NEW #openaccess research—Traffic-related NO2 #airpollution and asthma in children worldwide #SDGs #SDG11
. Traffic-related #airpollution associated with 4 million new cases of childhood #asthma every year: new finding from a health impact assessment of children in 194 countries and 125 major cities worldwide
Here's a link to our open-access article. Our study adds to the growing scientific & public health evidence that a transition to #ZeroEmissionVehicles would not only protect children’s health but would also help tackle #climatechange
How many children get #asthma by inhaling traffic fumes worldwide? 1.5 years ago, I set out to answer this question w/ , Mike Brauer, and Perry Hystad. Yesterday, our open-access study was published in -- THREAD 1/n
Among 125 major cities, the percentage of new asthma cases attributable to NO2 pollution ranged from 5·6% to 48% Overall 20% of new asthma cases attributable to NO2