George P. Bush is moving to claim his title as Future of the GOP. But will the party of Trump tolerate a candidate who mirrors a past class of conservatives in tone, in temperament, in ideology? reports
In my second print piece for , I profiled George P. Bush, the scion moving to claim his title as the future of the GOP
George P. Bush is running. For what? Probably governor of Texas. When? It’s too soon to say. But he’s betting that a “renaissance of classical conservatism” can soon steer Republicans back to mainstream political favor.
I profiled the Texas land commissioner earlier this year for the magazine
"George Prescott Bush wants you to know that he is not low-energy." #LedeOfTheWeek by , continued here
"Barbara Bush told [George P.] what she had told every member of her brood who was considering elected office: Experience life—and make your own mark, independent of your father’s—before you try to represent the lives of others. So he did."
Eeeeh...I think we've had enough of #Bushes, #Clintons and #Kennedies altogether, thank you kindly