Great profile of Elizabeth Warren’s ideological journey. One of the things that makes Warren impressive is she pays attention, gathers data, and changes her mind when warranted. It’s a rare quality for a politician, and an important one for a president.
Late to this piece on Warren’s evolution from conservative to liberal but it’s really interesting
do read on the Republican past of Elizabeth Warren, who often talks about her conservative brothers, less so about her own ideological shift via
For many years before Elizabeth Warren entered politics, the woman now at the forefront of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party was a Republican.
Interesting article about Elizabeth Warren's political shift from conservative to progressive. Occurred relatively late in life due to a gradual questioning of laissez-faire economic theory and policies.
Great piece about the political conversion of Elizabeth Warren, who, unlike every other conservative, was clear-eyed and honest enough to recognize destructive bullshit for what it was.
Here from and is a valuable addition to the syllabus as responsible citizens continue to try to keep up with the president and learn more about who might succeed him.
"It was not until 1996—when Warren was 47 years old and a newly minted Harvard law professor—that she changed her registration from Republican to Democrat."
‘Liz Was a Diehard Conservative.’ Read ⁦⁩ on Elizabeth Warren’s political conversion from Republican to left winger
‘Liz Was a Diehard Conservative’- interesting read from about Sen. Elizabeth Warren's conversion from a registered Republican to an anti-corporate liberal firebrand via
Tired: Trying to figure out who voted for in presidential elections. Wired: Trying to figure out if voted for Marjorie Margolies -Mezvinsky in 1994 (according to address in the piece she lived in the 13th and voted in 94!).
‘Liz Was a Diehard Conservative’
The Elizabeth Warren transformation ‘Liz Was a Diehard Conservative’ via
Elizabeth Warren doesn’t like to talk about it, but for years she was a registered Republican. Why she left the GOP—and what it means for her campaign
This profile of Elizabeth Warren -- and her days as a pro-industry Republican -- is fascinating and complicating and you should read it. by in
Warren was a law & economics movement follower who was turned off from approaches based on economic theory by an empirical focus on bankruptcy; she leaned Republican until she was 47 Just getting to this nice ⁦⁩ profile
Interesting…. —-> ‘Liz Was a Diehard Conservative’ via
I get why currently keeps quiet about her non-left political views into her 40s. But so fascinating and humanizing. Used carefully during the primaries & definitely in a general I think it could be great for attracting moderates, especially women.
‘Liz Was a Diehard Conservative’ “Her views and actions today show that her conversion was real and not just skin deep or hypocritical. Someone who was willing to examine her beliefs and change then based on new information and experiences. Good on her”.
One reason I’m such a fan.
A candidate who studies issues, takes a close look at data, talks directly w/ people affected by the issues at hand, & changes her mind when she thinks it's warranted based on what she's learned. Sign me up (and I didn't know a lot about before)
Elizabeth Warren attended Henry Manne's L&E summer camps, but picked up a husband instead of a worldview.
The first article that ever made me think positively about Elizabeth Warren -- ‘Liz Was a Diehard Conservative’ #tcot #maga #election2020
‘Liz Was a Diehard Conservative’ via
This is fairly good...