In few minutes, astronomers across the globe will hold six major press conferences simultaneously to announce the first results of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), which was designed precisely for that purpose . Watch LIVE:
#EHTblackhole Brussels: European Research Council / Youtube channel (), 's website () and Facebook () -- with some questions for the panelists taken from #askEHTeu
In one hour, the world will witness our very first real image of a supermassive blackhole, fuelling the imagination of generations of children for years. How many new Einsteins could discover themselves today? Watch the event live from here
#EHT press conference starting now! #BlackHoleImage
Announcement of the first-ever photo of a black hole in just 23 minutes, and you can watch live here!
"Breakthrough discovery in astronomy: press conference" - Unveiling of the first images of a black hole.
The #BlackHole live stream on now, first ever picture of black hole