Soylent is finally fulfilling its destiny as liquid sustenance for the new tech underclass
“Now we’re a complete nutrition platform that you can enjoy any time of the day in multiple formats.”
Soylent made its name with its beige, drinkable meals. Now it unleashed the next-best-thing: a 100-calorie, chewable "mini-meal."
Grr. Soylent is “taking its product, once a lifestyle choice for a small group of technology overlords, and pushing it as a lifestyle necessity to the tech underclass for whom every moment spent on things like eating instead of working means less money.”
New post in OmSays: Soylent is making “bars” but since they are square shaped, they are called “mini meal replacement” kits. Eat at your risk. Also the company has expanded its footprint outside of the Silicon Valley hothouse.