This well-done & comprehensive piece (current front of website) from is probably the highest-profile coverage of the acc'd students' lawsuits yet to appear. (& the map is a powerful illustration...)
. - excellent piece on trends in respondent lawsuits alleging flawed and biased Title IX school disciplinary proceedings.
Rule of law, and due process not only live, but are cornerstones of a well-functioning democracy. USATODAY
#TitleIX Attorney Andrew Miltenberg: “We're seeing, for the first time, in the last year or so, that courts are starting to embrace the concept that there could be due process issues.”
Sexual assault cases: Students accused are winning lawsuits in court
“Due process requires cross-examination in circumstances like [competing narratives] because it is 'the greatest legal engine ever invented' for uncovering the truth."- D Jesse Then why don’t T9 officers allow it? Bcause they’re not interested in truth!