For my latest piece, I crunched the numbers for all 2,500+ of the United States' 4-year colleges/unis to drive home a perennial reality: The media spends way too much time talking about "elite"/"Tier 1"/"competitive"—read: brand-name—schools.
More than 80% of students attend schools that accept more than half the applicants. Less than 1% attend one of the handful of universities that accept less than one in 10 applicants. A focus on selective schools ignores the experience of most students.
"Excluded from the narrative are the thousands of four-year colleges that serve millions of undergraduates, including many historically black colleges and universities—not to mention the 1,000-plus community colleges."
From Harvard to UChicago, Elite Colleges Are an Anomaly - The Atlantic #realcollege
Always a useful reminder about college admissions hysteria. 11 million ppl are enrolled in four-year colleges in the U.S., with 6 million more in community colleges. 90%+ of them attend schools that admit more than half their applicants.
A nice discussion by on why the annual college admissions hysteria with low acceptance rates is a small part of the larger reality of most institutions enrolling over 50% of their applicants each year.
We journalists need to broaden the scope of higher-education coverage. “Only 0.8 percent of undergraduates were attending one of the handful of universities that accept fewer than one in 10 applicants.”