Market forces aren’t cosmic, they’re human. And inequality like this doesn’t just happen.
Pete Buttigieg advised businesses for the world’s leading consulting firm. he says we should tax financial transactions because a lot of them create “preposterous” wealth while adding zero real value to our economy
Glad for this in-depth discussion about economic inequality, taxation, and the future of capitalism.
Pete Buttigieg says the “empirical collapse of the supply-side consensus” has created an opening for massive economic policy change. my Speakeasy interview
Mayor on capitalism: -"one of the most productive forces ever known to man" -"where it goes wrong is when it’s only being experienced in certain parts of the country or by certain kinds of people." More from 's interview
"The empirical collapse of that supply side consensus, I think, is one of the defining moments of this period that we’re living through”
#buttigieg Impressively cogent, intelligent views with a sense of history and a vision for the future! 2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg on taxing the rich, future of US capitalism