New + exclusive: In leaked chats, I followed along with a Yang Gang Discord chat whose members sometimes coordinated with Andrew Yang's campaign. 4chan trolls slowly started to trickle in. Then, by March, it was completely overrun by the alt-right.
BREAKING: NBC News exclusively has leaked Discord chats showing complex picture of pres. candidate Andrew Yang's campaign trying to coordinate with "Yang Gang" 4chan trolls that helped him rise while keeping racists out. with the scoop
Yang has repeatedly publicly denounced support from white nationalists and said he's "mystified" by it. Some in his orbit are having a hard time pushing away the support. According to , that slow community creep is how extremists take over.
Guilt-by-association sniping inevitably gets deployed against Yang, but he has done nothing to specifically solicit far-right supporters & has actively disavowed them. Having sketchy people agree with or support you is not in itself a sign of anything bad.
maybe #YangGang is an opportunity to deradicalize some racist trolls 🧐