Congrats to on her Sidney Award win for chronicling Fox News’s descent from right wing news to state TV
Did you know that Fox News shunned birtherism until Donald Trump started touting it on the air in 2011?
Great intvw of by RE her piece on Trump/Fox symbiotic relationship. Mayer’s article rec’d for tracking down the ins and outs of the way those two are intertwined.
Does Donald Trump control Fox News, or does Fox News control Donald Trump? Neither, explains, they are one organism
Check out my interview with of on her searing exposé of Fox News and the Trump White House, on the occasion of her Sidney Award win
Rupert Murdoch built Trump's base, and Trump rode it to victory
Future historians are going to look back at 's Fox News/Trump White House exposé as an Arendt-like take on our current moment, both for its reporting and it's analysis
It's no coincidence that Bill Shine went from Fox News's sexual harassment concierge to Donald Trump's deputy chief of staff and clinch reelection advisor
You want collusion? I'll show you collusion! The unholy alliance of Fox News and Donald Trump