Has the internet wrecked prose style? Is there a journalism writer under 35 whose writing is as elegant as Andy Ferguson’s?
And this by the marvelous magazine writer Andrew Ferguson on what happened when he tried returning to newsprint.
In newsmag biz, people would say: three data points=a trend. I give you: -Michael Luo, TNY, on the superiority of for-real print media: -Andrew Ferguson on superiority of real print -And I personally think so too QED!
If you love newspapers, read this piece
"On my phone or my laptop, I am beckoned incessantly to click on one link or another or still another ... My newspaper could never be so noisy or presumptuous. It holds still." Andrew Ferguson tried returning to newsprint. Here's what he found
Andy Ferguson's first piece for (and it's a good one)
Praise God, there is a new Andy Ferguson essay, at his new perch , on the joys of the printed news product. Does it need more recommendation?
“In a newspaper, the world presents itself in discrete stages—or on stage sets, I should probably say—and each set will be dismantled or rearranged by the time tomorrow’s performance begins.”
Loved reading this gem of a piece by Andrew Ferguson, on my phone of course.
“The fetching is only the first of the little rituals that attend the reading of a real newspaper.”
A lovely read from Andrew Ferguson in : "This winter, I performed an experiment: I decided to subscribe to home delivery of a daily newspaper. I am so pleased by the success of this experiment that I can no longer remember why I undertook it."
Return of the King!
It is almost unspeakably wonderful to have new Andy Ferguson columns to read once again. Take a few minutes and enjoy this one, his first at
Well this is as delightful as everyone said it is.
God bless Andy Ferguson, who is great to read in print or on a screen!
"I unfold the paper, and the world opens up to me as through a parting cloud.... here is the key to its charm: It is pleasingly static, momentarily a settled matter. My news on paper isn’t subject to updating until tomorrow morning."
"Staring at an orange object so early in the morning is an unsettling way to start the day. Imagine how Melania Trump feels." -- Andrew Ferguson on the Financial Times.
A joy to read (and I agree, with the views expressed).
Andrew Ferguson is back - at the Atlantic now - and the world is right again.
There’s No Substitute for Print: Some joys can’t be digitized via #journalism
Cultivating and delighting in small, daily rituals—of silence and distraction free—are good for the soul. Andrew Ferguson: The Joys of Reading a Print Newspaper - The Atlantic
In his debut for , Andy Ferguson delivers a beautiful encomium for print.