have you listened to this brave young woman? Selina Soule speaks out about the day she was beaten by two "transgender" athletes.
This video has been up almost a week & only has 200 views. Please RT & make sure the voice of Selina Soule is heard. That the rights of women & girls matter x
Selina Soule, high school track athlete, speaks out about having her dreams shattered by the inclusion of trans identifying males in the girls competition
Please watch and share this strong young woman's message. if you do not protect Title IX and female sports, you cannot claim to support women and girls
This is a very brave young woman. Listen to her video. Think of all the women who will not even bother to compete because they know the game is fixed: via
"Fair is all over for girls in Connecticut." This is a must watch by a 16-year-old competitive runner who has the guts to tell the truth. Will Congressional have the guts to listen to this brave girl ? #ProtectGirlsSports
I hear many progressive voices in the media encouraging girls & young women to speak out, make their voices heard, & change the world. Yet for some inexplicable reason, I see few journos reporting on this brave, outspoken teen from Connecticut. Weird, huh?
Agree or not, Selina is brave for stating her opinions on the matter. The fight for women's sport/trans sport is a battle of virtues. Bottom line, if sports mean anything, it's fairness in competition. When you remove that, it's over. H/T
16 year old Selina Soule speaks out as a female athlete who has lost out to males allowed to compete in girls races. How can this be fair? He can this be unimportant? How can this be feminism?