We need a NATO Article 5 for intellectuals. "The lesson of the Cold War is clear. From now on, an attack on one of us must be considered an attack on all of us."
'The reputation destroyed last week was not Sir Roger Scruton's but the New Statesman's.' So, rightly, says Niall Ferguson () in today's Sunday Times about the journalistic deceits of .
"My message to all professional thinkers — academics, public intellectuals, writers of any stripe — is this: we either hang together or we hang separately." Time for a NATO article 5 for free thought and free speech
"A direct descendant of the illiberal, egalitarian ideology that once suppressed free speech in eastern Europe is now shutting down debate in the West ... Even being an avowed progressive won’t help you if you fail just one wokeness test"
Excellent. Well worth reading by ⁦⁩ on the attack against conservative thought. We all need to ask ourselves, When will they come for you and yours? Anything can trigger them. Beware.
If you don't think academic freedom is under threat, you're not paying attention. This, by , is well worth a read.
I've been relentlessly criticized throughout my career, not least by . I have nothing against well-reasoned criticism. What I condemn here is unscrupulous character assassination. This is not a well-reasoned response:
The question of whether any public appointee can remain when suggesting homosexuality is not normal, is left undiscussed. No one gets a free pass in a public role with such views.
I think this article already illustrates the death of critical thinking, just not in the way the author intended.