Hill Democrats want Trump's tax returns. NYT columnist calls for *all* Americans' tax returns--yours, mine, everyone's--to be released, if that's what it takes to get Trump's.
Happy Tax Day! The amount you make, and the taxes you pay, both should be public records. I know this idea makes many people angry. I hope those people especially will read my reasons
It's not just Donald Trump. Everyone's income tax bill should be public. Sunlight would curb tax avoidance, promote fairness -- maybe even boost economic growth.
When Norway put income tax records online in 2001, for anyone to see, self-employed Norwegians suddenly started reporting more income. The U.S. should try the same trick, says .
Brought to you by the same people who think we should outlaw asking job applicants about their earnings history. via
Everyone’s Income Taxes Should Be Public, writes citing the importance of transparency and tax avoidance, but also the value of data for research and knowledge about ourselves
Opinion | Everyone’s Income Taxes Should Be Public
Everyone’s Income Taxes Should Be Public