Today I am delighted to announce that from next year, for the first time, all Australian children aged six months to five years of age, not just those with medical risk factors, will be able to receive the seasonal flu vaccine free of charge.
Israel Folau suggest deadly bushfires are God’s punishment for the legalisation of same-sex marriage and abortion.
“Israel Folau: Bushfires and drought are God’s punishment” Over to you
Federal police in Australia are raiding the home of a reporter who revealed a government plan to expand powers for digital surveillance of the public
Private school boys (now in their 20s) snort cocaine in front of police and the magistrate jokes with them. No convictions and charges dismissed. Isn't it all so funny? (no)
“Unable to create anything as grand or gorgeous as Notre Dame, and lacking the imagination to understand the philosophy and metaphysics behind it, our modern intellectual pygmies prefer not to stand on the shoulders of giants but rather to kneecap them.”
Column’s up: 𝐄𝐗𝐂𝐋𝐔𝐒𝐈𝐕𝐄!Raelene Castle effectively damned the Bible as hate speech in astonishing testimony at Israel #Folau code of conduct hearing. Said she’d have sacked him for posting even a photocopy of the Bible
"While the world focuses on Beijing’s latest attempts to destroy what remains of Hong Kong’s independence, China has launched another assault on one of its neighbours, effectively invading portions of what India says is its undisputed territory."
How to beat cancel culture: "It’s time for the non-radical left and right to make a strategic pact and put aside specific differences of policy and outlook to stand up, in unison, to those who would shut them both up."
According to ABC newsreader Kathryn Robinson, decapitation-crazed Islamic State lunatics are actually “freedom fighters”...
What that Four Corners doco didn't tell you about coronavirus and Trump: "The largest number (of cases) by far come from New York State – with 335,000 and counting, and an astronomical 185,000 of them from New York City alone."
Profound column today from Warren Mundine in today's on Wilson Gavin and the power of the mob and what it's like when they come for you as a minority member who doesn't fall into the left's groupthink.
Women afraid to exercise after dark in an inner-city park have had their request for better lighting refused by Sydney City Council on grounds that it would “add to the city’s carbon footprint”. #nswpol
A face-off over fees. Two brilliant surgeons #charlieteo and go head to head via
Two Islamic Extremists have been arrested and charged for lighting fires in Sydney. This is starting to look like a coordinated attack that ruined many homes and killed many people. I would call this an act of terrorism. They’re also laughing about it.
absolutely nobody asked for this. fire these people and their dystopian facial recognition system into the sun
So the big problem with the bushfires is the unions! Credlin and the Murdoch rags are a national disgrace . As Australia burns, and volunteers, including unionists, fight the fires. They deflect from Morrison’s lack of leadership by attacking unions. FFS!
Column’s up: To nobody’s surprise, the dishonestly partisan impeachment operation to remove Donald Trump has failed. All the Democrats have done is make the President more popular and unite Republicans around him.
Commercial flight- $10,000 Private VIP flight- $100,000 Let’s guess which flight took? And the reason? “So he could rush back to Australia for a meeting that never took place” 🙄
holy shit the AFP have raided ’s home, with a warrant for her computer and mobile too over her reporting that Aussies could be spied on by ASD
UPDATED figures from 183, now 267 people charged with starting bushfires in NSW alone. But cLiMAtE ChANgE.
Abolish police, get Antifa: Militants take over a Seattle neighbourhood
The so-called anti-fascists have morphed into the real totalitarians, attempting to silence dissenters through intimidation and violence. My column in tomorrow’s on Antifa and .
Why the hell was unlicensed driver, Rabieh Abdulrahman not in jail after being convicted of assaulting police, carrying knives in a public place, driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs and resisting arrest? Now a 12-year-old boy is dead.
So proud of Jen and so blessed to have her in my life. She’s right - it’s time the stigma was removed and we started talking more openly about mental health, including to each other, and getting the help and support we all need.
What’s the opposite of a boycott? We should all shop at ⁦⁩ 💪🏼
“La revolution verte en Allemagne [arrêt du nucléaire et 35% de renouvelables] ne marche pas”. C’est ballot parce qu’on veut faire la même chose.:)
Column up: A panel of wealthy elites, including Twiggy Forrest, Alan Joyce and Mike Cannon-Brookes, secretly ­decided to jettison the kangaroo as Australia’s national symbol and replace it with an abstract wattle image that looks like a COVID-19 cell 🤔
So... a green ban from on the new Parramatta "Powerhouse" site. Things just got way more interesting.
As a dad I know first-hand how anxious parents feel about what their kids see & do online & the dangers the internet can bring. Online trolls have no place in Australia & I promise to bring in new laws to protect our kids & keep our community safe.
“Minister, you were parliamentary secretary for planning by day and you were a property developer by night. There is such an obvious conflict of interest. How could you not understand that?”
"A 19-year-old has died of a severe asthma attack attributed to the choking smoke she was exposed to in the wake of the...bushfires. Now experts brace for a possible second wave of illness and death as a result of the ongoing, unprecedented air pollution"
Very good in-depth article on Germany’s failing green energy revolution. This is why I believe wind and solar will #RustInPlace.
I don’t bank with ANZ, but if I did, I wouldn’t particularly want to hear their position on hot button current events. After the carnage of the royal commission, you’d think the banks would be focusing on their core business. #Folau
“A young girl used by the Socialist Left to heighten a sense of global panic about climate change...a cause that in 2019 has little to do with conservation & is merely the vehicle to drive massive wealth redistribution & the Left’s overall economic agenda”
Column’s up: Geography lessons replaced with classes on gender identity. Veganism over virtues. And everything climate, climate, climate. Welcome to your new UN-approved curriculum. ⁦
Hypocrisy or consistent? A media conference calling for an end of “the blame game”, accompanied by....this: 🙄 #auspol
Excellent analysis all Australians should read from someone who knows more than any of us about the consequences of denying media fairness: ABC raid judgment is a danger for democracy
Just horrendous! Girls are not possessions. They are not objects to be used. Girls can and should make their own decisions about who and when to marry.
Hundreds of jobs to be created with the construction of a $1.2 billion solar farm in South Australia
Sarah Hanson-Young, who has previously spoken out against DV, gave a character reference for a mate who pinned down his wife and slapped her in front of their kids. Also urged for no conviction because it'd have an "unwarranted impact" on his reputation.
Australia is no home for terrorist’s children. Today’s column.
Today is the 1st of June. If you live in the Sydney basin and have a simple sprinkler system sitting on the lawn or garden, it’s the day to pack that away. You won’t be needing it for some time... Water restrictions start today.
New poll finds 62 per cent of Australians believe our head of state should be an Aussie. : when "we’re put to the test we can look after ourselves as an independent, self-­reliant nation" #auspol #ausrepublic
With hundreds of Australians gone to fight with ISIS and now one of the Sri Lanka bombers found to have studied here, does the constant talking down of Western culture and beating up of Islamophobia narratives feed into the hands of terrorist recruiters?
Julian Assange wins award from his prison cell
As well as reducing poverty, increasing #Newstart would create jobs and provide other economic benefits, as this piece explains. #RaisetheRate
So to anti-Semitic graffiti, an economist getting his house egged, an LNP supporter having her dog shot in Queensland, the PM being egged as well, we can add poo being left on Tony Abbott's doorstep ... but the vile hate always comes from the right, yes?
The usual dimwits will be beside themselves but this is a great day for free speech & religious freedom in Australia...and a warning to any employers who want to overreach & impose their beliefs/politics on employees.
Must read article by Jacinta Price in today's Daily Telegraph. "PNG has pledged to take action immediately to reduce violence against women. Perhaps it’s because they can’t use systemic racism as an excuse. Perhaps we should ask for their advice."
A 15-year-old Sydney schoolgirl sent to Lebanon to marry her cousin because her parents believed she was no longer “pure” was saved when NSW and federal police intervened to help her flee the country and return to Australia.
Two men have been arrested and charged over alleged death threats made to MPs over their stance on abortion, with one told to "leave the f***ing situation in women's hands and if you don't... I'll slit your throat"
Sadly, no reporter present asked the obvious question. Namely, “What’s the challenge? We know what it looked like.” Don’t let modern architects soil the beauty of Notre Dame.
BOLT'S OPINION: I blame voters. They’re turning this election campaign into one of our most dishonest, irrational and frightening. They are turning this election toxic by rewarding conmen, hysterics and bullies. They are accepting what they should reject.
A further $64 million for suicide prevention. Another positive step forward on the journey ‘towards zero’ suicides.
The Daily Telegraph (⁦⁩) reporting that Tenterfield (NSW) is planning to develop a project that will supplement the town’s drinking water supplies with purified recycled water.
This is a fantastic piece explaining the difference between NSW and Victoria. There were 14 new cases in NSW today and they know where every single one of them came from. Amazing work.
Unbelievable! NSW Labor MP Shaoquette Moselmane refused to distance himself from united front groups that had issued statement to back Beijing's brutal stance on Hong Kong h/t
Massive sentences handed down today in Sydney. Not only were these two Islamist terrorists willing to kill a plane full of people for Islamic State but they were going to use/kill their own brother to commit the atrocity cause he is gay & drinks alcohol.
Islamists thrive & recruit through victimhood narratives of epidemic #Islamophobia. It’s working well. ’s essay asks how Western academia & media have aided the promotion of jihadist ideology & helped in their recruitment.
Woman has been found dead with her throat slashed in a CBD building close to where an armed man was arrested by police earlier today. Police are investigating whether there is any link with the knife rampage or whether it is an unrelated crime scene.
The Australian Federal Police spent more than $300,000 in just over two years hiring some of the nation’s top flight legal firms as it battled to manage hundreds of freedom of information requests
“The very last thing Baghdadi, a devout Muslim whose religion commanded him to hate dogs and whose interpretation of his faith caused him to detest and oppress women, saw coming at him was a scantily-clad female Alsatian bearing down on him, hard.”
Hey antivaxxers #brycecartwright #taylorwinterstein #NRL do you know what is in that tattoo ink? Should do your research via
Greens activists using children as a human shield against criticism.
Recent misleading Australian government information on vaping. Doesn’t just damage efforts to reduce smoking related deaths & disease. Also damages public health. #vaping
To add insult to injury/murder now the family and community can expect to hear about how the killer was such a nice man, and had previously been called a hero
A black-listed company with links to the Chinese Communist Party has signed fresh contracts to operate critical parts of the state’s railway system, leading security experts to warn of potential threats to Australian security.
Absolutely pathetic, , and that’s from a customer & someone who doesn’t agree with Folau’s religious views but will fight for his right to express them without him, or his wife, being monstered by corporate bullies.
"Our national cabinet may have been very good at getting the country into lockdown, but it’s having a hell of a time getting us out." Column's up
A leading environmental scientist has likened swimming in some Western Sydney rivers to “playing bacterial Russian roulette” and blasted the state government for not releasing water quality results.
"Was Hunter trading on his father’s name? Were the Ukrainians paying him off for access? These are questions that the Democrats will find it harder and harder to avoid the longer this saga is allowed to drag on." My latest on impeachment at
Corporations pushing junk food quick to leverage their marketing off the pandemic.
So the Tele 'set up a Tinder account and set an intrepid female reporter down the the docks' all for a story to say US navy guys are (shock, horror) looking for dates and hookups while in Sydney. Ok.
Why wasn't this published prior to #EdenMonaroVotes . Murdoch protection?
The Venn diagram of those loudly screaming on this website for an elimination strategy on the one hand and those who will not hear a bad word about the protest-approving, quarantine-mismanaging Dan Andrews on the other would be something to see.
Two things: 1. Tim Blair is indeed a national treasure. 2. definitely rules. #auspol.
Column’s up: The conspiracy of political elites ramming through a radical abortion bill. Premier Berejiklian’s “greyhound moment” betrays a hubris and bad faith at odds with the image portrayed to voters at the election just a few short months ago.
Tory Shepherd in the Tele describes "trad wives" - "It’s as though Jordan Peterson and Bettina Arndt got together and baked them out of red velvet cake dough." Flattering to be lumped in with the brilliant Peterson but what facile nonsense.
In light of recent events, time to re-up this great reflection from on Apu, The Simpsons, and political correctness from back in 2018
Mark Latham’s plan to repeal the state’s ban on uranium mining and nuclear facilities has received a boost, with a NSW parliament upper house committee today supporting the legislation.
Greens staffer granted bail after allegedly vandalising a Captain Cook statue in Hyde Park. Xiaoran Shi works for Green MP David Shoebridge...
If it wasn't clear already that the Nats are the political arm of the , we've now had 4 senior Nats call for nuclear power in 24 hours. This is a coordinated campaign. A thread on the Minerals Council & #nuclear... 1/n
Clive James' Unreliable Memoirs was the first Australian book I picked up when I landed here 20 years ago, and it helepd me understand Australia better than anything else I'd read
Fear of contracting the COVID-19 coronavirus is impacting Sydney brothels with predominantly Asian establishments reporting loss of business while Australian sex workers experience a rise in demand.
As I've said before CT can charge as he likes as long as his patients are informed and aren't under duress. But let's face it—there is NO ROLE for making people think they have to find $50k in 4 hours, sell kidneys, or rob banks to have palliative surgery.
Footballer Stuart Musialik was in Guus Hiddink’s 2006 World Cup training camp and was compared with Barcelona’a Sergio Busquets. Then depression and bipolar crippled his career. Great read by
We welcome this announcement to establish a more expansive model of Headspace for young people. All Australians, regardless of age, deserve quality #mentalhealth care #auspol #ausvotes19
COVID-19 clues: how genetic sequencing breakthrough by & could be key to allowing the health detectives to get a step ahead of virus and stop community transmissions that are keeping up isolated.
It says everything about 'The Phaction' and its influence on the Premier that someone with limited ability like Don Harwin remains a protected species.
The City of Sydney will retire the ceremonial chains its Lord and Deputy Lord Mayor wear on ceremonial occasions amid concerns they are racist
.⁦⁩ nailing it, as they say, in ⁦⁩ on the ongoing rebuke of a failed political class in the English-speaking world.
Here one!!! he laughed after being granted bail!
So the Daily Telegraph says there’s this hidden report that says the move to renewables will see electricity prices “skyrocket.” In an unsurprising twist turns out neither point is true. The report is public and it says electricity prices will be “lower”
$47 million performing arts centre opens at Knox Grammar - it features a 750-seat auditorium, a 165-seat drama theatre, classrooms, musical rehearsal rooms, a dance studio, recording studio, and soundproof teaching rooms for one-on-one tuition.
OPINION | Nobody could deny that our firefighters have gone above and beyond this summer, but open the floodgates to pay one volunteer group, and the rest will come running, writes Peta Credlin.
Doctors from the and Peter Mac working together for an incredible patient outcome. We are so proud to be part of the Parkville medical precinct which harnesses expertise across multiple organisations to get the best outcomes for patients.
Latest research confirms Victoria has the two most unreliable power stations in the grid The brown coal clunkers Yallourn (37 breakdowns over 2 years) and Loy Yang (30) Together an average breakdown of almost 3 times a month #springst
Labor’s pledge to help mend broken teen lives
Column 2 is up: Notre Dame is a lesson in preserving what matters
OPINION: Bill Shorten needs to be called out for what he is - Bullsh*t Bill, as he discusses Labor’s signature electric car policy where 50 per cent of the vehicles on the road must be electric by 2030. Via Piers Akerman
#Australia No Jab No Play  plays part in Australia's record high vaccination rates #Science saves lives! 📚 #Education #PublicHealth 💉 #VaccinesWork #HerdImmunity 🧫 #BeWiseAndImmunize
Yael Stone revealed as Witness X, whose evidence was not allowed to be heard in Geoffrey Rush defamation trial.
Delighted to see our first Phonics Roadshow host school recognised! Don’t forget us now you’re famous, 🙌🏻 . They’re in the running to be named best in Australia
Things heating up between India and China: "Early Tuesday morning, the two powers exchanged gunfire in a disputed Himalayan border region, leaving 20 Indian soldiers dead and reportedly killing or wounding at least 43 Chinese troops."
Exclusive: Three million Australians — one in every eight people including children — are now reliant on antidepressants as concerns mount we are over-diagnosing and over-treating depression. Via
Strong case for phonics check for Year 1 students | and are both fully aware of the evidence and know that decisive bipartisan leadership is necessary. Teachers ­unions won’t thank them for it, but parents and children will
Rayshard Brooks had a friendly conversation with the police officer who then shot him dead, according to footage, as protests against racism have escalated around the globe. WARNING: Graphic content
Greta Thunberg's UN speech and concerns will not negatively impact our kids or increase their anxiety says to . What matters is the response from parents and communities on the topic. #USydBMC
Parents deserve to know what's really in the products they're feeding their kids. So we exposed the toddler snacks filled with added sugar.
A self professed influencer has hit out at Instagram for blocking people from seeing how popular she is, crying to her followers that the change will cause "real damage". via
PM Scott Morrison accused of copyright breach over bushfire ad No doubt he would argue fair dealing... #auslaw #auspol
Economic growth in the coming decades will come from Asia, not Europe. Australia is a perfect entry point into the Asian market for British investors, I explain in the .
#Exclusive: Three million Australians — one in every eight people including children — are now reliant on antidepressants as concerns mount we are over-diagnosing and over-treating depression.
If we listen to scientists and work together, the country can reap the benefits of renewables jobs and growth, writes Australian Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese.
I’m more of a Christian than Israel Folau or anyone from the Australian Christian Lobby and I don’t even go to church. Here’s my column: if you gave him $, you’re a homophobe.
Junk food companies targeting lockdown captive audience via ⁦⁩ via ⁦
Takes Malcolm Turnbull all of five minutes after touching down in Australia to have a go at Peter Dutton.
When 10 month old Levi needed a bone marrow transplant his big brother stepped in to save his life. Read their incredible story made possible by the specialist team at #SydneyChildrensHospital #Transplant
exclusive - new laws to tackle how Scope 3 emissions are dealt with in major NSW project approvals will be introduced this week. Leadership team signed off on the plan last night. Story on
Fake news? #AskTheDoctor Do Designer face masks combine health and fashion for flu season - #GoogleAlerts Would not think so?
Big thanks to & for running this poll as part of my opinion editorial. While probably not surprised by the response, the emphatic nature of the result should make all decision makers sit up & take notice. See the article here...
Northern Beaches endurance athlete Chloe McCardel couldn’t even swim until she was 11. Now has her sights set on an extraordinary English Channel crossing record
A welcome election commitment of $197 million to a more expansive #youthmh model from Aust Labor today. Hoping to see all parties make similar commitments to a new #youthmh model in the final days of the campaign 🗳#auspices #auspolvotes19 #mentalhealth
Great to see plus might get off the ground. A great way to build on the model #mentalhealth #youngpeople #AUSVote2019 #auspol
Cancer patients and their doctors hold out hope that the Coalition will adopt the ALP cancer plan #cancernogaps #auspol
Indulgent, ignorant, wrong: Footy stars join covidiot anti-vaxxers
My hope is that #COVIDー19 melts what little support the dangerous #antivax movement has away. We don’t want to be sick and don’t need to tolerate these grifters or those we’ve seen score cheap political points cozying up to them. #VaccinesWork
A great opinion piece by our client chrisbowen Why the Coalition must adopt Labor’s cancer plans
The 600 medicines now in short supply
“When I was about 12 I thought magic was despicable - I thought the idea of lying to people was repulsive.” Loved chatting with ahead of their first ever Australian shows.
RPA is the first facility in the southern hemisphere to welcome two sophisticated new PET CT machines that detect signs of disease that were previously invisible
Brain surgeon Dr Charlie Teo questioned on his fees by but desperate parents say they will pay anything to save their children from #braincancer via
“Fitspo” photos of muscled mothers with six-pack abs make everyday mums feel grumpy rather than glorious, a new study has found.
One hopes they read...
Surge in kids catching up on #vaccines under no jab no pay via ⁦⁩ 500 kids a day catching up on vaccinations
Labor leader Bill Shorten promises to pour $197m into mental health program Headspace Plus | Daily Telegraph
Muslim men arrested in Australia for allegedly starting a fire in New South Wales that quickly spread. Fadi Zraika and Abraham Zreika were both charged over the incident. Fadi laughed as he was leaving court.
The terrorist arrested yesterday in Sydney was part of a taxpayer funded deradicalisation program. As you can see the program was very successful, previously he was interested in beheading us, now he just wants to shoot us. Great deradicalisation.
‘Conservatives are always at fault whenever anything bad happens, even if it’s something bat-related that emerged from a filthy animal market in communist China’
Two Muslim men were arrested in New South Wales, Australia for allegedly starting a grass fire after lighting fireworks in western Sydney. Fadi Zraika and Abraham Zreika were both charged over the incident. Fadi laughed as he was leaving court.
So envious that Australia has NEON BLUE BEES (also srsly headline writers enough with the "creepy" 🙄 )
Disgraceful. Rugby Australia preaches “diversity & inclusion” but not if you’re devout Christian or believe in free speech.
At 70, Corbyn is basically the world’s oldest teenage commie, right down to his fondness for whatever terrorist cause is fashionable at any given moment, writes Tim Blair.
The ruinously incompetent Cuomo ordered nursing homes to take coronavirus patients even as the US navy hospital ship Comfort was steaming towards New York. In the end Comfort only treated 182 patients, writes
‘Advice to the Morrison government as early as February suggested that COVID-19 may have been an inadvertent leak from a Wuhan laboratory, three senior federal sources have confirmed.’
A plan to end Australia’s reliance on China & India for our medicine.
“Go home, you f...... slut, you c …, you dog. Don’t you know the police have closed all the beaches?” This is what Claire Harvey copped for taking her kids to a beach that was open & when they were socially distanced. We’ve emboldened cretins to do this.
A senior partner in global tax firm ’s Sydney office has pleaded guilty to stabbing one of Tony Abbott’s campaign workers with a corkscrew on the eve of the federal election.
The girl saved from a forced marriage was considered not ‘pure’ because she was raped. When she defied her family’s wishes she was threatened with death & raped by her own uncle.
US President Donald Trump is currently on trial for defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and governing without media approval, writes national treasure Tim Blair
Cricket legend ’s baggy green cap sells for record sum of $1,007,500 with all the proceeds going to the Red Cross bushfire appeal.
Software error? Please. Who programmed the software?
More confirmed cases of coronavirus in Australia. Three men in Sydney have contracted coronavirus. The men had recently travelled to Wuhan, the Chinese city at the centre of the outbreak.
Last year CEO publicised his email address because he said he wanted to hear from customers. I’ve emailed him today to share my thoughts on ANZ’s illiberal, ugly bullying of Maria Folau. [email protected]
Millionaire socialists are among the most vicious subgroups
"We stopped relying on [renewables] because they’re incredibly inefficient. But the era before fire and steam is what green activists want us to return to... Apart from the back-up power they need, [renewables] turn their surroundings into dead zones"
‘My late grandfather Mile Bogut escaped Communist Yugoslavia many moons ago to give his family a better life...he’ll be smiling down on me knowing that I riled up so many people that were from the very regime he risked his life to get away from’ 🔥
‘Dianne Jolley, the Dean of Science at the University of Technology, has pleaded not guilty to orchestrating a five-month fake harassment campaign against herself.’
Chinese & Russian trolls tried to use climate alarmism & other issues to influence the 2019 federal election. Canberra Uni professors reveal “coral bleaching,” “racing extinction” & “Huawei” were among hashtags pushed by Chinese propagandists.
Fav article of the year 😁
“Benjamin has a history of inaccuracy and confusion. It’s why the ABC keeps giving him your money.”
How a twitter joke about drug cheat Sun Yang saw & family bombarded with death threats & sponsors pressured to drop him. China can’t cope with criticism...
The brave trio had dumped over 2 million litres of water and fire retardant on multiple blazes since arriving on November 5 & had flown more than 130 missions since December 1.
Some may remember Michael Moore, the Bush-era millionaire commie propagandist. He’s still at large, so to speak, and still stomping on blue-collar voters, writes national treasure Tim Blair.
Across Australia, the US and the UK, the big political battles are no longer between Right and Left. They’re between normal and crazy, writes Tim Blair.
Majority against late term abortion (after 22 weeks). An even bigger majority against sex selection abortion.
RSPCA NSW chief executive: “In my nearly 30 years at RSPCA, I have never seen an individual or company receive a maximum fine – ever" We’re discussing authorities mishandling of animal cruelty cases on @2GB873
5 confirmed dead in NZ volcano eruption, according to police. Many of those on the island were from the Ovation of the Seas cruise ship. Press conference on
Meanwhile, in Australia...
‘Australian Border Force head Michael Outram has slammed NSW Health over the Ruby Princess debacle, in which 2700 passengers were allowed to get off the coronavirus-carrying cruise ship in Sydney last week.’
"If politicians are brave enough to read Shellenberger’s new book, Apocalypse Never, then we might see a big rethink of energy policy... If we really do want to cut emissions, the only affordable way to do so while maintaining baseload power is nuclear"
National treasure Tim Blair has published a list of fake news pedders desperate to see “right wing terrorism” after a car drove into a hijab store.
Discussing the latest on the bushfires & the deplorable, fact-free grandstanding of the Greens next on @2GB873 with
Guardian columnist and veteran lunatic George Monbiot fears “killer clowns” whom he believes are at the bidding of sinister “oligarchs”....
Been saying this all week...why are the NSW & Victorian premiers ignoring the advice of the chief medical officer, Professor Brendan Murphy, and the panel of medical experts advising national cabinet?
Peta Credlin calling out Julie Bishop’s crocodile tears & attempts to rewrite history (see fawning article) is pure brilliance.
The revisionism is now over. There is no way the Liberals would have won the election under Turnbull, or indeed his loyal deputy, “11 votes” Julie Bishop, writes Peta Credlin.
Talking about the disgraceful state of some nursing homes next on Sydney’s number 1 station @2GB873 And, we’ve just spoken to Home Affairs Minister & will be taking your calls on the deportation of Tamil asylum seekers.
‘Educators at a community preschool have facilitated children as young as 3 to solicit signatures and lobby the government to fly the Aboriginal flag permanently on the Harbour Bridge.’ We’re talking about this next @2GB873
"Conservatives are always at fault whenever anything bad happens, even if it’s something bat-related that emerged from a filthy animal market in communist China."
AFP Police raid journalist over government spy story
Only so much a girl can take! 😆
Three year old activists.
Ratings hit?! 🧐 Jones dropping 0.3 when he rates over 17 is a ‘ratings hit’? Both Jones & 2GB are number 1 in the ratings with a big margin despite the Leftie outrage orgy. This headline is the sort of crap you’d expect from the Guardian.
Join me & on @2GB873 & stations across the country. We’re talking Trump in India, Sanders in Nevada & stories closer to home including bullied boy Quaden Bayles plus teens being strip searched at a Sydney music festival
This is who Labor choose to host an official function during an election campaign.
It’s laughable that rugby boss Raelene Castle justifies her craven, bungling by citing “inclusiveness”...She uses politically correct euphemism as a shield to protect herself from the enormity of what she has done, writes
Tim Blair is a national treasure.
Israel Folau demands answers from Rugby Australia over leaks
Oh dear. This Biddulph clown has a habit of being spectacularly & comically wrong. Blair’s list doesn’t even include Biddulph’s twisted Vegas shooting commentary. #Batty
More than $460,000 donated to new Israel Folau fundraiser.
How many more people have coronavirus with absolutely no symptoms? Richard Wilkins was only tested because he interviewed Rita Wilson.
‘Just a reminder that immediately following 9/11, Peter FitzSimons apologised to Islamic terrorists who’d killed nearly 3000 people’ National treasure Tim Blair on the red bandana buffoon.
Sydney teenage girl rescued from arranged marriage in Lebanon
Also should prisoners & Villawood detainees be released due to coronavirus crisis Next on @3AW693
“Professor Roger Pielke Jr, the world's most famous expert on damage from extreme weather events ... “ ⤵️
Heartfelt piece about social media mobbing, by .
New poll shows we’re ready to ditch the royals
I laughed when I saw the headline but it's actually a bit unsettling
Ask these guys (and their counterparts in UK/US), what are they doing to sort it out. Performative outrage and lamenting, is far worse than performative wokeness.
“Israel’s case is our case if we want to live free and embrace our beliefs without fear of being marginalised or discriminated against.” They want the ability to express their bigoted beliefs in violation of contractual obligations without consequence.
Digital tool to ‘uberise’ mental health care in Australia
‘Dangerous’ anti-vaxxers urge against COVID-19 isolation
Such amazing work flying to Canberra and saving this tiny bub. Our son will be so proud #heartkids #Easter
Tim Blair on the Left’s double standards & faux outrage.
Aussies put health ahead of economy in COVID crisis - emphasis on jobs, not national debt AND getting the health crisis back under control (so we can all connect again, get back to school and work)
“If the world stage were a schoolyard, China would be the oafish bully monstering smaller kids for their lunch money — and threatening payback if the teachers found out.”
Tim Blair on the extreme Left & their media cheerleaders/members. If you ‘condone doxxing, stalking & deplatforming’ then you’re not a journalist, you’re an activist.
“Other possible initiatives could include sky decks or zip line through to the Precinct trialling Uber Air.” I dare you : beyond the #Aerotropolis is the #Galaxotropolis. #WesternHarbour...? #WesternSpaceport!
What a pretentious w****r!