Honour killing in UK: Pakistani parents killed their 17-year-old daughter for 'wearing a short-sleeved top'. Both mother and father will now spend 25 years in prison. I hope NewZealand’s reads this story
Shafilea Ahmed, 17, murdered by her parents in front of her siblings for wearing a top that showed her arms. She suffered years of abuse from her mum and dad before they decided to end her life for bringing ‘dishonour’ to the family. #honourkilling
New documentary attempts to shed light on what really happened to Shafilea Ahmed. In 2003, her strict Muslim parents killed her after taking issue w/the way she was dressed. They evaded justice, going on media & claiming suspicion on them was Islamophobia.
I'm hoping that Noble Feminist Icons , , and will comment about the driving cause behind such grotesque tragedies.
Remember, all cultures are equal but Noble cultures are more equal than others. [H/T for the link.]
UK: Shafilea Ahmed murdered by parents for 'wearing short-sleeved top' Look out for new documentary ‘When Missing Turns into Murder’.
Shefeila's years of suffering domestic abuse brings back harrowing memories of what I endured in my Muslim community for denouncing Islamism. We can't let the far-right hijack news like this who spread anti-Muslim hatred instead of solving honor killing.