Trump has pushed the idea of sending immigrant detainees to sanctuary cities, "in part, people close to him said, to distract from the Mueller report."
WH speed-read strategy: zoom in on two questions Trump wants to ignore: why Mueller wasn’t able to conclude whether he obstructed justice, + what Barr meant when he wrote in his letter “much” of president’s conduct was public — meaning some of it was not.
“Trump's plan is to act as if the report iis extraneous to Barr's brief letter.” That, surely, was the whole point of the letter, which in turn was the point of making Barr AG again & so on. Another great example of the walled fortress of the presidency.
“Mr. Barr’s letter effectively emboldened Mr. Trump, aides said, even as they prepare for new details to emerge from a redacted version of the report — expected this week” ⁦⁩ ⁦
No matter what the Mueller report ultimately says, AG Barr has already given Trump a great gift of weeks to claim "exoneration" with no response based on available evidence.
Emboldened by His Attorney General, Trump Confronts Mueller Report Head-On via me and ⁦
"They would prefer he use the word 'vindicate.'" & look at the case-closed approach the White House is taking ahead of the fleshed-out version of the Mueller report, due out on Thursday
Trump and his aides all want exoneration. Dems/legal experts say they should wait and see what's in the report before declaring it. and me
White House telling reporters Trump’s mood is “light” happy freed up since Barr Letter. Is that even remotely square-able with quickening pace of tirades in the last ten days?
“I don’t care about the Mueller report [which you can’t see]. I’ve been totally exonerated [by the Barr summary].”
Emboldened by His Shameless Attack Poodle AG, Trump Tries to Slam The Mueller Report - WHICH NO ONE HAS SEEN INDEPENDENTLY via &