Average of 5 different pollsters since 2 July Lab 25% Con 25% Brexit 20% Lib Dem 18% Green 6%
The Wikipedia polls graph, now with LOESS trend lines, is extraordinary
Average of this & 4 polls from different companies since European elections: LAB: 24% BREX: 23% CON: 21% LDEM: 18% GRN: 7%
Average of 4 most recent polls from different cos (YouGov, Opinium, Ipsos MORI, Survation) since 19 June (corrected): Con 24% Lab 23% Brexit 19% LibDem 19% Green 8%
You are right that I forgot the link You are wrong about everything else
In the midst of this new vicious twist of #Brexit, I'm so deeply frustrated by our failing democracy on so many levels. For example, around 7% of those polled would vote Green. But we only have 1 Green MP! 7% equals 45 out of 650! #ClimateEmergency
Over a two week period, *four different parties* have now been in the lead in a national UK poll. (Well, one only tied for the lead. But close enough.)
Crazy. ”The chart below depicts opinion polls conducted for the next United Kingdom general election; trendlines are local regressions (LOESS).”
Recent polling in the UK is, is ... #interesting. Table below is the EU election. General election: If I were the Tories I would sacrifice a few members to vote for a #PeoplesVote to get #Brexit off the table.