An attention-grabbing new paper from , , - great potential in lower and middle income countries for preventing dementia via modifiable risk factors
Population attributable fractions for risk factors for #dementia in low-income and middle-income countries
Our paper on the potential for #dementia #prevention in LMIC is out now in
Revealing the large dementia prevention potential in India, China and LatAm. Greater than in high income countries.
Delighted and proud won #AAIC19 postdoctoral prize for her presentation of her work on potentially modifiable risk factors in Low and Middle Income Countries. Work with and me.
"The dementia prevention potential in India, China, and this sample of Latin American countries is large, and greater than in high-income countries." Open access paper and commentary
Congratulations to on her #AAIC19 postdoc poster prize for her important work on dementia prevention potential in developing countries