens its lead in election-eve Newspoll #Newspoll #ausvotes
The intense, sustained attack on in Warringah is probably unprecedented and has done serious damage to his re-election prospects, writes Maurice Newman #auspol #ausvotes
#BREAKING: An exclusive #Newspoll shows the race to next Saturday’s poll remains tightly contested #ausvotes
#BREAKING | Israel Folau has launched legal proceedings with the Fair Work Commission against Rugby Australia and the NSW Waratahs for unlawfully terminating his contract on the basis of religion
A Federal Court judge has ruled that James Cook University acted unlawfully when it sacked climate sceptic Peter Ridd
This is extraordinary, like blaming a doctor for a cancer diagnosis. Green activists killing reef tourism
“In somewhere between 15 and 25 years all the coal is going to be done it’s going to be worth zero. It’s a $70bn dollar industry for Australia. If I was running Australia as a business I’d think … I’d better do something about that”
Shorten wants to turn our schools into power stations. Last time Labor built things in our schools it didn’t go so well. And he still won’t tell us the cost of his plans. If you don’t understand the costs, you can’t afford Shorten #auspol
The number of landlords who had six or more properties and a taxable income of below $18,200 has more than doubled from 1246 to 3008 over the last 15 years. Over the same period, the proportion of investors 60 or older increased from about 15% to 23.5%
🚨 Warning: The Oz just pointed out that renewables are cheaper than coal. Warning: The Oz just pointed out that renewables are cheaper than coal 🚨 #ausecon ping
Old-growth trees cut down for wind farm transmission lines. First 10km of up to 170km transmission lines required for wind farms. All in high fire risk zones! If you believe in VRE, expect this RE transmission zig zagging the country side.
Interesting that The OZ has changed its headline on the lead website story about Newspoll to something more positive for - have they realised it is time to back a winner rather than go down with sinking Coalition ship? See ($)
Downer staring at defeat
Tracy Westerman: Our people are not killing themselves because they are poor but because of racism, trauma, most likely co-morbid with depression, alcohol & drug use, isolation & lack of access to culturally competent clinicians & evidence-based programs.
#BREAKING: Anthony Albanese and the ALP National Executive have shelved their plans to expel union leader John Setka from the Labor Party
Andrews is quick enough to tar every other male in Australia for the domestic violence of the few. Union mates get immunity.
Labor has recorded its worst Senate result since 1949 in the battleground state of Queensland, securing just one seat #auspol
Fifteen seats overrepresented with millennials are held by the Coalition. Of these, five are held on a margin of less than 5 per cent and vulnerable to a rise in millennial antagonism to policies seen to be aimed at protecting the interests of baby boomers
Ableism is not going to save you in Dickson Get in the bin. #Auspol #AusVotes
This is not how you empower Chinese Australians. By endorsing united front groups we are normalising the CCP as the representative of Chinese people.
#BREAKING | The Greens candidate for the Melbourne seat of Lalor, Jay Dessi, has been forced to quit after numerous offensive social media posts emerged #auspol #ausvotes
Correction to Maurice Newman’s column in the : The ABC’s @4Corners does not have a journalist “embedded” with Zali Steggall’s campaign team. The program has filmed with both Steggall and Tony Abbott.
Apparently this is not satire
If you’re having a tough Monday, spare a thought for leaders reviewing their campaign this morning... Steggall to support Coalition
It doesn’t surprise me that the poor Gladstone Ports worker was sacked for tripping up . This is the Labor I know. Unions will be out of control if Bill wins on Saturday. #auspol
Poet Les Murray dies
My column on the zealots lecturing us all re Israel Folau: #auspol
#BREAKING Bill Shorten is set to return Labor to power tomorrow, with an election-eve Newspoll showing a 1.9 per cent swing against the Coalition #auspol
Great to see Angela Shanahan writing in the Weekend Australian about the huge waste of money on fruitless domestic violence campaigns - promoted by feminist ideologues - which fail to address the real causes of family violence.
Is it really a job for a man? most disappointing so called piece of "journalism" ill informed opinion / lazy observation. 30+ years as a GP and thousands of mothers / women nothing but equal praise & admiration for their male or female O&G #womenshealth
A second fundraising campaign for has already amassed more than $550,000 in donations, less than 24 hours after it was launched by the Australian Christian Lobby
Crusader Brown turns against wind farm. The number of times it has been Green-splained to me that nuclear technologies are simply unpopular so we have to commit to... From about 10 angles, this strikes me as a very awkward day for Australian
Labor MP Anne Aly has claimed the Australian economy has gone into recession before admitting 'perhaps, recession is a big thing to say'' in a car-crash TV interview #auspol
Thrilled to be featured in following my Max Crawford Medal award from . I’m challenging the notion that #Science & #Culture should be studied or applied separately. When combined, they can be a powerful force for social change
EXCLUSIVE: It’s on: PM to call poll tomorrow #auspol
If this is what climate change looks like, the future is grim.
Liberal turncoat Julia Banks takes extraordinary shot at former party as political career ends #auspol
An ⁦⁩ exclusive - green activists warning about climate change effects are killing tourism on the #GreatBarrierReef
ABC election guru Antony Green has recently knocked back at least two offers from commercial media to poach him.
She’s gone, finally. Theresa May, arguably the worst prime minister in the UK’s modern history, has emotionally announced her resignation. Her leadership will go down in the record books as lamentable, writes
‘Footage of Greens candidate for the inner-west Sydney seat of Barton, Connor Parissis, has emerged showing the “left wing” and “mental health” activist trying to shout down Christians giving out free food at Sydney University.’
Whatever your views, this is a really interesting lecture by Helen Pluckrose. ($) The problem with grievance studies
If these kids were white the nation would shut down until this was addressed. This nation is watching 12 year olds, teens and young adults commit suicide as though this was just another day of bad news. This country is soaking in Indigenous blood.
. on point. The increasingly deranged attacks on News Corp are mostly political, fanned by jealous competitors angling for $$ by whipping up woke pile-ons by hysterical dummies, plus “back in my day” wankery from attention-seeking has-beens 🤦🏻‍♂️
[Former Senator] John Black: 'How Labor lost ts heartland': "It was also a rejection of shrill hectoring from goat-cheese-circle bullies who are incapable of understanding how an economy actually works in the real world." 🔥
#China is apparently getting the message that its lending practices in developing countries may need to change. #Beijing is reportedly turning to the UK for assistance & establishing a new "technical expertise center" that will work w/ 8 intl dev banks.
A massive #CruiseShip crashes into a wharf and tourist boat in #Venice, injuring four people, including Australians. #MSCOpera
#BREAKING | Liberal Lyons candidate Jessica Whelan is set to be dumped after more claims of anti-Muslim facebook posts were revealed this morning #ausvotes #auspol
Brilliant, well-informed piece from , who is the kind of education journalist we need. Life skills ‘not easily taught’
I'd take the concerns of people who say Trump is trying to undermine democracy a lot more seriously if they actually cared when a nation (like, say, China) was actually undermining democracy.
Very sound comments by on the "New Fitz" 's attacks on Israel Folau. If only these former Wallabies had shown such determination on the field as they have shown going after Israel Folau.
My favourite, long-running prosecution run by is that Scott Morrison is a footy team traitor which, in Greg's world, is worse than treason.
"In this collection Sakr reveals himself to be that rare beast: a poet with something to say and the means to say it. This is a book of ­poetry that surges and whispers and shouts and demands to be read in a sitting."
“No one with real power has the guts to admit it, but a few years ago the rest of the world gave up caring about the evils perpetrated by the government of China.” For those unwilling to pay, is giving away my piece about Hong Kong here.
Jones’ last laugh over FitzSimons
New record for the most NSW sentence in history: "The transport department has notified ICAC after a senior official left his wife for a woman who owns the contracting company that won a tender to build the Parramatta Light Rail"
The ABC, Channel 9’s Today Show plus other media have falsely outed James Faulkner as gay after an Instagram post in which the Australian cricketer jokingly described his business partner as his 'boyfriend'
More on the joint ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ election statement on open scholarship in ⁦⁩ higher section
The woman behind the ‘grievance studies’ sting warns corrupt activist scholarship in identity fields is training our teachers and executives
Moves are underway for a new classical education institute to open in Melbourne, driven by a group of teachers disillusioned with progressive education
Dr Marianne Jauncey - "As a mother I want what all parents, carers, and extended families want: for our children to grow into happy, healthy adults. We want them to be alive, more than anything. Those words are crucial: More. Than. Anything." #pilltesting
Where can washed up coal lobbyists find work in these times of turmoil and decline?
“Why should nuclear power be required to prove it is economic when it is used so extensively in advanced economies similar to Australia, such as the US and France?” 🤔🤔🤔
Study the Family Tree before Nominating for a Seat (paywall)
Renewables targets ‘to fall short’ in much of Australia. Jt: damn, what a shocker.
My letter on the dodgy #climate claims of Valentina Zharkova being given an uncritical run in by Graham Lloyd. The Sun-Earth distance hasn't been rapidly changing in recent centuries, nor will it during the coming millennium.
Iran lied, of course, and remains a nuclear threat
Our CEO, Darren Kindleysides, in The : Whales need our help #whaling
Dog-humping theory, scholars happy to disagree & other reasons to be cheerful at a time of "woke" activism. Updated with links to make you laugh & think. #freedom
It just gets worse; so indoctrinated with Islamist ideals that you can kill your own kids & those sent to protect. It's time...
Was social media a big mistake?
"What our “grievance studies” sting shows is that something has changed in the way we think about knowledge, in the way we think about language and in the way we think about identity."
This is the sickening footage that fueled enmity over alcohol in the Pilbara
Malcolm Turnbull is entirely correct here~"it was “absurd’’ that neither the US or its close “five-eyes’’ allies including Australia were not more actively developing their own safe 5G alternatives to those offered by market leaders such as China’s Huawei"
How much do we need? We want to be healthy, but how much exercise is actually required? The answer may surprise you. via
“A prominent Sydney cancer specialist has questioned the “really disturbing” trend of people fundraising tens of thousands of dollars to pay controversial brain surgeon Charlie Teo to attempt to save a life”
. has released its latest advertisement featuring a father showing his transgender son how to shave for the first time
Last week’s police raid on the ABC led to a mass outcry among the intelligentsia. Aunty had been violated. But where was the outrage in 2011? asks
Trio guilty of mosque terror
Excellent op-ed from CEO : Whales need our help
Rugby Australia is in damage control tonight following Israel Folau’s fresh homophobic comments on social media
Just a reminder, as low paid workers are about to cop another #PenaltyRates cut.....‘Not one new job was created’ #MaintainTheRage #auspol
How is this not a job for a man?
Appalling decision by Federal Labor to rule out new forest reserves in Tasmania. It's time to end logging our native forests all across Australia NOW!
Nikki Gemmell: Why do male gynaecologists and obstetricians choose their profession?
"At present, the death toll is at least 157, with 35 foreigners among the dead."
Bureaucrats put on notice
Blue Sky Alternative Investments has fallen into receivership after breaching its debt covenants, following a horror year which saw its share price smashed by Ben Butler #ausbiz #shortsellers $BLA
Taiwan’s Trump gets support in China
More red tape won’t cure health insurance woes
Boys’ plight in a misandrist world
Most government-funded STEM initiatives not evaluated for effectiveness
Sri Lanka bomber studied in Australia
Certainly what I discovered here at the southern tip of Africa #LoreofNutrition. Cleary a global plague: "Because inclusive environments do not include ideas that differ from mob orthodoxy"
Behind the scenes Tania Constable has been telling different groups she wants to make MCA a more forward-thinking org. But here she is attacking bipartisan state public funding for EDOs. Might as well have Brendan Pearson or Mitch Hooke back hey ?
Honestly, this family...
As in law, the medical bodies now want to be political animals, and it will end about as well as it has for other professions that tried to be "woke"
Excellent column. Folau saga is not about faith
Just as soon as Israel Folau emerges from hiding, he can expect to have his $4m four-year contract torn up, unless he can present any telling mitigating factors
Telstra reviews BCA membership over lobby groups climate stance
Australians shouldn’t have to raise $s for needed surgery via GoFundMe. If it’s essential surgery, it should be done in the public system. Time for ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ et al to address excessive fees & OOPcosts
13 million flu shots released
Why abusing immigration critics as "racists" just makes things more toxic for everyone #WhiteShift #ExclusiveExtract #populism
Today I revisit Slaughterhouse-Five. What a book.
It's been a pretty ordinary beginning for a new government, writes Niki Savva. It shows once again the difference between campaigning and governing. Just because you have proved adept at one, it doesn’t follow you'll be good at the other #auspol
Taxpayers deserve balance
#latecapitalism “Businesses have warned that bans on plastic bags are contributing to the weakening economy as shoppers are unable to carry large amounts of groceries to their car...reducing their consumption to an amount that they could instead carry”
Two employees have been exposed to unsafe levels of radiation at a nuclear facility in Sydney's Lucas Heights
Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce has broken his silence over the controversy, saying he fully supports Rugby Australia’s tough stance against the star player’s anti-gay posts on social media
Some thoughts on how we might re-boot and re-energize our approach to research in Australia. All too neglected during the election- Canberra, let’s talk research
Australian academics warned they're not allowed to say when indigenous Australians arrived (c. 50k years ago); they have to say they've been there 'since the beginning of the Dreaming'. HT
Labor has no right to oppose legislation that will put money in workers’ pockets, writes Josh Frydenberg. #auspol
GetUp! Really is a pox on Australian politics #ausvotes
Bill Shorten’s Labor Party has more to lose than the Coalition from growing voter discontent with high immigration, says a new poll report. #WhiteShift #populism
Albo: vested interests did lead to defeat
Shorten ‘was being polite to worker’
Get the facts straight. Public hospitals train ophthalmologists and thus determine how many. The College only selects and trains them. St Vincents Public in Sydney just closed its eye clinic. Thats one less trainee. See how it works?
“In cutting interest rates, the #RBA has sent a clear signal that it believes that the Australian economy requires further monetary policy stimulus in order for it to stand a chance of meeting its inflation objective,” said Fidelity International...
Any more questions whether the diversity police are a threat to science?
Every now and then, evidence of anti-science. Whether on the left or on the right. This time, Australian science lecturers officially warned not to speak of arrival dates of Aboriginals into Australia. Via
"Meanwhile the practitioners of grievance studies turn out the teachers of our children and the heads of our industries." HT
Take fight to zealots: Shell
"Hawke was a sustained advocate for a non-discriminatory immigration intake and saw diversity as a source of 'richness, vitality and strength'."
Young Christians catch wind of the mockery, disgust, disdain and looming unemployment thrown Folau’s way...
Australia: Isaak el Matarim, 20, arrested along with 2 other men during 6 raids by counter-­terrorism police, for alleged ISIS-inspired plot to target landmarks in Sydney In 2017, he was held by Lebanon for wanting to fight for ­ISIS in Syria
‘A spokesman for the self-­appointed corporate virtue-signallers, former KPMG chairman Peter Nash, said that companies needed to push social causes to rebuild trust with people.’ Same KPMG where a partner stabbed an Abbott volunteer on election eve?
All of Sri Lanka’s Catholic churches have been ordered to stay closed and suspend services until security improves after deadly Easter bombings by Islamist terrorists.
ABC presents wacky TDS sufferer as an unbiased expert on Trump. 🥴 #YourTaxesAtWork
Why didn’t the Pirate clown go with the “but I get EVERYTHING wrong & no one takes make seriously” defense.
What an absolute mess. Rugby administrators should be embarrassed.
I'm with on this one. New coal mines are a terrible idea for the #GreatBarrierReef.
‘Days after her department approved Adani’s construction of the Carmichael mine, Queensland environment minister Leeanne Enoch has told an anti-Adani protester she is “devastated” by the decision.’
We’ve got Federal Attorney General joining us to discuss new laws to protect on @2GB873 @3AW693 & on 53 other stations across the country Join us on 131 873...
Greens’ NIMBYism extends to wind farms.
Data from mobile phones, apps & GPS devices could be harvested by the Victorian govt to monitor people’s movements. The info would be used to check where people are travelling to & from, “incl mode of travel, purpose & time”...
Your luck, you blokes! 🇦🇺
Assange is not the messiah, but Wikileaks is a cult
This is excellent: The problem with grievance studies
"Cuts to Sunday penalty rates had not created one new job or prompted business to give any extra hours to workers, admits the small business lobby .." You don’t say.
More on crowdfunding for cancer There can be no sensible discussion when people like take things to a personal level. “De Luca, however, was undeterred, and apparently unaware of the broader discussion taking place over the past week.”
On #aesthetics & #ethics #art #artist Gallery of Modern Art confronts uncomfortable truths about Donald Friend
Excellent stuff from . She's spot on that universities need to return to their role of providing "the most objective and evidenced answers available." They won't last if they don't. And that'll seriously damage science and liberal democracy.
“According to the third annual surveillance report from the Australia­n Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, several­ superbugs continue to pose a threat, with E. coli building resistance to frontline antibiotics.”
Imagining me and my fellow woke academical lads walking down the street, hunched over, clicking our fingers in an ominously... theatrical... kinda way, telling Reason to beat it whenever it has the misfortune to cross our path.
Paris comes together — then falls apart
“We can’t say ... ‘We support multiculturalism & all that comes with it’, & then be offended when the expression of that multiculturalism disagrees with some of our deeply held views.” - , Labor, Australia
Win for academic freedom
We need rational discussion about the “costs, ethics, clinical decision-making and transparency of outcomes” “He accepted, however, that without publicly available data on the outcomes of his surgery, he could not prove he was great......”
"more appropriate" 🙄 Bizarre in such context. In any fight about physical facts and "My propaganda is good, your propaganda is bad", I'll stick with the science.
Indigenous arrival ‘has no date’ one major issue with talking about "a people" is people are made of individuals, and people are often made of different peoples. all with different opinions.... it's like corporate identities are for thee, not for we....
Likewise when the state of Tennessee fined John Scopes for teaching human evolution, many people were appalled at the small-minded dogmatic intolerance. And now...
Misogyny keeps taking its toll "there are still too many in the some."
With cancer prognosis, can be the scenarios of 1. worst case 2. typical case 3. better than expected Surgery must demonstrate it improves rate of 2. A bunch of those prepared for 2 but got 3 doesn’t mean surgery was valid. Some people get 1. Tragic.
Brain surgeon Charlie Teo's $120k charges questioned by leading surgeon In 2011, I questioned him donating public views of his operating for fundraising
Interesting that the figures quoted are attributed to me. Few bother to see my clear attribution to the source of the figures which come from interviews with the Lucas family.
It’s not a trade war
Unexpected review of #Insomnia, setting it beside Unlike the Heart by in "a growing genre from authors with lived experience that go beyond pure memoir to place [mental illness] in a broader cultural or scientific context."
I spend a lot of time explaining the ways of Brexit to Australians in , so here's a Brexit piece
Violence flares at anti-China protests