When the admissions overhaul was being sold at a public forum last August, the first mention of student performance came 45 minutes in, not from the educrats, but a parent, who had to interrupt to even inject that not-insignificant consideration.
Many people are celebrating new policies designed to diversify middle schools in Brooklyn's District 15. dissents.
04/17: Daily News op-ed, “Diversity experiment guinea pigs: In Brooklyn, my child’s classmates are living with the difficult consequences of District 15’s new policies”
That policy was the radical admissions overhaul enacted at the middle schools of Brooklyn’s District 15, where his and my eldest attend. Here’s me being skeptical about it a couple of days after the first admissions results came in
(Oh, here’s what I wrote about my DLP crew on April 17, a piece that led to a lot of people, including some education bureaucrats, directing comically awful insults my way