There are so many facets to this story--the shit women in science go through, the desire to avoid more hidden figures, our tendency to anoint heroes, the long genius myth, misogynist trolls--and captures them all.
Some thoughts on Katie Bouman, black holes, and what happened when the young computer scientist became trapped between well-meaning supporters on one side and sexist trolls on the other
"This one image tapped into a multitude of questions about the role of women in science, the myth of the lone genius, and the pressure scientists have to promote themselves and their work on social media."
This is *the* piece you should read about everything that happened to Katie Bouman on the internet last week
Thoughtful piece on the perils of science on the internet
when it came to Katie Bouman's story last week, the internet was in peak absurd form. has a really great exploration in of how all those threads spiraled out so wildly
Katie Bouman is testifying before Congress today about the black hole photo. You might have heard her name
This is a beautiful and important piece of writing from
The phrase 'damned if you do and damned if you don't' kind of comes up for me here. #womeninscience
Read on the sad story of Katie Bouman, the young female computer scientist whose role in the black hole discovery got morphed into an internet vendetta
"Bouman’s Wikipedia page...once flagged for deletion because she was “not notable”.. now carries a paragraph detailing her viral story and harassment...a cautionary tale for women in the sciences” by via
File this one under what it’s like to be a woman in science. Dr Bouman, the picture of the black hole and the internet.
The Dark Saga of Katie Bouman: How a young scientist got sucked into the black hole of the internet