WTF, - Would you run an article about a *male* political leader’s relationship with a rival political campaign that relied mainly on quotes from... his mom? And would it be newsworthy for a male leader to be viewed as “aggressive”?
Key principle of profile-writing: Whenever possible, talk to mom. Mothers possess that perfect combination of knowing the subject quite well and being ace blabbermouths. This profile illustrates that truth quite nicely.
BACKSTORY: In 2008, set up what she thought would be an easy interview for with Shakir, then editor of . But Faiz asked about the Iraq War. Later, Neera punched him & asked “Who the f— do you think you are?”
NEW: Last week, reached out to reporters to pick apart ’ “Medicare for All” plan. * has its own plan, which, unlike Bernie’s, reserves a role for private insurance cos. (like those that have previously donated to ).
Really ⁦⁩ you dig up some BS on ⁦⁩ via her mother?!? Because she is assertive & a leader? I just spent 3 hours talking about gender media bias on ⁦⁩ & you proved my point for me. ⁦⁩ SMH.
i'm nonpartisan but pro maya tanden for talking to a reporter like this
Imagine the New York Times calling your MOM for a quote about how aggressive you are in your professional life. It’s the most aggressive move I’ve ever heard of.
Oh oh.... So it has come to light that attended the "Stop Sanders" meeting with establishment Dems which included Neera Tanden. Then this article happened Look close in the background pics behind Neera. What's that? Well well well.
THANKS, MOM! says she’s not out to get & wants unity among Democrats. Neera’s mom, OTOH, says her daughter believes Bernie “got a pass” in 2016, “but he’s not getting a pass this time.”
From 2016 through last year, the Center for American Progress accepted nearly $2.5 million from the UAE, an ally of Saudi Arabia with a problematic human rights record. The center now says it will stop taking UAE money. ⁦⁩ ⁦
great, now the entire fucking world knows about my work and twitter habits.
In addition 2 being unethical, this article represents the kind of clumsy narrative that emerges from bias in journalism. The subject matter diverges from the headline & the content is riddled w/ evidence-free insinuations, as well as explicit inaccuracies
Wow, wouldn't it be great if CAP were headed by a person who a) had values beyond fundraising from the likes of Zuck and Bibi, b) wasn't obsessed with fighting battles she's already lost (eg 2016 election), and b) didn't yell at grad students at 2 a.m.?
Trying to picture the male leader of any organization anywhere, where his mom is used in this way. ⁦⁩, why weren’t the other moms quoted if they are such a key source?
In an article about tensions between & the Sanders camp, Ms. Tanden’s mother shows up in an extensive quote about Tanden’s fighting style. Not w/some great antidote from when Tanden was a kid but as a contemporary validator. Odd. .
The New York Times interviewed Neera Tanden...'s mom?
New from & : The battle between a leading Clintonworld think tank and the self-styled Sanders insurgency.
Note to my reporter friends: Please never interview my mom about my professional accomplishments. She's a pretty biased source.
Blaming “millennial agitators” for your problems while hanging around with Netanyahu and Bin Salman’s brother. Quite a look for “mainstream” dems.
Articles like this underscore how important the Times’ Public Editor was. The reporters quote ⁦⁩’s mother but not Neera Tanden—and don’t reveal whether she refused to comment. Really unprofessional journalism.
Since when do we call each other’s moms in our work dustups? This is some lazy, ridiculous, and misogynistic reporting
This article is interesting because it confirms the role of wealthy donors in the US, even among center-left
Total surprise that CAP is such a rotted, corrupted, soulless organization with such sober, noble and stable leadership like this
If you want to know why the establishment wing of the Democratic Party is what is it, just look at the character, funding & orientation of its leading think tank, Center for American Progress. Great to see it getting the critical attention it's long needed
Christ, Tanden assaulted a journalist for grilling Hillary about Iraq
This is bizarre. Interviewing someone’s mother??! Weirdly ignores part about CAP central role in ACA.
No doubt, is a scrapper. I’ve been on the receiving end. But the thing that makes this story a little odd is that it relies so heavily on the quotes of her elderly mom. Always uneasy when unsuspecting family members as drawn into the fray!
Neera Tanden’s mom is the MVP of Internet feuds.
I had to read this piece a few times ... but why is it quoting Neera Tanden’s mother?
This was a fun piece and I have little sympathy for Neera Tanden, though contacting the elderly mother seems like going overboard
One day hopefully we can have a civil politics where insiders don't use threats (and it looks like in this case violence) to intimidate journalists or dissidents within their political party
The Rematch: Bernie Sanders vs. a Clinton Loyalist
A fascinating look at and the funding of the Democratic, nonprofit Center for American Progress. Your tax dollars at work — because donations to partisan think tanks on the right or left are tax-deductible via #philanthropy
A brilliant move by & in writing their piece on the Tanden-Sanders feud: interview the CAP prez's mother: “She’s not going to let anyone rule over her,” she said, “and she has loyalty to Hillary because Hillary is the one who made her.”
Yep, I’m going to need some more Yikeses.
I pray that no one ever calls my parents about a news article about me, ever. Neither of them are in politics or know anything about my professional life. Just feels weird to have her mom quoted in this piece...
Let me get this straight: profiled a powerful woman in politics , head of one of the country's most important political think tanks. And they quote AT LENGTH her MOM? Lord, help us all.
The existence of this piece, and calling Mom for quotes on her daughter 🤔is so petty and Who cares?
Revealing profile of ⁦⁩ with great quotes from mom via
Seriously is the star of this article. Wow. #MamaTellAll #NeverAgain