What’s your take on the state of marriage in America today? Tune in to the new episode of Faith Angle to hear how marriage has evolved over the past 60 years with sociologist ​ and @​WashingtonPost political reporter @​Eugene_Scott.
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The latest episode of Faith Angle tackles the controversy surrounding the Equality Act and the apparent conflict between religious liberty and LGBTQ rights. Join , Stanley Carlson-Thies, and as they explore this complex issue:
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Episode 11 of Faith Angle is out now on all major podcast platforms. Listen in as we sit down with and for a thoughtful conversation about Islam, nationalist populism, and cultivating a richer form of democratic pluralism.
Is the American public-education structure the best we can do, or is there a better way? Our latest podcast episode features a thought-provoking conversation on educational pluralism between Prof. Ashley Berner and of
Marriage in America isn’t what it used to be—but neither is U.S. religion. We were honored to host ⁩ & ⁦⁩ for a rich conversation on new marriage trends, some generational differences, socioeconomic status, & race. TUNE IN:
Declining divorce rates, the fears that prevent millennials from getting married, and the data of family structures are all topics on this week’s episode of the Faith Angle podcast. Listen to this episode featuring @​WilcoxNMP​ & @​Eugene_Scott​ today!
Episode 11 of the Faith Angle podcast delves into the topic of relational struggles, racial tensions in America, and the general distrust permeating many different parts of society today. Listen, subscribe, and review today!
On episode 11, Theology and Politics of Islam, listen as Brookings scholar discusses the struggle to foster thick pluralism while Simultaneously ​holding onto deep personal​ ​moral convictions.
New episode of Faith Angle is out now, featuring journalist ​.​ Listen to an in-depth conversation about the good and bad of nationalism, and Pascal’s more nuanced view of how humans make decisions.
Economist Raj Chetty’s reports on two neighborhoods in LA reveals an interesting correlation between family structure and better outcomes for kids down the road. Learn more about the implications of marriage & family structure from ​​ here today!
Episode 11 of Faith Angle is out now! Listen in as host talks with scholars and about the rise of global Islam, the relationship between nationalist populism and Muslims, reform movements, and more!
Subscribe to the Faith Angle Podcast and listen to episode 4 at the link below. Episode 4,“An Inside Look at the 34th Faith Angle Forum,”​ is out now!
Many baby boomers have said that divorce did not solve their problems & instead caused new problems. So what does the data show us is the path to a healthy & thriving marriage in the first place? Hear what ​​ & ​ think today!
Today on Faith Angle, listen to a conversation about the problems facing the American foster care system and why the solution isn’t more money. Listen and subscribe today!
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This week on Faith Angle, interviews @​monacharenEPPC​ and ​. They discuss hot-topic issues such as unemployment, immigration, and feminism on the search for creating a flourishing nation for all people. Listen today!
This week on Faith Angle, host Josh Good sits down with syndicated columnist ​​ and author @​oren_cass​ to discuss the growing unemployment crisis in America, the effects of feminism on family culture and vocational development, and more.
This week on Faith Angle, interviews and Dr. Stanley Carlson-Thies about the debate over religious freedom and anti-discrimination laws. Their conversation sheds light on an increasingly heated topic in American civic life.
New episode of Faith Angle is out now, featuring Dr. Stanley Carlson-Thies and . Can religious-liberty advocates and those pushing for expanded LGBTQ rights come to a workable agreement on federal legislation?
An exceptionally rich conversation between ⁦⁩ and ⁦ on the life and legacy of Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018), the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist whose magnificent life still speaks:
Commuting in? A new ⁦⁩ podcast episode‘s just posted, on the topic of “Educational Pluralism” with ⁦⁩ Prof. Ashley Berner and ⁦⁩ of The Atlantic
Commuting tonight? Check out a terrific new conversation with and , about the perennial wisdom of Augustine and how his 4th century story still speaks to our self-defining, prosperous-yet-anxious age
Want to hear a fascinating story about Nancy Reagan's faith journey? Or how Hillary Clinton's Methodist outlook compares with her Baptist husband's? WaPo columnist sits down with former Clinton White House Press Secretary - TUNE IN
The life & legacy of Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel (1928-2016) continues to teach, perhaps esp. in our polarized times. Join ⁦⁩⁩ of and WaPo’s ⁦⁩ ⁩for a rich conversation about what made him tick
What is national populism—a passing fad, or something deeper? Join ⁦⁩ & ⁦⁩ for a big-think conversation, from demographic shifts, to religion, to immigration, to other “disconnects” shaping today’s political economy.
Are gay rights and religious freedom compatible? Is this conversation zero-sum, or might some Third Way alternative pave the way for "thick pluralism," even in divided times like ours? Stanley Carlson-Thies of and weigh in
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