"To build yourself up, it’s important to find the people with whom you disagree but with whom you share fundamental principles. With these people, you can engage in serious discussions"
"In his latest book, 'Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America From the Culture of Contempt,' he makes the case that Americans are sick of bitter, personal fighting and want a more united nation. The challenge is to work out how to get there."
Politics and the Practice of Warm-Heartedness |
It's not about arguing, it's about how we do it. My review of ' Love Your Enemies for :
“Brooks says that “disagreeing better, not less, is what we need to lessen contempt in America and bring our country back together.” We should do this while remembering our shared ends/bonds with those we politically disagree with.
We have to seperate the person from their views, explains in Love Your Enemies, which I have reviewed for