In under a day of releasing our petition, we’ve already reached 10,000 signatures. Ten thousand. That is the power of grassroots. That is what happens when we unite together for our common goals. Let’s speak truth to power. Sign and share. #ClimateDebate
#ClimateChange is without a doubt one of the most urgent issues of this decade. I can only hope that our 2020 presidential candidates treat it as such. #ClimateDebate
The is calling on 2020 candidates and the Democratic National Committee to hold a debate or forum entirely around environmental issues like climate change. Sign their petition!
Let’s turn up the pressure. Sign, and share as much as you can. We need environmental policy specifics. We need a climate debate. #ClimateDebate
As we reach just a hair away from 30,000 signatures in only about 48 hours, our Lead Lydia Pesek meets Pete Buttigieg who says he will “try to” support our petition. , we hope you keep your promise and be a climate leader. Sign at
Young people all over the country are calling on their elected officials to “step up or step down” when it comes to #ClimateChange. requests a #ClimateDebate w/ 2020 presidential candidates & we do too. ADD YOUR NAME
Thank you so much for being a leader on not only supporting the #climatedebate, but taking the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge from Day One! Keep signing and sharing the petition and to get past the platitudes and straight to the policy on climate.
2020 presidential candidates must debate environmental policy #climatedebate
Here is the petition from and
Anya’s right-- we cannot allow those in power to continue to be inactive in combating the climate crisis. is calling on 2020 candidates to hold a #ClimateDebate. JOIN THEM:
So proud of 15-year-old activist who just rocked her speech in front of the continuing calls for a #ClimateDebate! Sign their petition
Want to know why Harris, Booker, Buttigieg haven’t yet supported climate debate and what those who have supported specifically want to address (Warren, Castro, Sanders, Biden, Gillibrand, etc)
A petition from youth climate strikers demanding a climate-focused DNC debate has gathered 30,000 signatures