Opinion: Why we should all use they/them pronouns
Professors of sociology and gender studies write an opinion piece for Scientific American. In the era of Grievance Studies, it should surprise no one that there is nothing scientific here.
People are gonna culture-war over this remarkable article because it's seemingly about trans issues, but really it's an expression of a worldview in which everything bad is just from inaccurate primes, and if we could replace the primes all would be good
In other news, Gender Studies professors confirm that it's definitely not misgendering if they unilaterally decide that everyone is "they" now. I propose "postconsensual equitygendering" for the lexicon
Using "they/them" as the singular pronoun for everyone may seem strange but we often use it already when we don't know an individual's gender identity. Example: “That driver just cut me off; they’re such a jerk!”
NEW PUB: Saguy, Abigail C. and Juliet A. Williams. 2019. “Why We Should All Use They/Them Pronouns.” Scientific American. April 11.
I have no issues using preferred pronouns; It’s the right thing to do and having options for trans/non-binary people is great. However, replacing gendered terms completely is unacceptable. Why should I lose my identity in the process of fighting for yours?
By Abigail C. Saguy and Juliet A. Williams! Why We Should All Use They/Them Pronouns
Why we should all use gender-neutral pronouns
Why We Should All Use They/Them Pronouns - Scientific American Blog Network
UCLA professors Abigail C. Saguy and Juliet A. Williams on why we should all use they/them pronouns.
If gender identity is "relevant in all social interactions," doesn't that imply there are deep, omnipresent differences between men and women? And that these differences affect behavior, which in turn affects social outcomes?
Reading this article, I keep thinking about ’s Imperial Radch and ’s Terra Ignota series as divergent possible consequences of excising gendered pronouns and language